Images/Videos that came with the Sony Xperia S

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Jul 5, 2012
I recently bought a new Xperia S, and am really excited about it. Unfortunately i've lost the stock images and two videos that came with the device. So i would be extremely grateful if someone here spares the time to upload the images and videos. I've tried repairing the device but they did not appear, and i don't want to repair one more time and loose all the data, so repairing is not an option for me. That will be all

Thanx in advance ;)


Jun 30, 2009
HI, the videos one is the Landscape video for demoing Xperia, which is also 1080p
The other is just movie trailer for an kinda old movie "Cloud with chance of meatballs"
The reason why you can restore through the system restore, is they were stored in the built-in 32GB memery card, system restore only restore the system itself, not the storage.
And the picture are defult on lots of sony / SE products, like my PS3 also have those pictures.
Sorry, I kinda delect mine already, since I don't see why I need them.


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Aug 5, 2011
Ribeirão Preto
Perhaps both the videos if it ain't much of a problem :)

No problem at all. It's just gonna take a little more time. The pictures + Landscapes is at about 40-45%. Uploading to Dropbox. It's taking a while as my upload speed isn't so good.

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Finished the pictures + Xperia landscapes. + Xperia HD Landscapes.rar

Here is it. Download and extract (to a folder, if you want some organization). I will start the other video upload now and post the link in this same post.

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