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IMEI issue after debranding - CLT-L09

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Senior Member
Mar 13, 2017
I bought my P20 Pro from O2 in the UK and it was on the dreaded C782 update channel so I unlocked my bootloader and debranded first to L29 as the guide only had this way of debranded to C432. A few days after I found a single sim C432 OEMINFO and flashed it through TWRP with the relevant firmware files and my bootloader got fully locked. Now about a month after I wanted to unlock again and adb shows get password failed or a similar error and then I typed get info psid and it says my phone has two IMEI's as if it was dual sim but in the main phone settings it shows a single IMEI and I bought the phone single sim in the first place.

What do I do? Any ideas?


Senior Member
Jul 18, 2013
I have P20 Pro CLT-L09 (C782) with unlocked bootloader from Ministry of Solutions, but this service does NOT work anymore.

Is there any other way to unlock bootloader for P20 Pro??
I am asking, because I would like to rebrand my CLT-L09 to CLT-L29, but I think it will lock my bootloader too.

@Blueshell2000 - buy a dual-SIM tray for P20 Pro and test it with dual SIM on your phone ;)

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Jan 7, 2011
Did anyone rebrand with funkyhuawei and get any problems? Specifically at the stage of unplug usb phone restarts and prompts you to plug USB back in to continue? I've tried a million times on two different computers, both times u have to close hauwei because it constantly flickers connecting/not connected even though devices shows phone is connected OK, then when I hit enter on rebrand tool it just says phone detected..... Working...... Please wait..... Problem..... Quitting..... Press enter to quit and leaves my phone sat in twrp until I reboot

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    I rebranded from CLT-L09C782 to CLT-L29C432 and the bootloader remained unlocked