Incredible Gingerbread[Android 2.3]{OMGB v6 12-26 @ 12:06 AM CST}[GPS]

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Feb 11, 2007


Feb 18, 2010
Well I flashed omgb6 again hoping my gps would work but no luck. It's funny cause my current Rom is skyraider 2.5.2 and on this Rom gps works great and it finds me fast were gps on gingerbread never finds me. Keeps searching for avalibality. And known fixes for this or any ideas why gps for me works .in skyraider 2.5.2 and not omgb6?

Same for me.


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Feb 11, 2007
skyraider 2.5.2 is not an alpha gingerbread release.

i have had no problems with gps using most gb roms. i have not tried this one in awhile though.


Jan 13, 2011
This ROM is simply amazing. The only issue I have is it wont pick up my location. I'm just hoping that version 7 fixes that and this thing is perfect.

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Gahh Its Lee

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Oct 2, 2010
It comes when it comes and and I'm sure hell get the camera working as soon as possible.

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Jan 13, 2011
Has anyone been able to install the stock launcher with the browser as the right button from the first page? It won't let me install the .apk


Jan 13, 2011
What is happining when you try to install

HTC Incredible 2.3.1

Trying to install through ASTRO, then click on APK which opens app manager it will only give me the option to "Uninstall" or "Launch" if I hit launch it just says "Activity not found com.androind.launcher" and if I hit uninstall it just says "uninstall not successful"...

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Sep 21, 2010
It should be witch you would flash through recovery
Trying to install through ASTRO, then click on APK which opens app manager it will only give me the option to "Uninstall" or "Launch" if I hit launch it just says "Activity not found com.androind.launcher" and if I hit uninstall it just says "uninstall not successful"...

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HTC Incredible 2.3.1
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    Brought to you by team WeDoDroid

    Who ever said we need verizon? Or even htc? When theres something that needs to be done, we do it...and we do it better than anyone else. Im proud to present the first version of the Gingerbread OS ever released for the HTC Incredible.

    Video OMGB v3

    Video GRH v4
    Video GRH v3


    Immense thanks go out to
    @omgbeav for the wallpaper GRH-4+
    HCDRJacob for bouncing all kinds of ideas around. Youve been a HUGE help.
    ID for original inspiration and 3G fix.
    punk.kaos for ramdisk help.
    echoside for ramdisk help.
    linuxmotion for doing compiles for me since my machine sucks ass
    seanzer for ramdisk help.
    nix for fb sync and emmc fix
    jdkoreclipse for camera
    preludedrew for the some compiled libs, gps, rpc, etc
    cm for some source bits
    cyanogen and Koush for CM files. And, yes, you guessed it, ramdisk files.
    (haha, we had a lot of trouble with the ramdisk)
    And, last but not least, my main collaborator:
    gmichaelow for ramdisk help and digging through errors.

    Without the combined efforts of all of those people, we wouldnt be where we are right now.

    Special shout out goes to everyone over on #r2gb though. You guys rock!


    • Actual Nexus S LWP
    • GPS
    • Right Launcher Button Remapped to SMS
    • Moved Bootanimation to /system/media
    • Video Recording
    • Led Lights
    • Some Apps Dont Work
      *Also remember to make sure that the app in question, angry birds for example ;), is installed to the phone, not on your sdcard. Not all apps will work with the sd.​
    May not look like there is much going on, but it's the holidays, I've been busy with my family. Theres also a lot going on in the background. I finally got an awesome build machine. I had a huge update planned tonight, but I wasnt able to ssh into the machine and get it going. Oh well. Heres some small stuff to hold you all over.

    • EMMC Access For All Apps
    • MMS on 3g and WIFI
    • Microbe LWP
    • Nexus S LWP
    • Available on Rom Manager *Hopefully, need my pull request to go through
    • Rom Manager OTA Update Capable
    • Slightly Modified Boot Animation (by Ocelot13)
    • Nano Added *Here You Go N_I_X :p
    • USB Mounting Fixed! No More Gscripts!
    • Reverted to Kernel #18 to Fix Touchscreen Issues on Some Phones.
    • GPS
    • Camcorder

    • 8MP Camera Working
    • Invisiblek #21 as Default Kernel. Its Beast!
    • Fixed Facebook Sync
    • MIUI Music App Added (Because It Looks Amazing)
    • Lock/Unlock Screen Sounds Specially for Ocelot13 :rolleyes:
    • GPS
    • Camcorder

    • Fixed Browser FC
    • No More White Screen Of Death
    • Changed T-CDMA to WeDoDroid
    • Notification Pull Down No Longer Looks Janky
    • Multi-touch In Apps (Keyboard, Maps, etc)
    • Auto Correct In Keyboard Now Working
    • SoftKey Lights Working
    • Working Mic

    Never released

    Original Release

    Downloads and Instructions

    Please do not download from Rom Manager. These are Very outdated builds. I cant access my old ftp, so I need to wait for my pull request to go though on github so I fix it.
    No need to flash any of my builds over CM 6
    OMGB builds are the current builds. These are the ones you want to use.
    GRH builds are based off the SDK, and are depreciated.
    SGRH was built off the first system dump of the Nexus S, and is depreciated.
    S2GRH was built off the second system dump, and is depreciated.​

    Downloads for All Builds

    This rom does not come with a SetupWizard. You need to manually add your google account under Settings > Add Accounts, or by just opening up the market and signing in.

    Your SD does not mount ot the PC like normal, so you need to use gscript. Ive already included the scripts, you just need to run them.

    Those who have an SLCD, please flash with caution. There are some who have had problems. Also, everyone please backup your SD cards. We JUST fixed mounting, and an SD card can be very easily messed up. Thanks =]
    New Wallpaper
    ADW.Launcher Included
    MUCH Faster
    Rom Manager Compatible (Waiting for pull request to go through)
    GPS Working
    Closer to Working Bluetooth
    Redone ProTips Widget
    Reboot Recovery Script included

    wifi fixed
    new font
    new wallpaper
    custom made protips widget
    progress towards bluetooth
    progress towards audio
    sdcard mount/unmount scripts included in gscripts
    modified libs (hopefully a touch faster)

    new wallpaper
    obtimized libs
    more inc specific files
    trashed some emulator files
    sdcard mounting
    sped up transition animations
    added signatures to lots of the files
    edited some branding

    Hacked together ramdisk. A "ramdisk mish-mash" if you will.
    Pulled relevant files from CM. libs, /usr.
    ril from ID.
    We're lucky in that we're not the the first devs to port it. The Evo build helped us fix:
    keys, lights, lcd density... more stuff that I don't know what it QUITE does, but I pulled it anyway.

    Grab gapps from CM. I'll get a link up. Link:
    Scroll downnn. Far right. Clicky.
    EDIT: Do a full boot of the ROM. THEN flash Gapps WITHOUT WIPING. After Gapps flash, do NOT wipe anything.
    IN OTHER WORDS, DO NOT WIPE ANYTHING AFTER INSTALLING THE ROM (unless you're about to install another).

    r2DoesInc is downloading my build now. Once he's all good, I'll post link.

    And now, for the main event. What you've all come to see... the LINK!!
    Wait, I lost it. Haha, okay, here it is. The LINK!!!!
    People, please pay attention...

    I know this will just get lost in the page shuffle in a few minutes, but seriously guys - and gals - please pay attention to the OP... The versions of R2's ROM on Rom Manager are outdated and antiquated - read: obsolete. The current AND STABLE version is in the OP, OMGB-4, not 3, not 2, not 1, not SDKv5... OMGB-4. I'm sure when R2 wakes up from his well deserved nap - or gets home from his finals - he will update Rom Manager to the current release. Until then, stop looking at Rom Manager, and learn to do the flashing manually.

    Also, there is a KNOWN issue with Kernel #21 not working with SOME SLCD screens on Droid Incredible's purchased after September 10th or something like that. If you have no touch responsiveness, please install Kernel #18, which is available in the forums, and there is a link a few pages back in this thread. We are still working on Camcorder and GPS functionality, but other than those two items, the ROM is very fast and very stable. Until we get GPS fixed, location based programs will not install on your phone, so if you require the use of location based programs, WAIT until we get GPS fixed to flash this ROM.


    Sorry, but I will never understand why people release a ROM that only partially works?

    No GPS, No Video? What's the point of a half working phone?

    No disrespect meant here.... but I think it should be a standard to have a ROM 100% working before being released.

    Can't even take the time to read the other 4 pages of comments before I address this.

    Welcome to the cutting edge.

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    Happy Festivus (for the rest of us)