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Mar 26, 2012
Hello developers,
this is a index about XDA members, who wants to translate your apps. The most easiest way would be to put a link in this thread, which is visible by public, please read info in the third post, there`s a Github repository, created by our estimated contributor @Primokorn, where you can offer your strings for translation.
You can use Crowdin, Google Docs, MoPad (Etherpad), Transifex, OneSky, POEditor etc. Github can be a solution for small projects where devs provide the full strings.xml file. There`s even a small tutorial.
Other recommendations how to handle translations or even this thread are always welcome, please post them in the thread to be discussed.

Also the XDA community offers following free services: App Tester Index, List of themers and designers as well as Community help with marketing.

Users: Developers need you. Post in this thread and I will add you to this index. Thank you! :)
1. Post here, indicating the language(s) you can translate apps into. Don't hesitate if there is already a translator for your language, it's better to have more than one for each language.
2. Subscribe to the thread to get the latest news and app translate requests.
3. If there is a request for translating an app, do it. If you think you can improve an existing translation, dive into its discussion.

Developers: You need an app translation
1. Please make the thread dedicated to your app on XDA. Post a link here, provide any other details which can help our translators (Google Play url, examples etc). If you want to use it, there`s a special Github repository.
2. Thread subscribers can see your app translation request quickly, translate your app and report to your thread. Please, save resources and only ask for translation if your app is "almost" finished, you add features or make a major update. Do not ask, if your app still is changing the labeling very often.
3. On this point, after the translation, please be kind and write something in this thread like "well done, we created the perfect app" ;)

Credit Names:
If you app developers want to thank your translators, you can place their credit names (if available) somewhere in your app, for example in About -> Credits -> Translators. See the credit names behind the name of the XDA members in the list down below.

XDA Translator thread on XDA News
We proudly can say, we were three times on the XDA News.
  1. 27 Apr 2013 Find People to Help Translate Labels in Your App
  2. 09 Sep 2013 XDA Volunteer Translator List Updated
  3. 28 Jan 2015 Free App Translation Help on XDA
  4. 15 Aug 2015 Calling all Developers!... (via Twitter)

12 March 202: @Retrial was awarded Recognized Translator title. Thank you for your work, we all wish you success!

26 Nov 2017: @noc.jfcbs translating contributions made posiible for him to add another title to his profile. Meet another Recognized Translator!

08 Oct 2017: third Recognized Translator here - hard work of @novas78 was highly appreciated by senior forum moderators. Our sincere congratulations!

30 Sept 2017: @benkxda has left the thread after some years of great work, let`s express our gratitude to him, he created this community of translators, organized our work and gave a big opportunity to the app developers. @gaich willl try to lead this thread further. Any suggestions are welcome!

02 May 2017: Let's call it a late spring cleaning this time...therefore, read more about the Late Spring Cleaning.

Older announcementes:
08 Feb 2016: Early spring cleaning: read this

15 Aug 2015: A big and warm THANK YOU to all active translators, developers who seek for help and supporters of this thread somewhere around XDA. New translators and suggestions to improve processes are always very welcome.

31 Jan 2015: We have our own official badge.

28 Jan 2015: Third time we were mentioned at the XDA News site (formerly known as XDA portal)

06 Jan 2014: Cleaning procedure finished.

22 Dec 2014: Winter cleaning time. All inactive translators will be moved to the inactive tranlators post soon.

12 Jan 2014: All XDA internal links of the first two posts should be encrypted now (We want HTTPS on XDA!).

09 Sep 2013: Once again this thread was featured on the XDA portal. Thanks to everybody who is working in/on this thread to bring developers and translators together. Also, again, please be patient due to the overwhelming feedback via thread posts, e-mails and PMs. Thank you.

30 Jun 2013: As said before in a recent post, I removed all inactive translators. Only those who wanted to be still listed as active, remain in the first post, all others are now in the second post as former translators. If you want and can contribute with translations, drop a message. Thanks.

19 Jun 2013: Those translators with an underlined name confirmed to stay available as a translator for further translations. Those ones are important for us, but the others are always welcome again, because it's the translators spare time, he spends!

16 Jun 2013: Try to wake up the translation folks. Translators, this is your wakup call.

30 May 2013: Again, @nikwen started a thread for helping developers with marketing. Also linked down below with other helpful threads.

18 May 2013: Starting to change the links of the translators to "mention links". It's easier to link to user profiles. Or does anybody see a problem here?

10 May 2013: You think after app translation you're done? But what's about the outfit of your app? @nikwen recently started a List of themers and designers. Go over there, meet themers and designers and get your app a sexy suit.

28 Apr 2013: Ok, this thread also was promoted on the XDA portal. As you may know from the last time, be patient, if you write me a PM, it may take some time to reply. I guess, this time it is not so much interesting for users. Doing translation is not as famous as app testing. But I hope to get some new languages and reliable translators. So if you think you are the right one, send me a PM and let me know which language you can translate. Thank you.

17 Apr 2013: This thread was moved into the development forum. Also, translators, if someone asks for translations, please help, that's why we're here.

Introducing the XDA Developers Recognized Translator badge

On 31 Jan 2015 we proudly introduced the XDA Developers Recognized Translator badge. This is from XDA Developers for our translators and related members, just place it in your signature with a link to this thread. You can find a guide, credits and more information in this post. To save characters for your signature, check my thread [Guide] Squeeze more content into your signature.

Half sized badge:


Full sized badge:

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Recognized Translator
Mar 26, 2012
Translators, sorted by language

| @yshalsager | Credit Name: yshalsager


| @Ebeninyo | Credit Name: Ebeninyo


| @ContactFront (Simplified Chinese) | Credit Name: ContactFront@xda
| @genius2k | Credit Name: Genius2k@xda


| @dugi9991 | Credit Name: dugi9991


| RT @novas78 | Credit Name: Lukas Novotny
| @phsnake | Credit Name: phsnake
| @Nostalg33k | Credit Name: Nostalg33k@xda


| @orlith | Credit Name: Orlith
| @ATP4 | Credit Name: J.Landabourou
| @ppp86 | Credit Name: ppp86
| @Raiz | Credit Name: Raiz


| RT@Oswald Boelcke | Credit Name: Oswald Boelcke (currently too busy to support new projects)
| @supergrobi94 | Credit Name: supergrobi94
| @Trafalgar Square | Credit Name: Trafalgar Square


| RT@Retrial | Credit Name: Retrial


| @Anunay.j | Credit Name: Anunay.j
| @billysam | Credit Name: billysam
| @harsh. | Credit Name: kanzariya99


| @Lada333 | Credit Name: Lada333


| @MatthewJoe | Credit Name: Mattia Giovinazzi


| @mamarama9904 | Credit Name: mamarama9904


| @Chamelleon | Credit Name: Chamelleon@xda
| @sakej | Credit Name: Marcin Krasicki
| @igordesigner | Credit name: igordesigner@xda

Portuguese (pt-PT)

| @The Forgotten | Credit Name: Ângelo Miguel
| @kingdevil731 | Credit Name: Ruben Forner
| @gnmmarechal | Credit Name: gnmmarechal

Portuguese - Brazilian (pt-BR)

| @brenosnt | Credit Name: Breno Correa
| @SatsuPT-Br | Credit Name: João Julio
| @Taivotat2 | Credit Name: Taivotat2@xda
| @justjr | Credit Name: justjr


| RT @gaich | Credit Name: gaich@xda
| RT @DumF0rGaming | Credit Name: Abdullah Amir
| @Old Blood | Credit Name: Old Blood
| @wlaha | Credit Name: wlaha


| RT @novas78 | Credit Name: Lukas Novotny
| @kubalav | Credit Name: Vladimír Kubala
| @phsnake | Credit Name: phsnake
| @rbt07 | Credit Name: Robert Barat


| @index1366 | Credit Name: index1366


| @Taivotat2 (Latin America) | Credit Name: Taivotat2@xda
| @Hrhigher (Latin America) | Credit Name: Hrhigher
| @lpdavidgc | Credit Name: lpdavidgc/telegram


| @Helluuu | Credit Name: Helluuu


| @echelonx | Credit Name: Cagdas
| @fenelis | Credit Name: fenelis
| @Mobile46 | Credit Name: Mobile46
| @Fatih Fırıncı | Credit Name: Fatih Fırıncı
| @Ebeninyo | Credit Name: Ebeninyo


| @Soft Phan | Credit Name: Soft Phan
| @tphg | Credit Name: Phi Hung
For retired translators look here.
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Jan 28, 2012
I can translate into Norwegian :)

I can translate to Croatian and if no one can translate to Bosnian and Serbian I can do that too since they're pretty simmilar.

I can do Filipino

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Thanks, all of you are added. As you know: please verify my entry and subscribe to the thread if you did not already :cool:
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Jan 28, 2012
I can translate to Chinese

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Thanks, man. You're in the list. Please mention number 2 of below of "Users":
2. Verify my entry and subscribe to the thread to get the latest news and app translate requests.
...if you did not already :)

I guess, this thread will start very slowly, but in a few weeks it should be very useful for developers and their app users.
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Jan 28, 2012
I can translate to Russian and Icelandic from English and other way around.

Thanks for your support. You know... read number two below "Users". :)

If this thread is filled with a few more XDA members, I'll ask for sticking it on top of the forum. Hopefully we become important enough :)

BTW: I don't mind getting PMs instead of posts - but thread posts would keep this thread up in the forum... well. A smart midway would be the best :)
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Aug 5, 2011
Ribeirão Preto
I can help with Brazilian Portuguese, but I always request to developers to add a option to choose language. I think it is good, IMO. If the strings are in a file that i can edit on phone, even better.
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Jan 28, 2012
I can help with Brazilian Portuguese, but I always request to developers to add a option to choose language. I think it is good, IMO. If the strings are in a file that i can edit on phone, even better.

You're added. Please verify & subscribe. Editing strings and send them back would be fantastic :).
Dec 27, 2012
Oh yeah, forgot to add. Add Latin alphabet to Serbian language please since Serbs use Latin and Cyrillic alphabets and I can't do good translation to Cyrillic.
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Inactive Recognized Developer
Oct 12, 2009
Huawei P40
I am looking for people to help translate my "Complete Linux Installer" application to to other languages.

We have just rebuilt the app (now in its last BETA) and so the strings have been changed and thus all our old translations are no longer any good.

If you would be interested in helping me please check out this thread here: http://forum.linuxonandroid.org/index.php?topic=57.0 where you can find the strings file to translate, and old translation files that you could work from.

There is quite alot of text to translate so I understand completely if this is something you could not commit to at this time.

Thank you

PS great thread idea, this needs to be kept at the top ;)

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