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Oct 24, 2007
Purpose of this thread is to compile an index of links to resources such as stock root method, stock RUUs, custom ROMs, and mods in an organized fashion.

First and foremost, this thread is only for the Snapdragon S4 version of the One X (AT&T, Rogers, etc.). If you are seeking information on the international (Tegra 3) version of the One X, this is where you want to be:http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1603905

If you find errors of any kind (incorrect or outdated info, broken or incorrect links, etc.), want your thread listed, or any other ideas to make this index better, feel free to respond here or by PM and let me know.

Also, this is an index, not a general technical support thread. Please do not ask questions about rooting, ROMs, etc. here. This is not the appropriate place for such questions, and you will have minimal exposure and response to your question by posting it here. There is an entire Q&A subforum for asking questions and getting assistance: http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=1572


All work is by their respective developers as linked, and I take no credit for their work. Many thanks to all the developers for sacrificing the time and effort to make these things happen.

I also cannot be held responsible if you try any of these mods, and your phone becomes bricked or otherwise damaged. Read up thoroughly before doing any mods to your phone. Know the risks, and understand what you are doing before trying anything.


Note: Different firmware versions require different root methods. Use the root method that corresponds with your firmware as noted below.

If your version of the phone is not AT&T or Rogers (such as Telus, Telstra, etc.), scroll down to "MISC. GUIDES" for threads which will help you with root, etc.

UPDATE April 2, 2014: Previous root methods will not work for AT&T firmware 5.18 (Android 4.2.2). Only a temp root solution (WeakSauce) currently exists:
Root HTC ONE XL 4.2.2 SENSE 5.0 {STOCK}
This temp root reportedly will not allow S-off or for the CID to be changed. Therefore, it may only be handy for some things (Titanium Backup, other apps that require root).
If you have previously achieved SuperCID and unlocked the bootloader before updating to 5.18 (highly recommended), you should still be able to unlock it again (and therefore install custom recovery, flash SU to root, etc.). Similarly, if you achieved S-Off prior to updating, you still have S-Off and can therefore flash custom recovery, etc. without re-unlocking the bootloader.

[ROOT] HTC One X AT&T 3.18 Additonal information also available here.

[ROOT] HTC One X AT&T 2.20 Firmware - X-Factor root exploit Like the title says, root for 2.20 firmware!
[TOOL] EZToolkit Advanced v1.5 (Unlock bootloader, flash recovery, root, S-OFF)
[TOOL] HTC One X (Evita) All-In-One Toolkit V1.0 [10-23-12] [PERM ROOT][Noob-Proof] GUI version of the above root solution, plus bootloader unlock, TWRP install, etc.
[TOOL] [10.5.13] WinDroid HTC One XL Toolkit v1.0 | Unlock | Root | S-OFF | Flash | MetroUI | Another Windows based GUI for SuperCID, bootloader unlock, root, etc.
[ROOT][2.20][hboot 1.14] One XL Bootloader unlock & Root guide

[ROOT] One Click HTC One X Firmware versions 1.73 and 1.82 only
[ROOT] 1.85 - New, working method - ACT NOW, MAY NOT LAST FOREVER! Use this to root 1.85 firmware
[ROOT] How To Root Rogers HTC One X Qualcomm S4 (for Windows, Mac and Linux)
How To Root An AT&T HTC One X for 1.85 Method to flash SuperSU and get root, only if you have bootloader unlocked and custom recovery installed. For instance, if you were rooted than ran the 1.85 or 2.20 OTA


AT&T One X Only: Officially, the AT&T One X is not supposed to be bootloader un-lockable via HTCDev.com. But the CID can be spoofed to make HTCDev.com think its a Rogers Phone or Super CID.
AT&T: Unlocking the bootloader through HTCdev
[TOOL] OneClick SuperCID for Unlocking Bootloader
[TOOL] Mac Bootloader SuperCID Unlock Script
[TUT] Keep your userdata/settings/apps when using HTCDev.com Unlock!

[FIX] HtcDev Blocks SuperCID
[UNLOCK][7/12] Unlocking Bootloader using spoof IMEI SN MB script!
[BL] Unlock without HTCDEV

Facepalm S-Off (UPDATE 2/18/13):
S-Off has been achieved! Big thanks to all that contributed to the solution.

[S-Off] Facepalm S-Off for HTC Devices One S, One XL, Droid DNA

Hex Edit Method for SuperCID
SuperCID is required for S-off. For any carrier but AT&T, use the manual hex edit method for SuperCID: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=41640260&postcount=2

Update 11/23/13: Rumrunner S-off (SuperCID not required for this method)
New S-off method for HTC devices reportedly works on EVITA, including those that have the hboot 2.15 write protection:

Update March 2014:
[S-off] Firewater s-off for HTC One XL


KitKat - AOSP Based
[ROM] [4.4.2] [OFFICIAL] [AOSPA] Paranoid Android 4.3 [BETA 3] [5/7]
[ROM][AOSP][EVITA][KK][cfX-Toolchain LLVM Clang 3.5] HTC ONE XL codefireX Nightlies
[ROM 2 in 1!][Evita][Nightlies][4.4.2]AOKP - Unofficial
[ROM][4.4.2][KOT49H][WEEKLIES][evita] IllusionRom
[ROM][4.4.2][Beta] VANIR (12/26) Unofficial
[ROM][4.4.2][NIGHTLIES] CyanogenMod 11.0 for AT&T HTC One XL - evita
[ROM] [4.4.2] SlimKat (evita) [beta 1.7] [Unofficial]
[ROM] KarbonKat v1.0-8 (04/05/14) [Carbon/CM11][4.4.2]
[ROM][evita][Unofficial][KitKat - 4.4.2] - Gummy
[ROM}{ShoreDroid 4.4 based on CM11, AOSP and OmniROM}(Flashable and Installer Script)
[ROM] [4.4] [UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod11
[ROM]Beanstalk 4.4.255 3/15/14) HALO&DarkStalk

Jellybean - Sense 5 Based
[ROM] [SENSE] [ZOE] [ELEMENTAL X] [XSPOSED] PhoenixROM 1.0.3 Christmas edition
[ROM][AROMA] KickDroidXL v5.0.0 | Battery Savings | Ultra Smooth |
[ROM][12/13/13] - CleanROM 7.0R2 -★| Android 4.2.2! | Sense 5! | Clean! | Stable! |★-
[ROM][SEP 22] Team Venom ViperXL 4.2.0 | Sense 5 | Venom Tweaks | OTA Updates
[Rom][Sense5][JB 4.2.2][Dec 30][OTA updates]MagioRom R5.0.2
【S.ROM】4.1.2 Sense5 FullWork/M72.36 Sense5+(upApp5.5&Camera5.5)/ XL Miuiv5 3.10.11
(Rom)(Sense5)(4.2.2) cleanstrip
[Dev Only!!!][Rom][Sense5][4.2.2]Evita Sense 4.2.2 HTC One Mini Port

Jellybean - Sense 4+ Based
[ROM][Jan.6th] MIUI V5 4.1.3 - Sense based - HOXL
[ROM] [8/16] RageXL v2.1 | JB 4.1.1 Sense 4+ | Insane Performance and Battery Life!
[ROM][5/15/13] - CleanROM 6.5 -★| Jellybean 4.1.1! | 1 Year Anniversary Edition! |★-
[ROM ][11 MAY][UrDroid][HTC One X AT&T][Stock][JB][OTA][Odexed] BASE 3.17.841.9
[ROM][JB][Kernel][Deodexed][Updated 4/28] Iron Man ROM v1.1 | evita 3.18.502.6 |
[ROM][2/22/2013] InfoRom Beta [ JB 4.1.1 Sense 4+] IIDA Home or Rosie and iida mixed
[ROM][2-22] ~~ * gravy * ~~ jellybean 4.1.1~Customize Aroma install~stable sense+
[ROM] [6/3] RebelROM Senseless Jelly Bean
[ROM] [3/30/13] HatkaXL 4.4.5 | Sense 4+ | Fast! | Great Audio! | Sense 5 Elements
[ROM][02\01\2013] JoKerONE XL |JB_Sense4+ |JokerFG*teaM*
[ROM]12.31.2012 Newts JB v2.0.1 (Jelly Bean & Sense 4+)

Jellybean - AOSP Based
[ROM][11/25]VanirAOSP 4.3.1 - Unofficial
[ROM]{4.3.1}(Halo2.0){3.4.66} BeanStalk 4.3.1009(OtaUpdates)[OFFICIAL] 19/10
[unofficial] [port] pa 3.99
[ROM] [AOSP] [4.3] [cfX-Toolchain 4.8.y+] codefireXperiment UNOFFICIAL NIGHTLY
[ROM][4.3][Unofficial][evita]IllusionRom-2.5 29|08|2013[ROM][Official] PACman Ver. 23.0[6-30-13][Nightlies]
[ROM][UNOFFICIAL][4.2.2] TeamBAKED BB9 [UPDATED 6-28-13 w/3.4 KERNEL]
[ROM] [4.2.2] MysteriousROMS BIONIC LINARO
[ROM][UNOFFICIAL][4.2.2] Vanilla Root-Box w/HALO!! FINAL 4.2.2 BUILD 8-10-13
[ROM][LOTK][4.2.2] Unoffical SlimBean Nightly **UPDATE** Version 7.5 [evita]
[ROM][4.2.2][NIGHTLIES] CyanogenMod 10.1 for HTC One XL
[ROM][4.2.2][4/16] AOKP :: jb-mr1 :: milestone-1 :: evita [OFFICIAL]
[ROM]PORT[4.1.2][3/29]UNOFFICIAL MIUIandroid 3.2.22 v3
[6/4/13][ROM][AOSP]CarbonRom unofficial builds JB 4.2.2 [evita]
[ROM][PORT]{UNOFFICIAL}CarbonRom jb-4.2.2 [EVITA]
[ROM][PORT]{-UNOFFICIAL-}* BAKED BlackBean 8 (4.2.2) EVITA
[ROM][4.2.2 JDQ39E] Official uXylon \\ v2.9.8 //FINAL\\ 08.31.13 \\ hybridm7
[ROM][4.2.2][RC2.1 STABLE] Official LiquidSmooth ROM - evita - 3|17|13
[ROM][4.1.2] Unofficial IceColdJelly
[ROM][Official] PACman 4.3 [Nightlies]
[ROM][4.2.1]PACman Ver 19.9[LOTK][2-9-13]
[ROM][Evita] Official Evervolv 4.2
[ROM][Evita] Official Evervolv 4.1
[ROM] MIUI v4 3.1.25 | JB 4.1.2 | 1/25/2013
[ROM][PA+AOKP+CM] KingBeatZ v1.3.1 + 4.2 Nightlies | 01/10/13
[ROM][4.2.1][ROM][4.2.2][NIGHTLIES] CyanogenMod 10.1 for HTC One XL
[ROM] [AOSP] » LIQUIDSMOOTH » JB[4.1.2] RC 9 [EVITA] » Nightlys and so on
[ROM] MIUI v4 2.11.9 | JB 4.1.2 | 11/12/12
[ROM 4.2.1] JELLYBAM - v5.2.0 [31/01] [Evita] [AOKP | CM10.1 | DPIChanger]
[ROM 4.1.2] JELLYBAM - v1.2.0 [12/07] [HTC One XL] [PA.AOKP.CM10] [4.2 Apps] [AROMA]
★☆★[ROM][11/29] Xplod JB 4.1.2, Bravia, Xloud, SONY Xperia For the One X☆★☆
[ROM] [11-12-2012] [4.1.2][AOKP/CM] Evita Vanilla RootBox
[ROM][Pa+Aokp+Cm][ALPHA] PaCKinG BeaTz Alpha Edition [11-12-12]]
[ROM][11/9][OFFICIAL] ParanoidAndroid [v2.54]
[ROM][11/24] King Kang M1 - Unleash the Beast! [AOKP + CM10 + ParanoidAndroid]
[ROM] [AOKP/CM10 4.1.2] [Jan 27th] Nocturnal'd Dirty 4.2 Elements|Fast|Stable|Unique
[ROM] [4.1.1] OFFICIAL codefireX Jellybean Nightlies
[ROM][OFFICIAL CM10] CyanogenMod 10 Nightly Builds for HTC One XL

Ice Cream Sandwich - Sense Based
[ROM][MDOB][v1][2ROMS][SENSE 4.1][SENSE 4.0 ATT BASE][STABLE][Dec.28.12]
[ROM] ACR_ATT_v1.0 [Dec-4]
[ROM ][ 27 NOV][UrDroid] [HTC One XL Stock][ AT&T] [Deodexed] EVITA_2.20.502.7
[ROM][12/2/2012] NOS v1.0.0 ICS 4.0.4 Sense 4.5
★☆★[ROM][11/08]Nocturnal Limited Edition | TRULY OPTIMIZED | Odexed | Aroma 2.5x★☆★
[ROM] Calkulin's One XL v1.2 [ 2.42 l All Carriers l Tweaked l Battery Saver Script ]
[ROM] |12/19| |AOSP/Sense+| ★☆★ Nocturnal MergeX ★☆★ |
[ROM] [8/27/2012] Strike Hold 1.1 Base Sense 4.1
[ROM][8/9/12] 2.20 OTA ATT base Eraser Rom
[ROM] ((¯°·._.• ⓢⓘⓡⓘⓤⓢ-ⓧ •._.·°¯)) [ ICS 4.0.4 ][ Evita 2.23.707.2 ][ 31.07.2012 ]
[ROM][8/14]- CleanROM 4.5 DE Final -★| Android 4.0.4 | Sense / AOSP | Amazing!|★-
[ROM][19 July] - YanisoROM v1.6 - APM-EQS-Telstra ROM RUU 1.81 - Solid/Stable/Zippy
[ROM] [AUG 25] KingCobra1X 1.5 | | 4.0.4 | SENSE 4.1
[ROM] (6/11/12) Magnolia X 1.0 | 1.88 | Mods & Tweaks | "Meh, it's OK..."|
[ROM][ROM][6-18]Sick Sense HOXL|Fast and Stable|CPU Editor|BEST Battery Life
[ROM] MCR - MoDaCo.one for the HTC One X S4 (Sense + Vanilla) new: 2.23 based!
★☆★[ŖŌm] [9/08] Nocturnal Special Edition|Xtreme Audio Edition★☆★
★☆★[ŖŌM] [8/23] Xi40 Telstra Edition|AROMA|TWEAKS|SENSE|MIUI★☆★

Ice Cream Sandwich - AOSP Based
[ROM][ICS][HTC One X] Avatar ROM for HTC One XL (Evita)
[ROM][ICS] Unofficial CM9 Alpha - Ice Cream Sandwich
[ROM][8/16] AOKP ICS [Milestone 6.4][4.0.4][INSANE Customization][Unofficial][Linaro]
[ROM][WIP] Unofficial CM9 Port - Alpha 5
[ROM] MIUI.us v4 2.8.10 ICS [08/10/2012]

Stock Rooted (Odexed/De-Odexed)
[STOCK ROM] Telstra Android 4.2.2 / Sense 5 - 5.06.841.1
[STOCK ROM] Android 4.2.2 / Sense 5 -
[ROM][4/30/13] Stock AT&T Stock Deodexed JB 4.1.1 | Official AT&T 3.18.502.6 Update
[ROM][3/8/13] - AT&T Stock Root JB 4.1.1 - Official AT&T 3.18.502.6 Update!
Stock Odexed Telus 3.17.661.2 Jelly Bean Note: Not rooted
[ROM] 01/01/13 Stock rooted odexed JB Telstra_WWE_3.17.841.2
[ROM] Stock Rooted Jelly Bean Sense 4+ - ODEX- Asia 3.17
[ROM] [OTA] Deodexed+Rooted HTC Evita 3.17.707.1
[ROM] Stock Rooted ICS 40 S hTC Asia HK 2.42.708.3 Odex/Deodex/Radio/RUU
[ROM][10/4] Stock Rooted 2.40.741.4 - Odex/Deodex + New Radio
[ROM][08/03/2012] - Stock Rooted Rogers 1.94.631.3 - Odex & De-Odex
[rom][9/11] stock rooted - odex/deodex and unsecure boot.img with init.d
[ROM][8/31] Stock Rooted - Sense 4.1! ODEX and DE-ODEX
[ROM][8/3] - Stock Rooted AT&T 2.20.502.7 - Android 4.0.4 - Odex or De-Odex
[ROM5/26] - Stock Rooted De-Odexed RUU 1.85.502.3 based / CWM Install!
★☆★[ROM][5-30]Nocturnal Stock 1.88.707.2 - ODEX/DeOdex☆★☆
[ROM][7/22][Android 4.0.4] - Stock Root Odex / De-Odex - 2.23.707.2 Base
[ROM][7/18] - 1.89.841.9 Base (Telstra) - Stock Rooted Odex or De-Odex
[ROM 18 JUL] - Full Stock Telstra Rooted De-Odexed Roms 1.81.841.8 & 1.89.841.9

[ROM][2/6][4.1.1] - CleanROM JL Beta 1 -★| Jellybean 4.1.1 | Clean | Fast! |★-
[ROM][11/9][CM/PA] KINGBeaTZ BETA2 Voodoo Sounds
[ROM][CLOSED!] - CleanROM 3.1.1 Lite Edition -★| Lighter Than Air! |★- Has been merged with CleanROM SE
[ROM][7/16] - CleanROM X - Test Build 1 with CoreDroid Suite Tools - Testers Only!
[ROM][7/18]- CleanROM 1.0 Basic -★| 1.89.841.9 Base | Clean | Smooth | Aroma |★-

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Jelly Bean - Sense Based
[KERNEL] [Sep 26] ElementalX-8.3.2 | OC | UV | S2W | DT2W | BLN | Sense 5
[Kernel][JB] Beastmode Reloaded 3.5 | 09/01/13 | 4.2.2 COMPAT!
[Dev][Kernel] M7 GPE Kernel port | 1.4KGSL and updated QDSP
[KERNEL] [August 18] Bulletproof-1.5.1 | Optimized stock with S2W/DT2W/BLN/UV
[KERNEL] Stock Kernel (no write protection)

Jellybean/KitKat - AOSP Based
[KERNEL][AOSP]Torched Kernel KK[05/3/14]
[KERNEL] [06/03] jac0b.b2.3 [CM-10.1]
[KERNEL] vz-oc kernel: CM10 overclocking, normal & Linaro builds
[KERNEL] [03/25] jac0b.b1 [CM-10.1]
[KERNEL][12/31] rohan.kernel.b7 [Linux 3.0.57][GCC 4.7][2.0ghz][S2W][INTELLI][SIO]

Ice Cream Sandwich - Sense Based
[KERNEL] [Dec 19] ElementalX v3.2 | OTG | S2W | OC | UV | ZRAM
[KERNEL] MultiTasker (beta test)
[Kernel][SENSE][Feb 20]BeastMode Evita Plus | S2w Mpdec [Linaro -O3][Linux 3.4.11]
[Kernels / boot.img - 6/3] - Stock Kernel Collection - init.d support
[Kernel][SEP 9] Blackout BeastMode v3.0 [Tweaked to the MAX!] (Closed)


[FIRMWARE][2.18] AT&T Sense 5 OTA Firmware
[MOD][UNOFFICIAL] Tripple Swap - Turbo Booster ( System , Cache , Data )
[Mod] Zoe and extended camera mod V3
USB Host / OTG working (UPDATE: now self powered)
[HBOOT] Upgrade and Downgrade to any HBOOT
(Mod)(Aroma)(6/30/13 Minor Update)De-Bloat and De-Sense V1.5 Sense 5+ Mods
[Mod][One XL Sense5][fix]burst camera fixes
[Tweaks/Mods][Evita Sense5]
[MOD] [03/11/13] 4x5 Rosie for CleanROM 6
[HBoot Mod] Remove red text from splash screen, Remove Tampered Text!
[how to]reset your lock status flag
[How-To] Downgrade your Touch Panel's firmware (and upgrade back)
[MOD][UNIQUE][04/16/13]KingBeatZ 4.2 Audio - 3.0.8
[TWEAK] 4G for ATT running CM9, CM10, and other 4.0.4+ roms
Overclocking thermal.conf
[MOD] Add init.d Scripting Support
[TWEAK]Turbo Boost Ram
[MOD] How to: Remove "attwifi" from your AT&T One X
[MOD]Config to unlock all system languages;MMS size limit tweak
[TOOL] One Click Bootanimation/sound Changer for CleanROM 9/10/12
[MOD] EZ InitD - init.d the EZ way !!
[MOD] [SEP 22] Sense 4.0/4.1 Rosie with Menu and 4x5 Support (Portrait/Landscape)
[Mods] AT&T One X 1.85.502.3 Team Nocturnal
[Theme] [TWRP 2.2.1] HTC Theme (8/11/12)
[APP][SENSE 3.6/4/4A][2012/9/11 1.3]HTC Lockscreen Shortcut Provider
Chongo's Init Tweaks
[MOD][Aug 26]Nocturnal Rom Tools v1.3 Sense ROMs|Customize Your Rom|
AudioX - Louder One X Speaker Output - CWM Flashable
[MOD][10/9[ALSA]Rezound Audio | "*VooDoo modE*" | ALSA | FIXED!
[Development hold][Official Released]One X Snapdragon eXtreme Sound Enhancer V17
[MOD] CPU Editor - Die Hard Battery
[Update][7/22][MOD][MIUI]DSPManager+Beats Audio for MIUI v4, HTC One X Snapdragon S4
[MOD] 2.23.707.2 Advanced Reboot Menu & Quick Settings with 100% Battery Mod
[MODS][ADDONS] For CleanROM AROMA Installer! Updated 9/3/12 CleanROM V supported!
[MOD] Improve Synced Contacts Picture Resolution
[DEV][ADDON]*FULL SRS* Patch for One XL Sense 4.0 ALL CUSTOM ROMs by BreatheHT
[MOD - 6/25] Multitasking Mod v1 - Improve Multitasking Performance - 1.88 Based
[ENG-DEV] XxXPachaXxX Sony Exclusive Pack! | BRAVIA | xLoud | PlayStation Cert.
[MOD] OC on boot via INIT.D Fixed update.zip
[MOD] 1.8GHz+ overclock module for AT&T/Rogers HTC One X (One XL)!
[MOD] Dim/Turn Off/Default Capacitive Buttons - Any firmware version
[MOD][Updated 6.2.12]Dual Core Mod v2.1 - Screen Profiles, Auto Tweak, and more!
[MOD - 7/22] - Sense 4.0 EQS V5 4.0.3 and 4.0.4- Trans - W or W/O Batt % - Sweet!
[TOOL] One Click Tether Enabler For AT&T One X
[MOD] Hotspot and USB tethering unlock for AT&T 1.85 based ROMs
[MOD](6/19/12) Remove 3-dot bar & Key Remaps | ALL RUUs | Flashable
[MOD](6/8/12) Advanced Power Menu | All RUUs | Recovery Flashable
[MOD][PORT] (6/19/12) SMOOTH & ULTRASMOOTH ROSIE | All RUUs | Flashable
[MOD][DEV](5/24/12) Hide ATT Logo in Status Bar
[MOD][DEV][VIDEO] Debranding Rooted Rogers/AT&T One X (1.82 safe)
[MOD] WiFi Fix (also Removes ATT Hotspot priority) [Requires Root]
[MOD] [WIP] Enable Tablet Mode
[MOD] Enable FM Radio
[SuperPatch] Convert your AT&T device to the Asia Generic ROM - 1.77.708.2
[SuperPatch] Convert your AT&T device to the Rogers ROM - 1.73.631.1


Only calling these "miscellaneous" since they don't cleanly fall into one of the above categories:

[GUIDES]{Evita/One XL} Timmaaa's How-To Guides For Beginners
[Q&A]{Evita/One XL} Noob Friendly Q&A - Ask Any Question!
Building any rom for One XL
[DRIVER] HTC Driver (2013-04-26)
[DRIVER] HTC Driver (2012-11-07)
[DRIVER] HTC Driver (2011-01-03)
[INFO/MOD] Solution to /system write protection
[How To]Read kernel version without needing to flash/boot
[GUIDE] How to port a ROM[Updated w/MIUI specs
[GUIDE] Root, SuperCID & S-Off for Evita Hboot 2.14 - Firmware 3.17 [Orange UK]
[TUT] RUU/Relock in Linux/Mac without Virtualbox & re-unlock bootloader
HTC One XL Terminology Glossary v1.2 [2012/09/30]
[How To] Flash Custom recovery and ROMS after 2.20 root
[How to] Fix corrupt/unmountable internal storage on the HTC One X/XL
Flash boot.img without PC for those on 2.20! Switch ROMs & restore backups on the go.
[GUIDE] Telstra One XL - Root/Unlock/Recovery/ROMs/APN/Tweaks
Telstra One XL Thread - RUU Added to OP
[Guide] Telus HTC One X: Root, Recovery, ROM
[EASY][GUIDE] The SuperUser's Guide - All Things Root!
[GUIDE] Upgrade to ATT 2.20 OTA Safely
Gunnyman's quick and dirty adb/fastboot primer
[TUTORIAL] Prepare Your AT&T HTC One X for Custom ROMs
[HOW TO] How to do virtually everything to your ONE X ...
[How-To] Update devices via the OTA .zip
[HowTo] Compile the Kernel Source Code for the HTC One XL
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Thread is now stuck! :)

Good job on the rollup and info collaboration.


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Dec 6, 2011
I love this, very organised. Hopefully you can maintain it when development goes crazy. Keep up the great work!
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Jul 19, 2010
Can you indicate next to each root method whether or not it will add the "TAMPERED" flag?


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Mar 30, 2011
Great compilation thanks for all the hard work

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Oct 24, 2007
Work travel kept me away from XDA for the most part last week. I'm back, and updated the index. Looks like it was a busy week here for Development, so hopefully I captured everything! Ping me by replying here or PM if you think I missed anything good.
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