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Aug 25, 2020
Mexico City
Bug Note For New users (4.4. T210)

+ KitKat, Android 4.4x
[07 Jan 2015][ROM][T210/R] CM11 Development for T210(R) (WIP)
I know...I know, development for this device is abandoned and Cyanogen Mod is "dead". But consider this if you are trying to rescue, test or revive your old tablet

-Tested on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 SM-T210 (lt02wifi) - ROM Via: TWRP

ROM Version : [07 Jan 2015][ROM][T210/R] CM11 Development for T210(R)) (WIP)
Has a Bug in the Volume Control: there are only 2 modes (maximum and zero) You can slide bars or press the volume buttons but it will not change outside those 2 states. by default brings the song over the horizon to test it in the player

Wi-fi signal is an 8/10
It connects correctly and allows connect to hidden SSID Networks and Static IP's, but the signal is low power (you will have half the signal even 1 meter from the modem) -I do not know if it is only a visual defect or the signal is low in a real way.

-It is an AOSP, so it does not have Services or Google/Samsung Apps, (You will need Apk's or install GApps or play store manually)
-the ram is free (+400 mb) but the animations feel somewhat forced (possibly it is only an aesthetic detail)

It is very light (more-less 200mb) so you will have enough space and RAM for the few apps that are still usable in android 4.4, and has several configuration options (maybe is pre-root) and its initial configuration is only 3 steps, Wi-fi, Optional Cyaongen Account and permissions for location services. and is "Ready" to use.

Its graphic appearance is similar to generic devices, so it is very very simple in terms of resources and visuals

-It is an option to try,or test if the device still works. But definitely do not use it if you are looking for something definitive or "Normal" uses.
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Feb 25, 2021
Please let somebody develop systems for SM-T110 now. thousands of users are waiting for this. It must be the most searched word on google (SM-T110)


Feb 20, 2016
I'm looking for the latest android cf to revive a sm-t210 for a friend but i can only find really old rom working on android 4.4 ....is there anything more recent?

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