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[INDEX] HTC Desire X (protou) - Everything Desire X is here! [21/11/2013]

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Senior Member
Nov 22, 2011
Lahore, Pakistan
yes, glad you posted your question in totaly unrelated thread and we are very much glad that you didnt quote a very long OP... ou wait
umo4u (Junior Member) Join Date: Jan 2013
Newcomer sees thread:
" Everything Desire X is here!"
feels he has a solution to his problem, Clicks "REPLY" and posts his query.
Dont you think he did a sensible thing with his experience???

I know he posted in dev thread but you have got to cut him some slack, He knows what cid is and also knows that an RUU is for restore. Rest he'll learn in time.


P.S i dont think its a non-related thread, "Everything" should mean RUUs.
P.P.S On a different note, How did he post in dev thread with "0 Thanks"??? I remember there was a "10 thanks policy" before you could post in dev thread.


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Jan 16, 2013
Redmi K20 Pro
thank you very much in words plus thanks button

There is no RUU for HTC_038..
I will upload a stock unrooted nandroid backup for HTC_038 once I get back my device from service. :)

thanks :) i really appreciate that you understood my problem and what i am looking for.actually the place i belong,there is no official htc service center so you guys re my last hope.by the way why you took ur HTC DX to service.

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hi Stereo8 and mindlesSheep. actually i am so much worried that i forgot what i was doing lol .my first android phone was galaxy y so learned a lot on experimenting on it as i had stock rom for it.no matter what even if i brick my phone i knew how to get back to stock. than i bought htc desire x hell it is totally different like unlock bootloader etc etc.i have made a backup but one silly thing i did was i made it after root :( else i might have stayed whole night and upload stock backup to help all guys

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neXus PRIME thanks for your understanding :)
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