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[INDEX of GUIDES/TUTORIALS] SGS2 GT-I9100 [Updated: 29/07/2013]

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Apr 2, 2012
Well, First of all Excuse my English :)
I prepared this INDEX of guides, because there are many guides, many duplicated threads about the same tutorials, etc.
This can became confussing for some users.
Sooo in here i'll try to put them in order. I better say first, that i tried to included the updated guides. The ones from a year ago or older where not included, unless i found them relevant or still usefull
Please if i missed a guide/tutorial fell free to PM me.

Starter GUIDES:

Canadian/Australian SGS2

SGS2 Canadian Thread (Bell/Virgin/Sasktel/Rogers) Root/Unlock/Firmware/Modems/Mods

Australian AU Galaxy S II (help/rooting/updates,etc)

International Elementals


[Bible] Galaxy S II Bible: Complete reference (updated 01/02/12)

New here? READ THIS THREAD FIRST. What Is Recovery & Download Mode?

[Recognized Contributors][Sticky Thread] New Members Start Here First

[Guide/Info] What you need to include to get help

[FAQ] GT-i9100 Galaxy S II FAQ thread

[Guide] Back up your data before moving to a new rom

[REF] Guide to the Galaxy S II and Android (04/10/11)

[READ THIS] Got a Boot Loop? Don't post a New Thread!

[GUIDE] Fix an unflashable or soft bricked GSII (I9100G/M/P/T VERSION INCLUDED!)

[Guide]Noob Guide To Set File Permission's [28-08-2012]

Root/UnRoot Guides

[06.07.2012][CF-Root 5.5] K/EFGHIJKLP*, LA*, LP-126BHJQ73SC89DEFWGKIQ - su+bb+CWM4/5

[04/Jan][ROOTING/UNROOTING] DooMLoRD's Easy Rooting Toolkit [v4.0](zergRush Exploit)

[FAQ] [ROOT] Questions about rooting SGS2 via zergRush Exploit

[GUIDE] ROOT/UNROOT Stock ICS Firmware without flashing unsecure kernel

[ROOT]How to ROOT Galaxy S2! [1-Click Root][Video Tutorial][No Odin required]

A complete noobs guide to root using the [CF-Root v4.0] KE2/7/8, KF1 - su+bb+CWM4

[Guide][CWM][Root][ICS] Universal proper rooting for most ICS phones

[TUTORIAL] UNROOT the Galaxy S II on ICS to COMPLETE stock

FAQS/Guide/Additional Info For Rooting S2 - High level summary

How to Root stock JB 4.1.2 using Stock Recovery

Advance guides:

[GUIDE] How to Dual Boot using the Siyah Kernel

[GUIDE][Troubleshoot a failed Odin flash]

[Guide] How To Fix Your USB Storage [emmc] After LQ5

Guide to Dual booting Samsung JB with AOSP based roms

How to Root stock JB 4.1.2 using Stock Recovery

How to make a USB Jig

List of Samsung Secret Codes

Solution for Missing Photos and Videos after flashing new ROM

Sim Unlock using 'GalaxSim unlock app'

[GUIDE] Recover your IMEI in 9 steps



[HOWTO][exFAT][WORK IN PROGRESS] Mount exFAT formatted drives and cards

[GUIDE] Make your own undervolt (GB + ICS)

[Tutorial] How to mount external NTFS drive

[How To] Swap the mounting points on ICS (CM9) for emmc and sdcard

[HOWTO] GT-I9100 Free SIM Unlock via nv_data.bin by Odia

[Ref][Kernel]Triggering actions with touch gestures

[GUIDE] Defining/Creating Triggering Actions Gestures easier

[HOW TO][Windows] Manually Deodex and Odex back

[APP] Ntfs Mounter - Automatically mount NTFS/EXT formated USB Sticks and SD Cards

Solution for Missing Photos and Videos after flashing new ROM

Guide to Dual booting Samsung JB with AOSP based roms

How to make a USB Jig



Get maximum battery out of stock JB ROMs

I'll be adding, while i'll found more or you people send me what you made or found :)
Thx to all peopple that gived me stuff to add
i'll see if i can make a new layout, because the thread is begining to have some threads that are not well tagged. i must divide it in more cattegories
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