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Moto G3 (osprey)

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How to Unlock Bootloader, Flash TWRP and get Root?

Root guide for Moto G3

Note: In installing TWRP Recovery step, download latest TWRP Recovery by squid2 from here and follow instructions provided in link.
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How to revert back to stock firmware?

To flash stock firmware on your device follow this guide by lost101.
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Custom Roms available for Moto G3

Nougat based Custom ROMs
Official CM14.1 by Alberto97
Official AOSPExtended by ishubhamsingh
Official Resurrection Remix by jhenrique09
Unofficial XOSP by jhenrique09
Official GZRoms - Tesla by Flashhhh
Official AICP by Flashhhh
Official Dirty Unicorns(Single Sim only) by Nick Doherty
Unofficial XenonHD by Arcade
Official ZephyrOS by ishubhamsingh
Official Mokee by EsromG5 and martincz
Official Beanstalk by ishubhamsingh
AOSP-OMS by ishubhamsingh
Official XPerience by TeamMex
Unofficial Slim7 by Pacer_456
Dominion OS by boswelja
Official CypherOs [AOSCP] by JBCDroid

Marshmallow based Custom ROMs
Official CM13 by Alberto97
Unofficial CM13 by veloz46
Official Resurrection Remix by Vatsal
MIUI 8 by jhenrique09
Turbo ROM by ishubhamsingh
Unofficial BrokenOS by ishubhamsingh
Unofficial Dirty Unicorns by jhenrique09
Unofficial Teamasek by Vatsal
BlissPop by Vatsal
Official CyanPop by RolanDroid
Unofficial OctOS by ishubhamsingh
Unofficial CandySix by ishubhamsingh
Official OrionOS by Flashhhh
Unofficial SlimRom by ishubhamsingh
Zephyr OS by ishubhamsingh
Official Mokee by [email protected]
Unofficial AOSPA by sai24
Official crDroid by Vatsal
Official Exodus by RajaMu
Dominion OS by boswelja
Hexagon ROM by jhenrique09
Unofficial LiquidDark ROM by ishubhamsingh
Unofficial TipsyOS by ishubhamsingh
Unofficial Cardinal-AOSP by jhenrique09
Unofficial FireHound by jhenrique09
Unofficial Krexus by ChinmayKunkikar
Vanilla Unicorns by ishubhamsingh
Official PAC-ROM by Sherps
Unofficial vanirAOSP by maxprzemo
Official XOSP by Shreesha.Murthy
PacerRom by Pacer_456
Nameless n-3.0 by FireLord
Unofficial Xperience by ishubhamsingh
Nexus Experience ROM by shawndak
Unofficial OwnROM by maxprzemo
Sugsonic HD by tapan15in
Stock ROM optimized - XT1550 only by amansingh63
Unofficial AOKP by zeeshanhussain12
Unofficial AOKPM by dimusa
BarthMallow - XT1541 only by lohanbarth
CAF-6.0.1 by scritch007

Lollopop based Custom ROMs
Official CM12.1 by squid2
AOSP by Alberto97
Unofficial CM12.1(Updated) by veloz46
Flyme OS by anveshparashar
Resurrection Remix by varnd7776
Unofficial AOSPA by scritch007
Official Tesla by Vatsal
TipsyOS by Vatsal
Unofficial Candy5 by Vatsal
SlimRom by a2441918
MIUI 7 by Infinite4evr
AOSP+RRO by srisurya95
Official Fusion ROM by srisurya95
Official Team Radium ROM by srisurya95
Unofficial EuphoriaOS by GtrCraft
OrionLP by SohamJ
SOKP by vache
Unofficial SlimROM by vache
Unofficial OwnROM by Demazda
Stock Optimized by amansingh63

Sailfish OS 2.0 by gigitux

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