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[Index] Recoveries, Kernels ROMs for S duos gt-s7562

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Oct 3, 2014
How to flash a Custom Recovery from PC or Laptop using ODIN

1. Download Samsung USB drivers[skip if your device gets detected and drivers are installed]
2. Download Odin 3.07
3. Run Odin as administrator
4. Connect your device with a USB cable
5. Browse PDA and select custom recovery .md5 file remember to extract the zip using winrar or 7zip. Don't put zip files here.
4. Click Start, wait for the device to restart. remove cable, hold down power+vol up+vol down until samsung splash screen is seen.

Download ODIN flashable recoveries
CWM version 5-v3 download here
No active development

**Latest**Unofficial TWRP 3.0.2 build [RECOVERY][TWRP][S7562-S7562L-S7560M] by kengnatural. no bugs, stable, use for flashing kitkat builds.

TWRP 2.80.1 f2fs supportdownload and extract zip first
This has a minor bug where you can't restore your nandroid backup.
to be able to restore your nandroid backups successfully.
Go to settings in recovery - enable use rm-rf instead of formatting.
Restore your nandroid backup.
Recovery supports mtp, formats to f2fs and recognizes both internal and external drive.

TWRP (Stable, No bugs. mounts external drive) Download here

How to flash/change/update recoveries using you device

These are CWM and Twrp flashable zip files to switch between CWM recovery to Twrp recovery or vice-versa ( does not work with stock recovery flash a custom recovery first through ODIN method)

1. Download custom Recovery zip file
2. Copy it on your external sd card
3. reboot to cwm or twrp recovery
4. select zip file and flash
5. reboot and select reboot recovery to access the new recovery.

CWM Flashable Zip Files
flashable zips to switch recoveries from one another

TWRP 2.8.0 f2fs support Download here
CWM download zip here

Got a yellow triangle when you switch on your device at the samsung logo screen?
download triangle away to get rid of it head over to the original thread

All credit for the files and development of these are to their original uploader. I have only got them at one place for easy access and understanding for new users.


  • ODIN_Twrp2.8f2fs.zip
    8.4 MB · Views: 3,698
  • Cwmrecovery.zip
    5.7 MB · Views: 3,626
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Oct 3, 2014
ROM list for Samsung S7562


KITKAT 4.4 CM11 Based Roms
[CM11][GT-S7562] Samsung Galaxy S Duos Kitkat 4.4.4 Active Original development
CM11-12 [ROM][S7562 & S7562L based on CM11 build. being updated regularly.
[GT-S7562] MightyBoy rom [Kitkat][v4.0] discontinued updates.

Jelly bean Based CM10 Roms
[ROM][S7562] CM 10.1 and 10.2 based on s7560, not actually built for s7562

Stock Rooted Themed Debloated Roms (All stock roms are discontinued, no dev support anymore.)
[ROM] [MOD] L-Touch Rom | S duos | L Themed Lollipop themed
▐║╪ PMP™ SDuos ╪║▐ ▐║╪ PMP™ King ROM ╪║▐ ►► Stable ◄◄ good performance on stock.
[Bug_Fixed][GT-S7562] SGS5-Xperience Rom [ S5 UI + S5 Features ] [Galaxy S Duos] samsung galaxy s5 themed
[ROM][4.0.4][GT-S7562] PMP™ Light ROM v10.5 (MODDED Stock) For Samsung Galaxy S Duos lightweight stock rom
[DEVELOPMENT DISCONTINUED] ▐║╪ PMP™ SDuos ╪║▐ ▐║╪ Speed Demon ╪║▐ v8.5.4
[STOCK][4.0.4][GT-S7562][DDBMJ1] Optimized Stock ROM (PMP™)
[ROM][4.0.4][GT-S7562] KyleOPEN ROM v3.4.0 FIXED (for Galaxy S Duos) 26 July Update
[ROM][ICS 4.0.4] [S7562][Galaxy S Duos] HYD52ROM V5 (MIUI THEMED) 07 July 13
[ROM][4.0.4][GT-S7562] SilverNexus ROM v1.4 (for Galaxy S Duos) Updated 24 Oct 2013
|DisContinued| COSMIC ROM | Version 2.5 |KitKat-Mod|Galaxy S Dous|Smooth|Fast|Stylish
[ROM][ICS 4.0.4] [S7562][Galaxy S Duos] HYD52ROM(Glossy THEMED) 18-7-13
[INDEX][GT-S7562][PMP™ SDuos] All things- Upates, Links, Whats to come...

Stock Firmware files
Hungarian firmware S7562XXALJ4_S7562OXXALJ3_S7562XXLJ3 download here
Indian Pakistani Australia Malaysia Sri Lanka firmwares.

Recover from a dead or brick device [includes thailand firmware files]
[Troubleshoot] PIT FILE Bootloader CSC Modem, firmware and Debrick Image for s7562

PIT file for samsung s duos gt-s7562 only
download here


  • signed_kyle_v2_0604.zip
    1.1 KB · Views: 738
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apratul Vasu

Senior Member
Sep 14, 2016
List of Custom Kernels

[KERNEL][3.0.101][GT-S7562|S7560/S7560m] KyleOC2 Kernel r2
[Kernel] Basel kernel [s7562]
[Kernel] BA2X 2.0 release 2! with s7562 splashscreen
[Kernel] BA2X 2.0 with s7562 splashscreen
[KERNEL][4.0.4][GT-S7562] SilverNexus Kernel v1.1 (for Galaxy S Duos) 20-03-2014

Baseband Modem fat.bin Collections
Indian and Hungarian
s7560 and s7562 Baseband Switching Modems.
which kernels are for cm11 built?


Feb 24, 2017
Could anyone please reupload the ROM for
Hungarian firmware S7562XXALJ4_S7562OXXALJ3_S7562XXLJ3,
as the link above does not work for me.
Much appreciated :)


Senior Member
Oct 3, 2014
Could anyone please reupload the ROM for
Hungarian firmware S7562XXALJ4_S7562OXXALJ3_S7562XXLJ3,
as the link above does not work for me.
Much appreciated :)

Well I guess no one else had any other link. Unfortunately I had deleted all the files that I had on my PC since I gave away my old S7562 to someone. If you or anyone else can't find the Hungarian firmware, you can download any other that you have, and just flash the Hungarian Baseband on top of it. Hope this helps.

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