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hi guys I'm newb my mojito 4/64 got laggy af after I download MIUI 13 game also laggy please
Just saying (light off-topic), I sold my 10 months old untouched mint condition RN10 4/64 for half the price and bought Shamshung Galaxy M21 2021 Edition. Reasons: M21 has Virtual AB Partition, All partitions including System partition is mountable & wipeable from TWRP in M21 which is not same like in RN10 A/B partition, Flashing Custom ROM/GSI is easier in M21 while in RN10 GSI does random reboot & Custom ROM gets flashed to B Partition Slot only which means each time new ROM is flashed you need to Reflash Stock MyUI ROM, Reflashing Stock ROM in M21 takes 5 Minutes while in Shaomi phones takes 17 minutes each time, Bootloader unlock/relock in M21 takes a minute from Download Mode while in Shaomi takes 7 days to unlock bootloader each time re-lock bootloader is done, SAMOLED Display in M21 is much Richer & awesome in color than RN10, Build Quality of M21 is far better than RN10. Shamshung device components like Display, Antenna, Speakers, Buttons, last for 10 years while in Shaomi phones only 3-4 years of usage and components start to fail or even before that, Water enters Shaomi Camera module in heavy rain conditions so Splash-Proof is not rain-proof but in M21 better splash-proof. Shaomi phones just like RN10 have Infra-red but is slightly more expensive than Shamshung Galaxy M21 but that can be a trade-off. M21 has random reboots issue but only if you are using stock 1UI ROM not If you use Andoid11 GSI or Upgrade to Andoid 12/13 using Custom ROM/GSI.
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Dec 13, 2015
Hi. First of all, I am new to this kinda of thing. I am trying to install pixelexperience on my redmi note 10 5g. Whenever I "fastboot flash boot" the .img file I get an error saying that the file is too large. I got the file from the pixelexperience, selected my devices redmi note 10 (mojito). I am using the updated adb platform version 1.0.41. Can someone please help.

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