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Jose Hidalgo

Jun 15, 2012
So many possibilities ! Thank you guys !

Question : I want to freshen up my old Arc S in order to sell it. Could you recommend a ROM + Kernel, focusing on STABILITY AND BATTERY LIFE ? (not on performance please)

Right now it has a custom Slim Bean ROM (4.2.2) + nAa Kernel (3.4.59).
But it's not so stable (random reboots) and it drains a LOT of battery (the phone only lasts a few hours, even without being used).
Baseband version is : 8x55A-AAABQOAZM-203028G-77
I'm based in France.

I also have CWM Could I use it to install the recommended ROM + Kernel ? It would make things easier for me (easier than downloading Flashtool, drivers, etc.).
I'm quite a newbie on the custom world (only installed a couple custom ROMS so far), so please be gentle and helpful. Thanks for your help !
Stock Rom for Arc S LT18i

It took me ages to find this, so here is a stock rom, all other links seem to be down. If anyone needs it, grab it fast, as long as it's still here:

4.1.B.0.587 androidfilehost com and with this (cant post, to new) /?fid=24572388905582644

Use Flashtool 0.9.11 for flashing. 0.9.27 will not work. Be sure to use a data cable, not a charging only cable.
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