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i'm hoping to find a way to remove the pull down notification / quick settings shade menu from the lock screen, so it never appears on the lock screen at all (eg. swiping down on the lock screen has no effect at all).

my previous phone had custom roms available that had this feature, but my new phone has no custom roms created yet.

is there a module or app that can do this tweak?

i know there's no version for android 12 yet, but gravity box does this and works for android 11.
Version for 12:. https://github.com/asaf400/GravityBox/releases


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Sep 3, 2022
Hello guys. I'm learning japanese and it would be awesome if I could change the language of some apps so I can immerse myself in the language.

There was this Xposed module that achieved a per-app locale, but hasn't been maintained for about 7 years.

Android 13 now supports Per-app language preferences ( https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/resources/app-languages ), but it must be set by each developer. However, I was thinking if it's possible to make a module to extend this feature to all the other apps as well.

Can someone help me?


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Apr 8, 2018
Samsung Galaxy S5
Xiaomi Mi A1

I have request, or maybe there is already a module available but couldn't find it. A module which allows to set volume per app. So when ordering volume up or down, another bar for the currently running app.

That would be great. I'm on Arrow OS 12.1

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