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Apr 6, 2010
Samsung is using the same Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor from S21 and S22, that is the only bummer, everything else is a good upgrade. The screen looks more clear from up close compared to S22 Ultra. And 50 MP shots are fantastic. The bump in resolution is quite apparent. It takes a few seconds to save 50 MP files though. I just played with the phone for some time at a local retailer in Bangalore. They let me install the device info HW app (quick shared the apk from my phone) through which i checked the Fingerprint sensor. It is essentially the same one (QBT2608)


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Apr 27, 2005
Mumbai, India
Exactly. And they call from different numbers!
What blew my mind was the ridiculous patronizing. "Sir you are the most valued customer we want you to be safe and you don't need to step out of the house to pre order the latest galaxy. It's a virtual event and the website is online"
Someone needs to remind Samsung websites and internet was invented before the S23
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Apr 23, 2011
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
Screenshot_20230214_041511_Software update.jpg
got it now

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    March update is rolling out
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    Finally wife’s box delivered. Cashify app started working magically. Blue dart guy happened to be in the complex carrying her order in his bag. Phew soooo much tension Samsung 🤬🤬🤬🤬
    Such a nice box..
    Guys enable "suspend execution for cached apps" in the developer settings. It increased my battery life by at least 20-25% and decreased idle battery drain immensely.
    Finally received. Got buds also.

    Wife’s ultra was taken back as the Cashify Diagnose app just wouldn’t work on her S20. So she’s out of luck now. Will likely take refund and buy offline unless Samsung works some magic with Blue Dart and makes them do her pickup. 😔