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Oct 8, 2009
Yes.. infact right after unlocking there is a slight delay.. registering touch

Seems like a pertaining issue for Note 10 Users too. They found a trick and seems it works better now. Can you try this and let me know if it works better?

turn off the battery optimized for apps: com.samsung.android.biometric.

Go to Settings>Apps>Select "Special Access" from three dot menu>Optimise Battery Usage>select All from drop down menu>Search for "com.samsung.android.biometric"> Turn it off and Restart.
Report back if it works? I didn't check it yet because, I'm on root and didn't update it yet. (G985F/Exynos)

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It's taking 2 hours from 1 to 100% to charge when the phone is ON and about 1 hr 35 mins when it's switched off using the 25W included adapter. This has been like this since "ATCH" update. Unable to troubleshoot as don't have another 25W adapter at this moment.

In short, super fast charging isn't working as it's supposed to fully charge in way lesser time.

When I plug the adapter in, it shows about 1 hr 10 mins "remaining" for a full charge but that's not the case.

*Super fast charging is toggled ON.
Others not facing it ?


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Apr 16, 2019
Odin won't finish flashing with HOME_CSC...


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Mar 27, 2019
The import tax alone will be exorbitant. I hope Samsung releases the Snapdragon variant for the Note 20 series in August. eBay is not a great choice for importing expensive smartphones.
Import tax is a problem. I imported items b4, used 3rd party delivery services 4 costly items. But risky. note 20 may or maynot get snapdragon. Exynos cpu with ARM cores might b there.


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Apr 6, 2010
It screwed my email sync. Didn't get my work emails for 3 hours. Simple restart of Samsung email app fixed it.

For me...it is reverse. There's a micro stutter in app animations whenever I open any app. Only the apps which r locked in memory is fine. Everything else micro stutters. I have an S20 Ultra.

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