Infinite Boot-Loop Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5380 without Recovery or Pit!


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Jan 24, 2020

I got a Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5380 from a friend that is stuck for infinite Booting. I'm asking here, because I tried for several hours to fix it by myself but that obviously didnt work well.

I'm running Linux Manjaro and with that Heimdall or JOdin3 ( Based on Heimdall and Casual)

What I can do:
- Get into Download Mode

What I cannot do:
- Download Pit file when in Download-Mode
- Flash ( because of missing pit )
- Get into Recovery mode ( The screen flashes into it and shuts down )
- Use a foreign Pit, because all of those do not have the correct partitioning or are corrupt / not useable by JOdin and quite complicated to use with Heimdall ( I don't get heimdall with foreign pit )
- ADB does not show devices when in Download-Mode

What I want to do:
- Install CWM
- Install Firmware
- Get into Recovery and Hard/Factory reset
- Dammnit get it to boot :)

Can anyone help me please?
My Ace is stuck on Samsung Logo or ANDROID when rebooting.

I did not actively try to alter its state, but It is possible that my friend did so.

Thank you very much :)