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Jun 5, 2010
Well, I did it. Ported my number to T-Mobile. Poorer signal in some places, but I get consistent 4Mbps at my desk at work.

So.... I'm going to pretty much retire from maintaining this OP.

If someone wants to start a new thread with a similar format, go for it. If not I'm willing to come in here and try to do a quick update once in a while. It's not like things are moving as fast as they used to anyway, and the appspot changelog is great for displaying what is going on.

  • With HDMI out there are some cool possibilites for the Evo. One of the best examples is in a thread started by Lokifish Mars: Use your Evo as a Desktop PC
  • There are tons of great theme engine themes. Many on the market and some only available on XDA. But since I'm a self serving biased jerk who unfairly looks out for his friends, I've got to mention the Sculpted theme from Shift. I loved Sculpted on CM6, but the version he created for CM7 is incredible, and all you have to do is grab it from the market, and then choose it in Theme Chooser.
  • Everyone's favorite something-goat-something-Shift-hater Karadorde dropped a little ray of nightly flashing sunshine in our lives. It's a recovery flashable script similar to Calkin's flash all that just flashes cache and dalvik for those times you've gotta have your nightly fix, but don't feel like setting everything up again. Check out his thread for instructions, and download the script there or here: nightly wipe zip
  • rstuckmaier has basically been doing my job for me recently, and created a thread just for CM7 fixes, tweaks, and work-arounds.
  • WiMax support is built into CyanogenMod 7. HDMI mirroring is supported in the kernel, but you will need an app to turn on mirroring. You can grab HDMwIn from the market. After trying it out, please support further TeamWIN projects by buying the donate version.

Quick Links:

See the Official Changelog at this link
  • Common: Fix issue with missing built-in themes
  • Common: Update bundled ROM Manager to latest version
  • Supersonic: Actually fix GPS
  • Supersonic: Fix proximity and light sensor
  • Common: Fix fling velocity of status bar and ADW swipe - Sven Dawitz
  • Common: Fixed webview layout bug (issue 3229) - Zinx
  • Common: Fix GVoice-opens-twice bug - Zinx
  • Common: Fix issues on all devices with DNS resolution failure after some time - Zinx, various
  • Common: RTL improvements - Eran Mizrahi, Eyad Aboulouz
  • Common: Fix crashes in Arabic locale - Eyad Aboulouz
  • Common: Add Arabic keylayout - Eyad Aboulouz
  • Common: Improve ADWLauncher scrolling/zoom performance - Pavel Kucera
  • Common: Fix excessive memory use when appending to textviews - Cyanogen
  • Common: New wallpapers from the CM community (CC License, see app for credits)
  • Common: Option to disable vibration while in-call - Evan Charlton
  • Common: Add long press option to status bar widgets for settings - Alex Avance
  • Common: Compact carrier and status bar tweaks - Nihanth Subramanya, rorifree
  • Sholes: Fix connectivity loss bug - cvpcs
  • Speedy: Fix keyboard lights - JD Horelick
  • Glacier: Fix backlights - Zinx
  • Glacier: fix GPS issues - Zinx/QCom
  • msm7x30: Fix bugs during video resume - Zinx
  • qsd8x50: Fix 720p video playback
  • qsd8x50: Unified 2.6.37 kernel - Cyanogen, toastcfh, slayher
  • Espresso, Legend: WiFi fix (HTC)
  • Supersonic: Fix GPS issues (HTC)


Please bear in mind this is a nightly build, meant to be a testing ground for developers, and there may even be times the new nightly won't work at all. This is a common way of working in open source software. Most of the problems you are encountering the developers are already aware of. With that said, most of the nightly builds has been very solid and stable for many people here, and several of us that are used to development software are using it as a daily driver. Just realize that is not the intention of nightly builds.

[HIGHLIGHT]CM6 features not available & Bugs[/HIGHLIGHT]
  • Camera does not have touch to focus and some other features from CM6
  • Bluetooth Mouse cursor - BT mouse will connect, but acts more like a trackball. See the Use your Evo as a Desktop PC thread for a patch.
  • No 720p video recording
  • GPS often will not lock. Cyanogen said he is working on a fix for a point release. Basically the non-open source HTC drivers were used in CM6, but for CM7 they are using the open source reference drivers from the chip manufacturer. Something is strange or maybe even buggy about the Evo hardware. The good news is there is a workaround that has worked for most people.

    Note - this is pasted from rstuckmaier's excellent tips thread

    Make a Nandroid of your current CM7 setup.
    Boot into recovery and perform a full wipe (or use Calkulin Format ALL zip)
    Flash any Sense ROM
    Open the Market and download MSL Reader, write down MSL.
    Open Dialer/Phone and type ##4772579# (##GPSCLRX#)
    When it asks you for a password type in your MSL
    Reboot phone
    Turn on GPS and open Maps, allow it to fully lock your location (may take a few minutes, do not just wait for initial lock).
    Leave GPS on
    Turn off phone, reboot into recovery.
    Nandroid restore your CM7 backup

[HIGHLIGHT]Installation Info[/HIGHLIGHT]​
  • You must be fully rooted (including NAND rooted)
  • Nightlies are posted at:
  • After flashing the main part of CM, you will probably want to flash the Google Apps Add-On, which adds the Market and allows you to download things like GMail, Goggles, Voice Search, and Maps. Gapps is available here:
  • There are now only two versions of GApps, one for Tegra CPUs and one for non. For the Evo you want the standard version without Tegra support
  • GApps changed for CM7 and only has the basics for market access. When you first log in you will be given a screen of checkboxes to download the apps you want. You can also add them manually later from the market.

DrMacinyasha's is the official source for GApps, and also mirrors most of the other content:
Just a heads up, I've been keeping my own mirror of all of the CM stuff for EVO. Useful for those who want the gapps updates but don't have an account on the CM forums, etc., and also has all of the Snap kernel files mirrored:

I update the site whenever I can; it's not yet auto-updating, but I'm looking at a way to fix that.

[HIGHLIGHT]What features are included[/HIGHLIGHT]​
  • Full AOSP
  • Running 2.6.37 Linux kernel
  • Android OS 2.3.3 (Gingerbread)
  • More standard Bluetooth stack. HTC uses a funky proprietary bluetooth implementation. Cyanogen has replaced this with a more common one, so the phone now supports HID (Mice & Keyboards) and the Wiimote app in the store.
  • Tons of Cyanogen Mod tweaks and tools, including but not limited to:
    • Updated music app with extra options and lockscreen controls
    • kernel speed tweaks
    • Notification Drop down power control
    • CyanogenMod Settings integrated into settings menu
    • DSP settings
    • T-Mobile theme engine
    • Torch flashlight uses camera flash, includes widget
    • Additional settings and tweaks for Contacts, Dialer, and MMS (maybe more)

Q. When the new nightly comes out can I just download and flash over the top of the install?
A. Because these are development nightlies they are not guaranteed to work in this way. In many cases this may work fine, but even if it does it may not implement a new feature or fix. For example the MMS fix would not show up unless you wiped, or deleted a specific directory. However, this usually works ok.

Q. What has changed in the newest nightly build?
A. For me the easiest thing has been to follow the CM Source twitter feed. Pretty much any change that doesn't mention another device specifically will show up on the nightly.

Look here for Cyanogen's changes:
and here for CyanogenMod in general:

Q. Flash isn't working
A. Go to the market, search for "Flash Player" and install.

Q. I don't have a Market icon or any other google apps
A. You didn't flash gapps or flashed the wrong one

Q. Rom Manager won't let me download the nightly
A. Purchase the premium version from the Market

Q. Why is the launcher slow?
A. It isn't really, but the defaults used on ADW make it feel sluggish. Try some of the settings from this post by midri

Q. How can I update PRL?
A. There currently is not a way to do it in Cyanogen Mod. You will need to restore a nandroid backup of a Sense ROM (you did make one, right?), update the PRL, then Nandroid back to CM6.

Q. What times are the nightly builds? And what time in my timezone?
A. To my understanding, the bot begins building at Midnight UTC which is 8:00pm EST. They finish around 30 mins later. You can always check this link and verify that the mod date is the next day (for us in the U.S.) In otherwords, It's currently 10:50pm EST on 7/10 and the mod date on the zip file is 2010-Jul-11 00:35:56 so I know it has been built:

Q. Rom Manager says there are no updates
A. Since these are nightly builds and not releases, the filename stays the same and Rom Manager knows you have a rom named that already. If you want to assure you have the latest, clear your download cache and re-download.

Q. Can I install the Sense dialer/music player/widgets/etc. ?
A. By default no. Sense widgets only work with the Rosie launcher. Most of the other stuff it tightly bound to the framework, which is why many of the AOSP applications can not be easily installed on a Sense ROM.

Q. Is there any way to run the stock android 2.3 launcher instead of ADW?
A. Search the market for "gingerbread launcher." There are several available for free.

Q. My notification toggles keep disappearing! Where did they go?
A. Often changing themes will cause this. Just grab the Notification Restart app in the market. It basically just kills the notification bar so it resets.

Please feel free to add any that I missed, but hopefully we don't get repeats of the same answered questions or known bugs. I hope this makes things easier for everyone to know what's going on.

Thanks again for your hard work, Cyanogen, Toast, #teamwin, and all of the CyanogenMod Team!
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Jun 14, 2010
HW 0003, and Nova panel.

I'm getting a green bar (graphical glitch) at the top during video playback.
Getting it on videos using the YouTube app, and also on some MP4 movies on my sdcard. Happens no matter what video player I use.

Oddly enough, videos that I had recorded with the Evo camera do not have this.

Is it just me? or anyone else having this issue also?


Jan 27, 2007
As far as the Facebook, I cannot add my facebook account. The first time it asked for info and appeared to work, but if I go back into Accounts it's not there and I can't seem to add it.


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Jun 23, 2010
HW 0003, and Nova panel.

I'm getting a green bar (graphical glitch) at the top during video playback.
Getting it on videos using the YouTube app, and also on some MP4 movies on my sdcard. Happens no matter what video player I use.

Oddly enough, videos that I had recorded with the Evo camera do not have this.

Is it just me? or anyone else having this issue also?

Yup, same here, 003 with nova and seeing the green bar. But, mine switched between purple and green at first, then switching to just green. But weirdly,I've only seen the bar watching hq videos on youtube. Regular movies don't have that....odd.


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Feb 8, 2009
Would it not be better to use a bug tracking software, even a free one to keep the info sorted?


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May 24, 2009
Houston, Texas
Another bug.

When you go to cm settings > input settings> haptic feedback tweaks > change any of the patterns settings force closes

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Nov 13, 2006
When the new nightly comes out can I just download and flash over the top of the install so I dont have to start from scratch tomorrow?


heres a question:

is there anyway to get the htc dialer app back on this rom, or is that part of sense, if so can you please link up a apk?


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Jul 5, 2010
Also Exchange support in Froyo does not work reliably. This is not a bug in the mod, but in Froyo itself.


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Jun 5, 2010
if i understand it correctly, it will be recompiled every night. however, if no code changes were made during the day, before compile, then the nightly won't be any different than the one before.

Bingo. Changes may be EVO specific or may be generic to all devices. This is why nightlies are not reliable, they are simply a snapshot of the code at the moment. I read a comment that sounded like one of the changes made for the EVO broke the Droid build. Don't think of these as general use builds like we see from DC, Avalaunch, etc. When there is an RC or final, cyanogen typically will post that here.
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    Thread Locked, will be cleaned, users will be dealt with shortly...
    Bottom Line - The GPS Fix WORKS!!

    Heres what I did. Using ROM Manager v3.0.0.7 I...

    1 - Backed up CM7#17
    2 - Restored Fresh EVO Backup
    3 - Launch phone dialer and dial ##GPSCLRX#
    4 - Entered MSL Number
    5 - Rebooted
    6 - Restored CM7#17

    Map gets position almost immediately and navigator tracks perfectly.

    Before the map position was erratic or just plain wrong. The icon in navigation never even moved.

    Thanks!! Now lets get 4G and HDMI... Sorry, couldn't resist!!
    Upcoming build has the 2.6.37 kernel (thanks to Toast), and is now using Qualcomm's version of librpc which seems to correct the GPS issues that everyone is having. At least, it does for me.

    Let me know how it goes.
    MMS Receive Fix

    I take no credit for this, other than finding it in the CM Nightly forums. I can confirm (and others in the same thread also confirmed) that this small flash will allow you to receive MMS. The author stated it worked for Nightly 73...I tested the same on 72 and it works. However, as always YMMV.

    The authors post:

    After taking a look, the gingerbread-stable version of in framework.jar seems to work fine for receiving mms. I recompiled framework.jar with the changes. Here is zip that should work with #73 (you can flash or unzip and adb push). I have only tested with pictures, but it is working for me. We will probably have to see how this effects other models/carriers before any changes to the new gingerbread version are made.

    Link to original post on CM Forums (I hope it's ok to link this)

    If you want to test it yourself, after you flash, send a picture to yourself (I had no one to bug, so I found this site).
    Swear to god I'm not trying to start up the GPS talk, but going through my old notes I found this fix from when GPS got screwed proper for many of us after a particular early build of CM6. Has anyone tried this with CM7? I think it might be a different approach to the same thing that GPS Status does when you have it clear your cached GPS data, but figured it might be worth a shot. I'd try it my self but my custom off-brand "cm6.5x" is sadly cursed with all the benefits of CM7 plus rock-****ing-steady GPS.

    1. Nandroid backup your current CM7 (will need to restore later)
    2. Boot to recovery
    3. Wipe data, cache, Dalvik
    4. Flash the rooted STOCK rom
    5. do a wipe data, cache, dalvik one more time to be sure after flash.
    6. Let it boot up and the next step is VERY important
    7. Launch phone dialer and dial ##GPSCLRX#
    8. It will ask you for your MSL, feed it.
    9. Upon hitting OK, your phone will just say reboot in 10 secs, let it reboot.
    10. Once rebooted, launch maps and your GPS should lock almost instantly.
    11. If it worked, then boot into recovery.
    12. Wipe data,cache,dalvik
    13. Restore your previous CM7
    14. Now try to launch maps again and you should expect same result as in step 10.
    15. If NOT, then reboot and do a wipe.