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Sep 9, 2015
IMO Samsung has some real issues with bloat and optimization. Aside from the phone being so generic (aside from 90hz and exynos 850 which might as well be another MT G35), I always hated and still hate Samsung's software especially for dumb limitations like no more than 3 fingerprints (this is true for any samsung phone with a fingerprint since the S5) and no adoptive storage (This was the case since Android 6). I can't run it at 60Hz even with a GSI without the phone feeling like it is chugging for CPU. I will say that the enormous battery is amazing but at the same time everyone else is offering a battery of this size. Also while 90Hz at this price point is amazing, I hate the pointless notch that they have and would much rather have a proper and symmetrical bezel instead or at least a hole punch.

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