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Question information on charging redmi note 10 pro

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Sep 12, 2020
I wanted to know if anyone has the same problem with charging as me. if I use the original battery charger the recharge is more or less that indicated (it takes about 10-15 minutes longer). the problem happens when i connect it to a laptop or car. I connected it to my car via an adapter that goes into the cigarette lighter and cable that I used with my redmi 9s. the battery is charging but does not increase. same thing happens with my laptop on standby. with my redmi 9s even though it slowly increased the battery. does someone else have the same problem (software optimization?), or is it not a problem because it absorbs more energy and I cannot make the comparison with the two smartphones?

edit: after a few days of testing I saw that the recharge takes place with the laptop or the car if the battery exceeds 60% otherwise this does not increase.
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