***Informative Threads*** - Read before clicking "New Thread" [06/18]

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Dec 18, 2007
***Informative Threads***
Post your question / issue / success story / etc. in the appropriate threads instead of starting a new thread!

[Build Indexes] - Don't ask which build is best -- choose for yourself based on the features you desire!


Ported Hero Programs:

***Developer Links***

Developers - Instead of maintaining a list of builds, I've changed this list to include links to your publications (blog, twitter, main release thread, etc.) let me know when / if you want these modified or if any should be added -- I'm sure I've missed some of you!

For links / info on particular builds, check out the Android ROM Build Database, Android Revisions, or the Google Docs Build Spreadsheet

This index will be updated as needed.
Please keep comments on topic!
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