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inkBOOK Obsidian e-Reader*Android 4.2.2

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Dec 14, 2011
Issaquah, WA
The purpose of this post is to provide rooting and useful app information for newer e-Ink eReaders. If you're not interested in the background, just skip the next two paragraphs.

I am a very firm believer that Adobe's e-ink is really the only way to go if you are going to do any eBook reading other than infrequent or incidental.

For a number of years I have used a Nook (running a very early version of Android - 2.1) . I like to use cloud services like OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox to access and store my epub files. Recently these services have been updating their authentication. File Explorers like Fx or ES File Explorer have updated their apps but only the older versions (which now cannot access several cloud services) will install on the ancient Android version on the Nook. Thus I was relegated to USB Cord file transfer or upgrade to an e-Reader runs a newer version of Android.

I chose the one listed in the title above, the inkBOOK Obsidian. But there are a series of eReaders that basically run this same Android 4.2.2; Boyue and Onyx to name two. These instructions are specific to the InkBOOK but at least some of them will work on other eReaders running this Android 4.2.2 variant. For instance the rooting instructions I'm going to refer you to were written for the Boyue.

Rooting: See
(see also
For a list of other rebranded eReaders that this method works for)

These eReaders were built assuming you'd use the pre-installed software so lack some pretty essential apps if you are going to use other useful software.

PlayStore: I was unable to get the method in the package in the link above to work but the app Yalp Store works just fine

Full Settings:
S4Galaxy Settings for Froyo ~ JB
This is on PlayStore (and Yalp) but it is not recognized as compatible with these eReaders so you have to cross-load

Switch to and/or close recent apps:
Quickly Recent Apps
Use Yalp to get it
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