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I peeled mine off yesterday and fitted the whitestone dome one, went on perfectly much to my surprise, feels great, my mate who has a fold as well commented that the screen looks sharper than his with the original one on.
I have had the Whitestone Dome inner (and outer for that matter) on my Fold 3 for months now and the WSD Inner one is SO MUCH BETTER than the stock on and my brother has tried a few other ones before installing the WSD on his inner.

The BIGGEST issue with all of the others he tried was the same as the stock one:

"The adhesive was not strong enough to keep hold after use, the WSD Film has so much of a stronger bond that it will not peel up easy, if at all."

There is a reason the install kit includes a removal kit as well, it's hard to peel off (I peeled one off a dead Fold 3 and without the removal kit, it was hard).

The overall feel is nice but as you stated, the clarity and the fact that it resist fingerprints, smudges and dust better than the stock keeps me from having to clean it as much and it just looks better overall. :D
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    I took mine off and replaced it with the Whitestone Dome Film which is waaay better
    Here is my Reddit post on installing the WSD Film:
    My inner screen protector has started coming up right along the crease. It started just at the edge and has started going down along the fold for the last week or so. Has anyone else had this problem? I was thinking I would probably get one of the WD replacement ones and swap them out. I'd probably have someone do it for me so I don't mess it up. Anyone else experience this and is that the best screen protector to get?
    Pretty common I think, lots of posts around Reddit about it etc. Whitestone don't do their glass one anymore but I think their PET one is good for it.
    Mine started with a couple bubbles near the middle. Next day worse. Removed it, going without for now and may replace. Reviews on Amazon say they only last so long.