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Input Wanted - Old Nerd with a new ROG Phone

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Senior Member
Mar 7, 2008
Murray Hill, NJ
Before I start, I'd like to once again that everyone here on XDA. This site has helped me develop my interest in and semi-pro hobby of all things Android.

Yesterday I was gifted a new sealed in box 1TB version of the ASUS ROG II. It seems like a pretty well built unit. I have a few questions. (Yes, I've browsed and searched our forums before posting this)

1. Since this unit is absolutely untouched, I'd like to make a FULL backup before doing ANYTHING. I've seen a few different methods, which one has proven to be the most reliable?

2. I intend to Unlock the Bootloader, load TWRP, and flash a custom ROM. What are the known pitfalls when BL unlocking or loading a custom recovery?

3. I hate to say this (considering the target demo of this phone) but I'm not really a phone gamer. This will be used for work and maybe light time wasting games. I'm not a fan of the included OEM case. I've long been a fan of the Otterbox cases. Who makes very good high quality yet tough case for this phone? (Yes, I know this has a LOT to do with personal preference but I'm open to all input)

4. Tempered Glass vs plastic screen protectors? I tend to prefer the tempered glass units.

5. Which ROM is a good high performance daily driver? I've long been a fan of the Resurrection Remix ROMs.

6. What's the real deal with some folks saying the screen turns green or blue or whatever?

Thanks for the input.


Mar 4, 2019
My preference:
1) To backup photos/videos/music/downloads just copy them to pc using faster side port. To backup apps use alpha backup pro so you can copy all apps along with data (root needed for copying app data). You can restore in both A10 , A11 and probably A9.

2) Bootloader unlock does 2 things , unlock Bootloader & erase internal storage (so backup everything before unlocking)

3) Its upto your preference. if you are comfortable with handling heavy & bulky phone, go for it.

4) I prefer neither, just handle the phone with care.

5) There are some custom roms available, which offers stock android experience and vast customisation checkout all roms. But if you want armoury crate and game genie stay on stock Rom

6) at low brightness & high refresh rate the grey colour looks reddish. It is problem with panel. You can correct it using kernel if you need.