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Install APK (VR) on Oculus GO

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Oct 16, 2014
Download Drivers Windows : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SrHHEj-vcVMGHPdXljv74x1CNUUYwBfM
Extract .zip
Right-click on android_winusb.inf and select Install

Open the Oculus Go app on your phone
Click your paired Oculus Go headset at the top
Click More Settings > Developer Mode and then toggle Developer Mode ON

Download Minimal adb : https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2317790
Install (or extract)
Copy *.akp in the same folder.

Create "install.bat" in the same folder.
adb install *.apk
Run (in administrator mode) install.bat
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New member
Dec 10, 2018
sorry for using an old topic. I recently get an Oculus Go device and would like to test apps before paying for the whole versions.
I'm interested in installing apk directly on my Go. Can I use your method?
I found some other ways to do this, but usind Sideload for VR that is available anymore on the market.
Your tutoriel is a bit quick for me, what are the step to be performed on the GO, on the laptop? How to copy files from the laptop to the GO?
Thanks a lot for yours answers

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