Install GMS and Google Play Store

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Nov 9, 2008
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Aug 28, 2015
LZ play Backup

Can you get me LZplay backup for some other huawei devices? Or can you modifiy it so that it restores on other devices too?


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Nov 16, 2019
I can't get it to work!

When restoring using HiSuite, it responds with "Failed to restore".

I'm on build of EMUI - could this be the problem? Is that the build that others have had success with?


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Sep 21, 2017
I can't get it to work!

When restoring using HiSuite, it responds with "Failed to restore".

I'm on build of EMUI - could this be the problem? Is that the build that others have had success with?

1. Check your drivers and make sure they're all installed properly
2. Make sure you use the provided cable
3. Need to have a Sim card inside and also logged into huawei account
4. USB debugging needs to be turned on and also the hisuite USB access.

Had the same issue too and doing all the above plus a a reboot or two and it worked fine after that. Firmware versions doesn't effect it.


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Jun 28, 2012
Hi, plan on this phone as my daily driver so I will probably runs anything on it, including sensitive banking and security apps, I have saw lots not recommending using this method as it opened up some loopholes (i.e. Google SafetyNet failed), any source or research being done that pointed out any insecurity of using such method? (i.e. Prone to information leaking, etc.)
Thank you in advance. Great community!

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    Got a few PMs on how I manage to install GMS on my mate 30 Pro. Here is a dummy guide for those who want to DIY within 10 min.

    I have updated this guide to work for all Huawei devices starting from mate 30 onwards .. and yes it works on latest P40’s and mate xs
    I just got my mate 30 pro.

    Used this method and all works well...

    Apart from a few apps.
    Hey guys, i'm thinking on getting mate 30 pro... but i was worried about the perfomance of the phone itself when using sideloaded GMS.

    do you guys experiencing any performance or security issues when using the sideloaded GMS?
    thanks in advance :D

    Phone performs as if it came with google spyware out of the box.
    As for the security issues, nothing noted except of my bank account being drained and the daily video calls where Xi Jinping is asking if I am behaving correctly.
    I am having those problems, can't make GMS working, always having that annoying notification pop-ups that doesn't allow me to log into my google account making all google related things not possible.

    Huawei Mate 30 Pro global 256gb version

    I believe GMS install no longer work for new device from Mar-20 onwards or for those who never attempt to login Google. Guess google apps has implemented a permanent fix to disable Huawei device at their end. Unless someone can come up with a 3rd method (lzplay, chat partner) :)

    I am used to the device without Google apps now. However I will still revise my guide if someone got a new way to workaround this ban

    Thanks to Google I am now trying to look for apps that is not Google dependant or any monopoly bully in case they want to tie us down to use their eco system. Reason for choosing android OS in the first place is to have free distribution and open system otherwise I would have use apple if not Google is just another apple in the long run
    Install Device ID app id&c=apps

    Copy "Google Service Framework ID" (not Device ID)

    Register your device
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