How To Guide Install Google Mobile Services (GMS) on EMUI 11 or Harmony OS 2.0 W/O rolling back to EMUI (Test Nov 2022)

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Sep 21, 2022
Do we have the working solution now ? There is one for harmony os#3 ,but my device is still on HOS#2, thanks


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Nov 29, 2022
Hello Good Sir,

Finally, I can reply to this thread.
On the step #14, where can I find the backup file "5:21am, Nov 11,2019"? I try to connect to my USB-C storage device, and it only shows my latest backup file, not the one mentioned in step #14.

Can you or anyone help me with this?

Thank you, and kind regards,


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Nov 20, 2009
Hi, went through the guide and it was all going per guide up to
31. goto “DeviceID” check if the GSF number has become Unknown, if so, return to “Playstore” try click retry. If this error repeats, restart your device and wait for at least 2 mins before opening PlayStore again. If the error still shows up, unfortunately you will need to restart this guide again)
Now, I don't really understand "restart this guide again" - from which step? 01? reset to factory default? just 29-30-31?

P.S. before step 29, on first Device ID check I did have a GSF number.
I'm on huawei mediapad m6 8.4, VRD-AL09, build number, C00E160R1P160patch01



Everything works fine with my model:

I got stuck as mentioned above, then what I did was:

01. Force stop, Clear Cache and all data, Uninstall:
#. Google Play store
#. Google Play service
#. Google Play Framework
02. Back to step 21. Install all apks and try again.
--> It happened again ( No GSF number) SO I've just move on and install 10_Google Play Services v20.12.14 (without uninstalling previous version if that matters) and continued the guide.

Now everything works NATIVE! also managed to register on google!

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Jul 21, 2013
I have Matepad T10s, EMUI I have couple of problems.

1. During installation of “谷歌服务助手” the restoring process is hanging, not finishing. If I click the icon “谷歌服务助手” in desktop, it should not supported error. Ok I ignored this.
2. At step 22, the snyc of contacts seems to be too quick, after click it is finished, not seeing any message.
3. At step 23, after opening of Play Store, it closes just right after it without showing any error message.

So I can't continue with the rest of the procedure.

Anyone may know how to solve this problem?


Nov 24, 2017
Hello, I need help. I have a Huawei Mate Xs and I'm currently on EMUI A month ago, I downgraded to EMUI 11 and then to EMUI 10. Now, after a month, when I try the same downgrade (absolutely the same version of the system, using the same method), the lowest I can go is EMUI When I try to roll back to EMUI 10, any version, the device goes into bootloop and nothing helps (delete cache memory, factory reset). The only way is System Recovery via HiSuite Proxy on EMUI 11 and that's it. Has anyone else had a similar problem and is there a chance that Huawei will put some sort of ban on it with the update


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Jan 12, 2023
when installing on nova 9 it fails at the open time it's finished lzplay doesn't work and the download button doesn't appear please help bro

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    You can find the video instructions in the following:

    Video of successfully installed Google apps:

    *** IMPORTANT NOTE ***
    Do NOT give up if your first attempt fails. Factory reset is recommended if failure happens, try again and I am sure you can get it done by following this guide, however you will need to make sure you follow all the steps one by one, and do NOT try jumping. Even the button of "OK" , "Open", "Done" or selecting app from Muti Task Manager instead of re-enter apps from the Home screen at different timing or sequence may impact the result.

    This method has been tested on the following devices (model# ending with ANxxx or ALxxx after "-") running on Harmony OS 2.0:

    Mate X Series: X2
    Mate 40 Series: 40 / 40 Pro / 40 Pro+
    Mate 30 Series: 30 4G / 30 5G / 30 Pro 4G / 30 Pro 5G,
    P40 Series: P40 / 4G / Pro / Pro+
    Mate Pad Series:Pro WIFI / Pro 5G

    Note: international versions may not compatible

    In this video, I am showing you how to Install Google Mobile Services (GMS) directly on Huawei Harmony OS 2.0 without rolling back your devices to EMUI 11 / 10 or even earlier. (this video is using Mate X2 as an example).


    1. Download the ZIP file (if the links are no longer working, let me know)

    2. Extract “”
    3. Copy foler "111" onto your computer C drive root directory
    4. Copy "huawei" folder onto your mobile/tablet device root directory
    5. Copy the balance files to somewhere in your mobile/tablet device (wherever you like)

    Step by Step instructions:

    1. Backup your data then Factory Reset your device (phone/tablet), ensuring it is in a clean condition

    2. Go to Settings---About Phone----“Quickly click the Build number at least 7 times (this guide here is using (C00E230R9P3patch03) to activate the “Developer options”

    3. Go to “System & updates”, and turn off the ”App Guard” (skip this if using EMUI 11)

    4. Return to Settings, at the top search section, enter keyword “HDB”, select and turn on “Allow connection via HDB”

    5. Go to “Settings & updates” --- “Developer options”, turn on “USB debugging”

    6. Use your cable to connect your device with computer

    7. Swipe down from the top of your screen and change the connection from “Charing via USB” to “Transfer files” mode. Enter the “Connection verification code” that is showing up on Hisuite screen from your phone onto the Hisuite on your computer

    8. Copy the GMS files onto your device

    9. In your computer, click ”WIN” key,then enter “cmd” to enter “Command Prompt” (skip this if using EMUI 11)

    10. Enter below commands one by one (make sure you see the message “success” before entering the next command. (skip this if using EMUI 11)

    1) Cd\111

    2) adb devices

    3) adb uninstall com.huawei.localBackup

    4) adb install Legacy.apk

    11. after finish entering the commands from your computer end, return to your device. Install “Backup & restore” following the instruction from the phone. (skip this if using EMUI 11)

    12. Disconnect your cable

    13. Go to “Settings & updates” --- “Date & time”. Turn off “Set automatically” and change the date to July 10, 2020

    14. Connect your USB-C storage device, wait for 30 seconds then go to “System & updates” ---“Backup & restore”, continue selecting “ALLOW”,then select “External storage”--- “USB storage”,select and restore “the 5:21am, Nov 11, 2019” backup; enter password: “a12345678”

    16. Go to HOME screen, you will see and new app called “谷歌服务助手”, open it. Select “ALLOW” (you will delete this app after you have no issues running Google Suites), then “ACTIVATE”; You will see lots “!”, ignore that and click “开始下载”(start download),it will fail to download anything, ignore it as well. As soon as you see the loading spin, go back to HOME screen (do NOT close the app, just return to main screen)

    17. Goto “Files”,Install “01_MicroG.apk”

    18. Go to “Settings & updates” --- “Date & time”. Turn on “Set automatically”

    19. The first time you click “SIGN IN“” will fail to open and flash exit, it is normal, click “SIGN IN” once again to login to your Google account. Once success, click “ I agree” and “CANCEL” (if you received error message “Sorry… You don’t have a network connection…” then restart your device and try again starting from “谷歌服务助手”,)

    20. If you have multiple google account, repeat previous step
    21. Go back to “Files”,Install “02_Google Account Manager” until “07_Google Services Framework.apk”

    22. Go to “Settings”---“ Users & accounts”, click “Google”, and then click “your account”, then click “Sync contacts”, then “sync now”

    23. Return to home screen, click “Play Store” (WARNING: DON’T get too exciting and do NOT stop here. This is NOT done yet, otherwise I am sure you will see lots of errors while using the device. Do NOT even try to do anything until you finish this guide). You will find an error message “Authentication is required…”, this is normal. Ignore it.

    24. return to home screen and uninstall MicroG

    25. Go back to “Files”,Install “08_Google Play Services v19.2.75”

    26. return to home screen and click “Pla yStore” (you may receive DF-DFERH-01 error, just click retry). You will hear lots of error notifications, ignore it.

    Search and install “device id” which is the one from VtechSevi but not other developers,open “device id” once done,check if you can obtain the Google Service Framework (GSF) number

    27. Go to “Settings”---“Apps and services”---“Apps”---search “Google Play services” ,click “FORCE STOP” until it is grey out, then “UNINSTALL”

    28. Go to “files” and install“09_Google Play Services v19.4.20.apk”

    29. Go to “Settings”---“Apps & services”---“Apps”---search keyword “Goo”, click the “4 docks” located at the right top corner”, select “Show system processes”, select “Google Service Framework”

    (time sensitive here!!! needs to be quick and do not operate your device rather than following all the steps) click “FORCE STOP” (if it goes blue again, keep forcing it stop until it is grey), then click “Storage”---" CLEAR CACHE” and then “CLEAR DATA”, and then Press the power button---Restart your device right away

    30. goto “Play Store”, you may receive DF-DFERH-01 error, this is normal and this is only time message, would not impact future operates

    31. goto “DeviceID” check if the GSF number has become Unknown, if so, return to “Playstore” try click retry. If this error repeats, restart your device and wait for at least 2 mins before opening PlayStore again. If the error still shows up, unfortunately you will need to restart this guide again)

    32. return to home screen, clear all the running tasks, then goto “DeviceID” and check if you can still have the GSF#

    33. Go to“Settings”---“Apps & services”---“Apps”---search “Google Play services”, click “UNINSTALL”, you will be in “device administrator, then click “DEACTIVIATE AND UNINSTALL”

    34. Go to “Files” and install “10_Google Play Services v20.12.14”

    35. Return to main screen, restart your device and wait for at least 2 mins until the startup is done. If you hear tons of error notifications, then unfortunately you will need to restart this guide again

    36. Open “Play Store”, check if it is working fine. If so, congrats but not done yet we need to move onto the final steps to ensure your device can pass the Google certify checks in the near future, so then you can feel free to update Google Play or other google related apps

    37. install Chrome

    38. goto “DeviceID”, click on the “Copy“ icon and copy your GSF#

    38. goto “Files” and open the link in chrome, scroll to the bottom, paste the GSF# in the text box and check mark the robot test, then click “register”, then you will see a bunch of number at the bottom, which it means your device has been registered successfully.

    37. goto “Play store”, search “Google Play service” and install “Play Services Info“, then open it and click “PlayStore” and open by “Google Playstore”, update the Google Play Service

    38. return to home screen and restart your device

    39. open “Playstore” and check if everything works fine

    40. GMS installation is done : )
    This is a very nice article, congratulations !
    However, I would need an extra help, I am blocked at step 10, indeed, when I am typing Cd\111 and then click on "enter" computer says that "Le chemin d'accès spécifié est introuvable" (the specified path way was not found), any suggestion ?
    The easiest way is to go to the destinated folder (111) and hold shift and right click. Then click on "open PowerShell/CMD here"

    If it opens PowerShell, simply type "CMD" and hit enter and you're in CMD
    Then you can proceed with uninstalling the backup app
    I was Instaling this on a HarmonyOS 2 Matepad 11 and when I try to do the step 20 the google accunt n the settings app deletes itself with the uninstalled applicaton so I cannot continue. I am basically stuck here please help.
    Ps. When I add the google account there is no "CANCEL" button coming up on the screen returns directly to the googlefier app and the 1st option disappears.
    Hey XDA,

    Anyone else just suddenly getting: this device isn't play protect certified

    I can't get rid of it, tried reinstalling google Play services etc.
    Yes, this happened earlier this week.

    Here is the solution
    The easiest way is to go to the destinated folder (111) and hold shift and right click. Then click on "open PowerShell/CMD here"

    If it opens PowerShell, simply type "CMD" and hit enter and you're in CMD
    Then you can proceed with uninstalling the backup app
    Thank you, it works :)