How To Guide Install GSI and magisk with TWRP and ODIN

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Jul 29, 2020
Samsung Galaxy A32 4G
thanks! One last thing do you use always on display? i tried it earlier but i wasnt sure i thought my battery life would be halfed. i tried enabling force always on display. and after a reboot it worked. but idk abt battery. because AOD is just amazing.
AOD is ok for the battery, it doesnt eat so much, in case it isnt ok for you, you can always disable it

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    /!\ DISCLAIMER I'am not responsible for bricked device, dead eMMC or anythings else and if you flash TWRP, your warranty is now void (Not if you live in Europe and the breakage is not because of the root). If you have a problem, I am regularly here and a whole forum can help you.

    (Pls dont blame my english it isnt my fisrt language)

    We know, rooting this phone is kinda..... difficult, he as the imei problem, magisk wont work if u flash it on twrp.

    But i will show you in this thread how to root him sucessfully and install a gsi and root it. Lets go

    I have 2 method : flash from twrp (for keeping the stock firmware) or flashing magisk with odin3 (for GSI)

    1. Lets go on the first method:

    • You need to install TWRP --> TWRP
    • You need to download magisk CANARY ( At the end of the post)
    • Put it in your phone and boot TWRP
    • Flash it, format data and reboot your phone
    • (With the A325FXXU2AVC2 firmware you probably dont gonna have problem but if your imei die -->IMEI fix)
    • Install the magisk app and in settings, select canary channel
    • Update magisk app and the root

    2. The second method :
    • You need to root your device with odin and magisk
    -> Take your firmware on samfw (A325FXXU2AVC2 if u can) patch the AP on the magisk app and flash it in odin with BL,CP,CSC without auto reboot
    • Shutdown your phone and reboot in DL mode and flash TWRP
    • Reboot into TWRP
    • Flash a GSI (Go in "install", "install image" click on your .img and flash to system image), I give here one --> crDroid (if you dont have a sdcard, just pull gsi in the storage via MTP on twrp)
    • Format data
    • (If you want Gapps and your GSI dont have it, you need to flash it (open gapps, etc) but the system partition is too small, do that in a linux shell : e2fsck -f <your gsi.img> and resize2fs <your gsi.img> 4G and reflash the GSI)
    • Install magisk app
    And voila, you sucessfully root your Samsung Galaxy A32

    I hope this post can help anyone

    Edit: I forgot to say : Go in phh settings and select "Use alternate way to detect headphone" in Misc, for 90Hz display go to Misc and select "Force FPS" and select 90Hz, go to Samsung and enable "Extend Brightness range", "Use alternate audio policy" and (for better photo) "Access to all camera" and finally go to Misc and enable "Force enable Camera2API HAL3" and "Expose aux camera".

    What doesnt work:
    1. Fingerprint reader
    2. MTP (use adb instead, app with a GUI : Python adb file explorer GUI
    3. GSI dont boot with encryption enabled

    Credit and thanks to ❤️:

    @Prove N. for his TWRP (you saved us)

    Magisk developers for the root

    @dronkit for fix the imei issue

    And XDA developers and all the staff

    Have a good day and bye bye
    thank you bro 😁 I'm happy to have helped