How To Guide Install native GMS, Google Play Store directly on Harmony OS 3.0 (Tested Feb 2023)

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Sep 10, 2021
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I have mate50 pro as well it came with emui13 and I have changed region from to china just to update to harmony os (says latest)..

However I cannot get LZ play the purple Chinese google services app to work.. it says device not compatible. In your steps above do you use this app? How did you get it to work? Is it need to set region to china or?
LZPlay only works on the right combinations of device and firmware


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Mar 18, 2023

I need your assistance, and i will greatly appreciate. I am using huawei mate xs2 globsl version on emui 12, for bussiness reasons really google is s need, so i searched internet and watched tens of video, but unfortunately there was not a solution, i want to ask first i want to upgrade to harmony os first then gms activation, however some people says for global devices not possible, another people says it is possible, so i coldnt find a healthy method, for this i need your help.

Thank you very much


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Jul 3, 2012
1. Copy the folder GMS_2022-11 to the root directory of the phone
2. Install and run huagu3.apk application and enable Alow Usage…
3. Change the date to July 20, 2020
4. Go to Settings/ Backup and restore, select External storage and Alow all
5. Go to Settings/Backup and restore, select Restore from internal storage
6. Go to huagu3 app, Select Activ / Alow
7. Switch Date to automatic to show actual date
8. Install the Micro-GOO app
9. Run the Micro-G application select Accounts. Log in to your GG account, how many accounts have to be logged in (You won't be able to add any more accounts later)
10. Install GG apps from top to bottom (2,3,4,5,6,7)
11.Go to Settings/Users and Accounts. Click on each Account and select Sync Contacts will see sync failed
12. Uninstall Micro-GOO
14. Install Google Play Services v19.2.75.apk
15. Go to Settings/GG and sync all items in your gg . account
16. Run the Play Store application if there is an error, then press Retry to run the Play Store

18. Go to Settings / Applications and click on the search box with the keyword Google
19. Click on Google Service, force Pause then remove the app
20. Continue to install the Google Play Services app v19.4.20.apk
21. Go to Settings/Applications >>> Select Show system apps
22. Select the Google Services Framework application and press Force pause until it works. Then clear the cache, clear the app's data.
23. Restart the phone

25. Run the Play Store app
26. Go to Settings/Applications and uninstall the Google Play Services app
27. Install the Google Play Services app v20.21.17. When this will have a continuous warning sound, drag the toolbar and turn off the speaker.
28. Go to Settings/Apps and uninstall the Play Store app (force pause, clear data before uninstalling)
29. Go to the Google Play Services app, clear data, force pause then uninstall the app.
30. Reinstall Play Store App
31. Reinstall Google Play Services App v19.2.75
32. Open the Play Store app and retry until it runs.
33. Go to Settings/Apps select Google Play Services, force pause and uninstall it.
34. Install the Google Play Services app v19.4.20
35. Go to Settings/Apps to show the System app. Select Google Service Framework , press force stop until you can, delete data
36. Restart the Phone.
37. Run the Play Store application and press Retry several times, go to the Device ID application to see all the information is OK
38. Run the Play Store app
39. Go to Settings / Search google application and you will be warned that Google Services are required to run… . Close it
40. Go to Applications/Settings select Google Play Services delete all data and remove it.
41. Uninstall Play Store app after clearing all data and force stopping
42. Reinstall Play Store App
43. Install the Google Play Services app v19.2.75
44. Run CH Play and press Retry until Play Store runs
45. Run the Device ID application and see all the information is OK
46. Run Play Store and load test
47. Go to Settings/Apps force pause Google Play Services then uninstall it
48. Install _Google Play Services v19.4.20
49. Go to Settings/Applications, now the system application selects Google Service Framework , press force stop until it works, delete data
50. Restart the phone
51. Run the Play Store app
52. Go to Settings/Applications force pause Google Play Services and remove
53. Install Google Play Services v20.12.17
54. Restart the phone
55. Run the Play Store app
56. Install Chrome

58. Run Chrome to see if it's ok and install GG Map
59. Run GG Map

61.Go to the Play Store and install the Play Service info (Update) app.
62. Run Play Service info (Update) application, Select Play Store source to install to install Google Play Services
63. Uninstall the Micro-G app and the Play Service info app (Update)
64. Install applications such as Youtube… and use.
Bác cho hỏi là hiện giờ có cách nào để cài được CHPlay cho con Nova 8 pro chưa bác? Nếu có bác cho xin link hướng dẫn chi tiết với nhé. Xin cảm ơn


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Apr 9, 2023
Looks like this method is not working anymore. For me I always get "This device isn't play protected" message and even Google apps are not opening.

Does anyone recently have gms service working on latest version?

Huawei Mate X2 with Harmony OS3


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Jun 28, 2009
Is it possible to have together Play Store working and notifications working at same time?
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Jun 27, 2022
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I use Mate30Pro (Chinese version) and MatePadSE (Japanese version) and was able to install GMS on Mate30 without any problem. Thank you very much!

Then, out of curiosity, I tried it on the MatePad as well. (LZPlay gave me an error, so I manually gave it admin and media permissions.) Then the installation worked and I was able to launch GooglePlay. The account also shows up, but the screen is blank. I didn't even get a retry button.
After updating GooglePlay to a newer version with apk, GooglePlay will not start. I installed YouTube as a test and it worked, but I could not log in to my account and the app closed after a few dozen seconds.
This is the reality of the international version:confused:

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    Confirmed, I have it installed and it works on Huawei Mate 50 local version. Just keep calm and follow each step correctly
    During the installation process, you may not be able to run Google Play, but you just need to clear the data and run Google Paly to try again.

    *** Update : Running Gmail has an error that the application needs google services. After 6 hours, the Google applications are not running because of the error: Google does not support this device.
    Well the real question is whether it is a firmware or hardware issue. If just firmware then by theory I can also flash my mate 50 pro with the Chinese harmony os3. FYI my device originally was EMUI13. I changed the region from Malaysia to Hong Kong (China) and searched for update and this allowed me to update to harmony os So I believe my device now has the Chinese firmware. Question is why can't lz play run? Is it cos my hardware is different? My model number is DCO-LX9. Or am I missing something?
    There are a few differences:
    1. Your phone code is still the international version even though you have changed to Harmony OS >>> Phone manager will easily detect this.
    2. The latest update of the Chinese domestic version is .197 and yours is the latest .189. That proves that Harmony OS is written specifically for international and domestic device codes. They have different bootloaders.
    I also encountered a few cases in Vietnam and the solution to install Google still had to be used through the Light Hause application.
    Hi there, using a Mate 40 Pro. Recently just updated from HarmonyOS 2.0 to HarmonyOS 3.0. I've got my GMS installed on HarmonyOS 2.0. But when I updated to HarmonyOS 3.0, GMS doesn't work so well. Google Maps took a bit longer to locate my location. Youtube only works after opening several times but it also popped up "YouTube Keeps Stopping" if the app doesn't open. When I open a bus service app, it doesn't show the Google Map but only "Google Play services are updating". Anyone experiencing this issue?
    Hey, I have the same problems with P40 Pro rebranded to Chinese ROM (HarmonyOS 3.0). For now the best solution, that works well, is to use Gbox app and clone apps that need to use Google Maps to work. I can confirm that it works good. I don't know what Huawei did in HarmonyOS 3.0, but on 2.0 everything worked well.
    @kakashi1912 @Stalmoker @sgPrototype @ChrisFoster @Archibald1963 @Alxjamuschua @ThatsYisy @ancola66

    Here I typed a post at the official Harmony OS developers forum telling this bug in HOS 3.0 update.

    It would be nice if more people with a Huawei phone support me in this thread that I opened so that they can solve this important bug:

    How to install GMS
    Harmony OS 3.1 has newer processes

    *** IMPORTANT NOTE ***
    I am working on the step by step instructions, stay tune~~

    Do NOT give up if your first attempt fails. Backup data and Factory reset is recommended before working on this. Please make sure you follow all the steps one by one, and do NOT try jumping, processing in different timing or sequence may impact the result.

    Note: international versions are not compatible,

    1. Download the ZIP file (if the links are no longer working, please kindly leave comments and let me know)


    2. Extract the zip file and save the files without folders onto your mobile device

    How to upgrade your device to HarmonyOS 3.0 if you have not yet received push OTA update

    How to obtain approval for paticipating the HarmonyOS 3.0 Open Beta

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