How To Guide Install One UI 5.0 (Android 13) beta on unsupported countries

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Er. Aditya

Senior Member
Feb 28, 2014
hi everyone i have s22 ultra from india region , since last 3 months i am facing a strange issue device doesnt shows me any updates but when i check on samfirm or smart switch it shows..
please can anyone help or guide me what can be the reason if anyone ever faced this issue ?


New member
Feb 15, 2023
Anyone help me
I have fold 3 LDU
I want to update one ui5 android 12
Please help me
Guide me
Ota update stucked on android 12
Please someone guide me

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    Hello everyone! 😁

    🌟 Update: One UI 5 stable is out! You can install it now via Odin! No more flashing .zip files! See you when One UI 6 beta is out.

    One UI 5.0 beta is out, so I have put together this guide on installing it on your Galaxy device. I will show you how to sideload the beta even though the beta programme may not be available in your country or may be full.

    ❕️ If your device has an SD Card slot, check out the SD Card Method.

    🔗 Links (will be updated):
    • Galaxy S22/S22+/S22 Ultra
    SM-S90x0 (Password: beta) - thanks to @zwenchao_1989

    • Galaxy S21/S21+/S21 Ultra
    SM-G99x0 (Password: beta) - thanks to @zwenchao_1989
    SM-G996B (Beta 1) - thanks to @Saggy2121
    SM-G996B (Beta 2) - thanks to @Saggy2121
    SM-G996B (Beta 3) - thanks to @Saggy2121

    • Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra

    • Galaxy Note20/Note20 Ultra
    SM-N986N (Beta 1) - thanks to @zwenchao_1989
    SM-N986N (Beta 2) - thanks to @zwenchao_1989
    SM-N986U1 (Beta 1) - thanks to @zwenchao_1989

    • Galaxy A52

    • Galaxy Z Fold4

    • Galaxy Z Fold3
    SM-F926B (Beta 1) - thanks to @DiscoBear
    SM-F926B (Beta 2) - thanks to @DiscoBear
    SM-F926B (Beta 3) - thanks to @DiscoBear
    SM-F926B (Beta 4) - thanks to @luisvaljun
    SM-F926B (Beta 5) - thanks to @DiscoBear
    SM-F926B (Beta 6) - thanks to @andy242
    SM-F926N (Beta 1) - thanks to @zwenchao_1989
    SM-F926N (Beta 2) - thanks to @zwenchao_1989
    SM-F926N (Beta 3) - thanks to @zwenchao_1989
    SM-F926N (Beta 4) - thanks to @zwenchao_1989
    SM-F926N (Beta 5) - thanks to @zwenchao_1989

    • Galaxy Z Fold2
    SM-F916N (Beta 1) - thanks to @zwenchao_1989

    • Galaxy Z Flip4
    SM-F721U/U1 (Beta 1) - thanks to @BotchedRPR

    • Galaxy Z Flip3
    SM-F711N (Beta 1) - thanks to @zwenchao_1989
    SM-F711N (Beta 2) - thanks to @zwenchao_1989
    SM-F711N (Beta 3) - thanks to @zwenchao_1989
    SM-F711N (Beta 4) - thanks to @zwenchao_1989
    SM-F711N (Beta 5) - thanks to @zwenchao_1989

    How to install ADB
    Update or downgrade via Odin
    Alternative method via Alliance Shield (thanks to @woodchild)

    📺 Video guide:

    🧐 Steps:
    1. Download the update file from XDA Forums. Make sure to download the right build for your device.
    2. Go to where you downloaded the file.
    3. At File Explorer, go to View, then Show and enable "File name extensions".
    4. Right click on the file and click on Rename.
    5. Rename (including the file extension) the .bin file to "".
    6. A warning may appear. Click on Yes.
    7. Download, install ADB. Make sure to have "C:\Android\platform-tools" added to "Path" in System variables.
    8. At your phone, go to Settings, About phone, Software information.
    9. Tap repeatedly on the build number until Developer options are enabled.
    10. Back to Settings, tap on Developer options at the bottom.
    11. Scroll down and enable "USB debugging". Tap on OK.
    12. Connect your phone to your PC.
    13. You may enable the "Always allow from this computer" if it's your personal PC.
    14. Tap on Allow.
    15. Back to the PC, move the "" file to "C:\Android\platform-tools".
    16. Right click on the Start Button.
    17. Click on Windows Terminal (Admin) or PowerShell (Admin).
    18. In the Terminal, type "adb devices" and execute it.
    19. If you didn't enable "Always allow from this computer", the pop up will appear again on the phone. Tap on Allow.
    20. Type "adb reboot recovery" and execute it.
    21. Your phone will boot to Recovery Mode.
    22. Navigating with the volume buttons and selecting with the power button, go to "Apply update from ADB" (if you want to force exit from this screen, hold down the Volume down and Power buttons).
    23. Back to the PC, type "adb sideload" and execute it.
    24. The installation process will start and One UI 5.0 will be installed. (If you get an error, you may have downloaded the wrong build, or your device doesn't support the beta programme at all. If you are sure that you have downloaded the right build, try again using different cables, USB ports or PCs.)
    25. After the update process has finished, back to the PC, execute "adb reboot recovery" again.
    26. Go to "Wipe cache partition" and select Yes.
    27. Then select "Reboot system now".
    28. Report any bugs to the Samsung Members app!
    I hope this helps you! If you have any issues, please let me know and I will try to help you! 😊
    Sure! Can you share the link here? I will add it to the main post.

    I'll check it out and make it in a video form too, so thank you for sharing! :)
    I had found this:

    First Post.

    Locally with Alliance Shield (no PC needed):
    0. Download the needed firmware and the Alliance Shield X app (PlayStore).
    1. Open the Alliance Shield X App and complete setup (Account creation and Knox permissions)
    2. Rename the downloaded Firmware-File to "" (without Quotes) and move it to the root storage directory (/storage/emulated/0)
    3. Open the "App Manager" inside the Alliance Shield.
    4. Search for "Software Update" and select the option with the purple/white Icon.
    5. Go to the activities and search for "com.idm.fotaagent.enabler.ui.admin.main.AdminMainActivity"
    6. Select the Option and open it
    7. Press on sideload and select the Update-File
    8. Wait for the installation to complete..."

    I didn't need 5 minutes
    You can't be helped. Not enough info. Upgrade from what? Stable to beta? Beta to beta? What is the rom version you have on your device and what exact model do you have (at least this is obvious, it's the b model i guess)? Where is all this?
    Lets see, latest OTA update, which for me is android 12, with one ui version 4.1
    Build number is SP1A.210812.016.S908BXS2AVI7 #2 Tue Sep 20 12.04.06 KST 2022.
    I havent any beta ever intalled, phone is vanilla s22 ultra sm-9808b/ds, so a s22 iltra with 256gb.

    I have downloaded the appropriate files from
    S22U (SM-S908B)
    1. Beta (AVG6->ZVH4) Link (thanks to JeyKul + AndrzejDwo)
    2. Beta (AVG6->ZVHK) [Not available yet, use 1st and 2nd Beta instead]
    2. Beta (ZVH4->ZVHK) Link (thanks to JeyKul + AndrzejDwo)
    3. Beta (ZVHK->ZVI9) Link (thanks to a2kay)
    4. Beta (ZVI9->ZVJ2) Link (thanks to DiscoBear)
    5. Beta (ZVJ2->ZVJA) Link (thanks to DIscoBear)

    think i have tried 3 and 4, while 5 has been uploaded since i posted my question.

    Finally my phone is black, the moon is in retrograde, I am scorpio, married with 3 children and dress to the left.
    Hopefully thats enough information!
    thank you
    @BredzProh - looks to.he Exynos specific ? If so, Could you please mention in the title to avoid mishaps and confusion ? :)
    It's Exynos-specific for now only.
    I will constantly keep updating the description with the new links like I did last year.
    So when Snapdragon is out, I will update the pinned comment and description.

    Sorry for the confusion!