How To Guide Install Windows 11 on UNSUPPORTED PC!

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    FYI rufus can bypass tpm and secure boot checks as well
    I figure it out how to install windows 11 on my UNSUPPORTED PC and it seems that everything is fine!
    I dont have TPM or supported CPU.

    This method uses the script "Skip TPM Check on Dynamic Update v7, AveYo 2021" and the original (CLEAN) windows 11 software that was downloaded to a pendrive by MediaCreationToolW11.exe tool from Microsoft.

    Download this ZIP and extract to Desktop.

    Execute "Bypass_TPM_Install_Windows11.bat" and just read and follow the steps!!!

    I hope it works for you as it worked for me, please replay if worked for you to!!! I want to know!

    Don´t forgot to PRESS LIKE or COMMENT!
    Thank you in advanced.

    Update 13-02-2022:
    * Add some tweaks for better CPU.
    *Unistall the script "Skip TPM Check on Dynamic Update v7, AveYo 2021" IF installation fail.

    Update 26-02-2022

    This are tweaks inside bat for better cpu usage:

    rem PacketCoalescingFilter enabled for pure throughput when lower CPU utilization is important.
    powershell.exe Set-NetOffloadGlobalSetting -PacketCoalescingFilter enabled >nul
    rem Receive Segment Coalescing (RSC  Enable for slightly higher throughput when lower CPU utilization is important.
    netsh int tcp set global rsc=enabled >nul
    rem Disable TCP selective acks option for better CPU utilization
    powershell.exe new-ItemProperty -Path HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters -Name SackOpts -PropertyType dword -Value 0 -force >nul
    rem This NDIS 5 setting allows for reducing CPU load by offloading some tasks required to maintain the TCP/IP stack to the network card.
    powershell.exe New-ItemProperty -Path HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters -Name DisableTaskOffload -PropertyType dword -Value 0 -force >nul
    rem start with CPU1 for RSS (Receive Side Scaling Base set to value of 1) to let CPU0 do other important things.
    powershell.exe New-ItemProperty -Path HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\NDIS\Parameters -Name RssBaseCpu -PropertyType dword -Value 1 -force >nul
    rem Set the maximum number of RSS CPUs with the MaxNumRssCpus. DUO CORE set value of 2.
    powershell.exe New-ItemProperty -Path HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\NDIS\Parameters -Name MaxNumRssCpus -PropertyType dword -Value 2 -force >nul
    rem System Responsiveness determines the percentage of CPU resources that should be guaranteed to low-priority tasks.
    powershell.exe New-ItemProperty -Path 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Multimedia\SystemProfile' -Name SystemResponsiveness -PropertyType dword -Value 0 -force >nul
    rem Set an RSS profile for a NUMA server without dynamic load balancing, Base Processor Number 1, Max Processor Number 2,Max Processors 2
    powershell.exe (Set-NetAdapterRss -Name * -Profile NUMAStatic -BaseProcessorNumber 2 -MaxProcessorNumber 2 -MaxProcessors 2) >nul
    rem Because the removal of node splitting can potentially impact existing applications, a registry value is available to allow
    rem opting back into the legacy node splitting behavior. Node splitting can be re-enabled by creating a REG_DWORD value
    rem named "SplitLargeNodes" with value 1 underneath.
    powershell.exe New-ItemProperty -Path 'HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\NUMA' -Name 'SplitLargeNodes' -PropertyType dword -Value 1 -force >nul
    NOTE: If you already are in W11 and installed before i post the exe file, Copy the code, open cmd as administrator and paste the code in to cmd, execute it to applay the cpu tweaks.


    !!! I am not responsible for any damage that may happen as it is and will always be your choice to use or not what is provided in this tutorial!!!
    Thank you.
    I wouldn't do that, sooner or later you will stop receiving updates through the official Microsoft channel
    We will be soon with out support on windows 10, meanwhile it seems (but not for sure) that Microsoft will end support to to unsupported PCs.
    So, 0+0=0!

    Is better to stay on W11! Until any further changes, it is working amazing!

    What I read is W11 will get a anointing advise on settings and say that they aren't responsible for any troubles that pc may get.

    All this is Market to force people to buy new technologies. Market add slow down, and new technologies are to expensive.

    They are adopting Smartphones Update method!
    Microsoft is getting some according with suppliers like Intel, etc, and at some point they will force you to buy a new machine to stay updated! Like Google with Android!

    Do you get it?
    I wouldn't do that, sooner or later you will stop receiving updates through the official Microsoft channel
    Why wouldn't he? That's exactly the point of this forum and I love it! I haven't even looked for a TPM workaround (my CPU supports it) and I've encountered one anyway. Awesome! Excellent work. Looking forward to the progress here. Even if updates would get disabled (unlikely, as that would compromise security even further) it doesn't mean there won't be another workaround.
    We'll see what Microsoft does with unsupported machines in the near future
    Better to think what we will do!

    What do you do with your unsupported phone at end of life?