Installing a custom recovery and ROM on le_s2_na X522 which has an android 7 EUI stock ROM?

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Oct 4, 2021
LeEco Le 2
So, I have two X522 devices, which are le_s2_ww (Le2_ww) and le_s2_na (Le2_NA). On the le_s2_ww device, I installed TWRP and a custom ROM successfully. However, on the le_s2_na device, the bootloader is still locked and is still on stock. The stock on le_s2_na is running Android 7 and based on EUI, which is different than the stock Android 6 EUI on le_s2_ww.

There are a couple of differences on the le_s2_na version (STOCK):
- Version is Android 7 (as stated above)
- UI and navigation are way different
- CPU is reported as Snapdragon 820 which is a le_x2, but on CPU-Z, it is reported as a Snapdragon 652
- Battery shows Li-poly instead of Li-ion
- OpenGL ES is 3.1 instead of 3.2
- Recording a video using the camera, if done outside, is recorded in 60FPS for some reason
- Version number is different and says "Dev"
- Baseband is unknown

So, is it possible to install TWRP and a custom ROM like LineageOS or Pixel Experience as well as uploading the stock camera app as an apk? Thanks a lot


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