Installing Apps on the SD card.

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Sep 23, 2004
This is for all you guys/gals with experience in using storage cards.
I have bought a 1 gig SD card and am planning to do a hard reset and reinstall everything... and move all apps (that can go to SD) to SD. Based on discussions, I know not to put today plugins (Spb Plus, Pocket Breeze, Wisbar and Weather Panel) and PIM apps (pocket informant) in SD so they will remain in Main Memory.

Now I have some more questions. Please bear with me, I'mnot a new PPC user but I'm new at relying so heavily on the storage card.

- Are there any special strategies for deciding what goes where (what kind of programs not to put on the SD? PIM databases? ListPro, Flexwallet etc. Any best practises?

- Spb Pocket Plus will be in main memory but I am also using Spb GPRS Mnitor, Spb Finance and Spb Weather. If I plan to integrate these apps int the Spb Plus today plugin via the new tabs featuer. Do I have to install all these apps into Main Memory as well? Because I was planning to put these onto SD as well.

- I use a finance application (Spb Finance , MS Money or Pocket Quicken, havent decided which one) very ferquently on my PPC. Should I put this app in SD or main mem. Does it make a difference? It has its own DB with financial info and as I understand read/write speeds might be an issue in SD?

- How does synchronization work with most of the Apps and Data on the SD? say PIM information (notes, tasks etc.) or Flexwallet wallet or Listpro database or finanace application DB etc?

- How do I back up the SD card? Active Sync doesnt do it. I havent checked if Sprite back up does it. Is there a special category of apps that do this or will sprite or activesync do? Does a backup just consist of copying over the contents of the SD to a folder on the desktop or is there more to it? Any special strategies here?

- Since I have space now, i plan to put lots of music and some video clips on my SD card. I remember reading once that if you copy a file over a certain size via file explorer to the SD in the PPC, you can get errors and its better to get a card reader. What kind of file sizes are we talking about? is it only related to file sizes or the number of files transferred is also affected? How critical is it for me to buy a card reader?

Any helpful advice/experiences will be greatly appreciated.