Installing Linux on chinese android tablet

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Hopefully can find further help here...

Obtained Keypoon K30s Pro tablet from China. It is running Android 10 as its oem OS. I want to set it up with a linux distro instead of android.
Ofcourse due to exotic make I have not been able to find any threads of information on this topic for this brand tablets.
Only guide so far has been hardware specs...

It is running on Unisoc SC9863a 64bit ARM Cortex A-55 cpu at 10 cores.
512GB internal storage
PowerVR Rogue GE8322 integrated graphics card

It successfully connects with windows 10 cmd adb bridge.
As I understand, I would need a linux distro img format file to try and boot it from bootloader via ADB, however official sources only offer ISO downloads.

PS I am open to any linux distro which would offer best compatibility to the hardware. From what I can see Debian seems to be a good choice. (as this brand is not
part of the supported device list for ubports of ubuntu touch couldnt get past that either)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Thank you
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Android IS Linux tailored to the mobile's hardware :)
Yes, you are correct there. Andoid is built off the linux kernel. :)
However, it is still limited in what you can do, you have proprietary bloatware bogging down your device and the biggest issue for me is that google is the manager of it all.
So I am strongly coming from privacy side as well.

I have seen quite a few options similar to Andronix on play store. Correct me if im wrong- they are like a virtual machine on windows..? Not sure how this setup works, if you are able to save your OS state, packages etc, or its a clean slate everytime you fire up the vnc server and connect to the distro of choice...

So I am really interested to see if its possible to fully get rid of android and try linux. (Cant install windows as ARM cpu's are not supported, not that I wanted windows anyway) :)

Many thanks