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Mar 16, 2016
I have lineageos recoevry installed on my SM-930F. How do I flash TWRP. My USB to computer connection does not work. Can I flash from lineageos recovery using the microSD card?


Apr 16, 2020
@aarem Try to boot into Download mode by shutting down the phone and then connecting it to the PC and holding down volume up and volume down.


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Mar 16, 2016
@matabeyz, the link over USB does not work for me, sorry. Therefore, i have to try and use SD card if it is possible to do.
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Mar 16, 2016
@aarem Hmm, do you have TWRP or something like this? Also try a new cable
No, it is not a cable issue, it is some fault in some devices, in this cases herolte. TWRP used to be installed but a LOS update last year wiped it out, and so I need to reinstall. So, I am trying to understand how to install it without adb or through LOS recovery.
And @edward0181 ’s TWRP flashes IMG GSI’s pretty good, but doesn’t flashes ZIP’s like SUperSU and independent GApps at all, even when in TWRP terminal shell unzip command exists, every turns ZIP’s are being flashed, ZIP files themselves (only other than DynaPatch) report unzip command missing, and hence his TWRP is ‘‘a bad recovery’’, i’m pretty puzzled
Also manually mounting system, vendor, product, and ODM partitions never works, even when DynaPatch has been every turns flashed first, they still aren’t mounted at all


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    # knox_bit_warranty:0x1
    # Your warranty is now void
    # You have been warned.
    # I will laught at you if you point the finger at me.

    Hello everyone, in this guide i'll be showing you how to install TWRP with Andy Yan's LinageOS, or any other ROM you want.

    Make sure to follow this guide if you haven't allready unlocked the bootloader and rooted your phone


    # Make sure you are on android 11 and that you have followed the guide mentioned for unlocking the bootloader and rooting
    1. Go in settings app
    2. Go in to developer options (they should already be enbled if you folowed the guide mentioned)
    3. Enable usb debuging if they aren't allready
    4. Reboot to download mode, you can do it with the HW keys or send it from the Android Debuging Bridge (ADB)
    For the HW key method power off the phone and conect it to the PC, then hold VOL UP and VOL DOWN at the same time. After that you should get two options, you want the first one which is just press VOL UP.
    For the ADB method, install the most up to date SDK platform-tools version and open CMD or TERMINAl in the install folder and type adb reboot download.
    A usb debuging request should pop up on the phone, you want to click allow, and it should reboot in to download mode.
    5. Open odin, click on AP or PDA and select the twrp file you have downloaded and uncheck auto reboot in options then you can click start
    6. After the flashing process hold VOL DOWN and POWER at the same time and immediately after the phone exits the download mode hold VOL UP and POWER at the same time
    7. If you failed to boot in to TWRP the instalation process will have to be repeated again.


    Download a AB rom, TREBLE CHECK is wrong.

    # You will need an a external Sd_card if you are doing the method 1

    Method 1.​

    1. Transfer the linageos .img file you have downloaded to your sd_card.
    2. Boot in to TWRP, VOL UP + POWER while booting or adb reboot recovery.
    3. Once in TWRP select wipe, click advanced wipe and select data, system, internal storage, cache, dalvik, optional(efs, and thoes other stuff, not going to name them.)
    4. After successful wipeing go in to install and select storage, click Micro Sd card and click ok.
    5. Click install image and find your LinageOs.img file and select it.
    6. Now you should be in a install image screen, select System Image and swipe to FLASH.
    7. Reboot and enoy.

    Method 2.​

    1. Boot in to TWRP and go in to WIPE, selcect advanced wipe and check data, system, internal storage, cache, dalvik, optional(efs, and thoes other stuff, not going to name them.)
    2. Go in to advanced options and select ADB sideload.
    3. From the TERMINAL or CMD window type "adb devices" to check if your device is beeing recognized.
    4. If the conections is confirmed type "adb sideload"
    5. After flashing reboot and enoy.

    If by any chance you get issues with flashing roms in TWRP because of problems with dynamic partitions flash DynaPatch to allow flashing to dynamic_partitions in recovery, you don't necesery need to use DynaPatch. You can use unviresal system rv disable enable, etc and etc. This is a problem in TWRP it self which soon should be fixed.
    Another thing is if you rooted your phone the way in my guide, the patched boot_image might still stick to the new rom.
    Knowng bugs:
    LinageOs screen touch stop after putting the phone to sleep.

    @edward0181 twrp
    @AndyYan LinageOs
    Probably bugs with TWRP, I had problems with ADB SIDELOAD too, dev should fix them soon. If you don't see SYSTEM_IMAGE then flash DynaPatch to allow flashing to DYNAMIC_PARTITIONS in RECVOERY. You can find DynaPatch here, and you can ask about SIDELOAD problems...
    Thank you so much, it worked! LineageOS is now installed on my phone :)
    After installing TWRP I can't boot into my system. It's always boot on TWRP. What should I do?
    6. Now you should be in a install image screen, select System Image and swipe to FLASH.
    7. Reboot and enoy.
    Everything works (root/twrp) until the last 2 steps. Installing Lineage and enjoying it. I have downloaded the appropriate archive, unpacked and copied it to sdcard alonside with disable dm verity.
    When I try to flash the rom, I get an error that sounds like this: couldn't find partition as system_image. What should I do.
    Flash dynapatch to allow flashing on dynamic partitions in recovery, then you will see system_image where you want to flash on.
    Flashing on SUPER woun't work because of READ_ONLY restrictions thats why you need to flash dynapatch.
    Thank you so much!!!! Lineage OS installed at least!!!!