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How To Guide Instructions to Install One UI 4 Beta on any S21 device (Exynos+Snapdragon)

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Aug 12, 2010
I have a US S21 Ultra unlocked (SM-G998U1), here are the steps I followed to get to beta 2

1. First mistake was to accept the OTA for AUI7. Don't do it if you haven't.
2. I flashed the AUH9 firmware using Odin 3.14.1
3. Then I sideloaded the beta 1 via ADB
4. Then I sideloaded the beta 2 via ADB

Binaries for the betas - https://www.xda-developers.com/samsung-one-ui-4-android-12-update-tracker/#galaxys21ultra

Binary for the firmware - https://galaxyfirmware.com/model/SM-G998U1/XAA/G998U1UES4AUH9

NOTE - I downloaded different beta binaries from different places, once you flash the AUH9 firmware and sideload a binary which throws an error around 80%, please check the error. If it says your device is 'p3q' and the binary is for 'p3s', you have the exynos update and you can head to the link above to get the snapdragon update. I don't know how I ended-up with the exynos beta but that's what the error means. I now see the esim option and I'll try putting an Indian esim to see if it works properly.

Note - Use command prompt and not powershell. You don't need to rename your binaries to update.zip, it will work as whatever you have downloaded as long as it's a correct binary.

Happy updating!

1. I added a carrier via esim and it works fine. The voice cracks and the network doesn't feel great but it works.
2. But now, the physical sim, which is another carrier, doesn't work and it by default forwards the calls to esim.

Do you know any method to stop that for the physical sim? The phone separately detects the carrier for the physical sim and I can use LTE. But calls and SMSs are not available on the physical sim. Is this a US firmware issue?

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    First of all, as you all know - you are responsible for anything that you do to your device, neither me nor anyone helping you are responsible for it. Of course this generous community will help you through if anything unexpected happens.
    and just to make sure that you're not an idiot, this is for SAMSUNG phones only and only for S21 Series. YOU CAN TRY THIS METHOD ON OTHER SAMSUNG DEVICE BUT YOU WILL NEED UPDATE FILE OF ONE UI BETA 4 FOR THE DEVICE YOU TRYING TO FLASH

    -- The process I am explaining and/or describing here is tested by me and it works 100%. I have Canadian S21ultra which is not part of the beta program, I tried to install beta update on Canadian firmware but it failed so I tried this method and I have successfully installed ONE UI 4 Beta and everything works. This should work with S21/S21+

    This is a few steps process so read carefully through each and every step, I am gonna try to keep this as easy and noob friendly as possible, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

    -- This process will take place in 4 parts so it doesn't get confusing, it needs to go in chronological order.

    Step 1 : Download needed files and tools for your device
    Step 2 : Backup your data
    Step 3 : Flash current stable firmware for your device family either exynos or snapdragon via ODIN
    Step 4 : Install One UI 4 Beta 1

    Step 1 : Download needed files and tools
    1. ODIN tool to flash the firmware (Search xda/Google for this)​
    2. SDK Platform-tools from here SDK Platform-tools - once downloaded, extract files​
    3. CURRENT stock firmware of the device (One UI 3.1) - This is the latest One UI 3.1 firmware from the country getting beta updates.
    - For Example : If you are installing UK One UI beta, Download Latest Stable One UI 3.1 firmware from UK which is compatible for your device (Please make sure it is the same processer as your current device, if you have exynos S21 device, download exynos and if you have snapdragon version download snapdragon one) -- you can download it from Galaxy Firmware Website or website or source of your choice.
    - Extract Firmware zip.
    4. Beta Update zip file - Copy this file in Platform-tools folder and rename it to update.zip if needed.​
    Snapdragon Version : Click Here
    Exynos Version : Click Here
    Step 2 : Backup your data (Recommended but not necessary)
    1. Samsung smart switch for Computer -- From Here
    2. Samsung Cloud Backup - from settings of your device.​
    3. Google Backup - from settings of your device.​
    Step 3 : Flash Current stable firmware corresponding of your device family either exynos or snapdragon via ODIN - This step will wipe all the data on your phone.
    1. Open ODIN executable file (i.e. exe)​
    2. Connect your phone in download mode to the computer via USB cable (Turn off your phone, while pressing volume up+down button, plug in the USB Cable to your computer, you will see teal screen with some disclaimers on your phone, press volume up)​
    3. Click on BL on ODIN screen and navigate to the folder where you extracted firmware from step 1, click on file name starting with BL_xxx.tar.md5, wait for it to populate in ODIN. Repeat process with AP, CP and CSC (NOT HOME_CSC) in ODIN (AP will take a lot of time to load so grab a coffee/bear/Tea or whatever you like while that processes).
    4. Click start and wait for that to be finished​
    5. You will see success in ODIN and your device will reboot to the system​
    6. Turn off your device by pressing power button once its booted.​
    Step 4 : Install One UI Beta 1 update
    1. Boot your phone into recovery by continue pressing power and volume up button, once you see the samsung logo release both buttons.​
    2. Select Install update from adb​
    3. Open platform-tools on your Computer, hold shift and right click - select open command prompt here.​
    4. write adb sideload update.zip​
    5. Wait till the process finished.​
    6. Power On your phone by pressing power buttons and your device should boot into One UI 4 Beta.​
    7. Follow on-screen instruction to set-up your phone.​
    That title is so wrong, not sure why admins haven't called this developer to order, says "... any device (Exynos+Snapdragon)" and yet this is not compatible with all these devices but just the S21-series, what a click bait this is.
    First - It's in the s21 ultra forum, not in general forum, so it's given that it's for s21 device and not all devices.
    Secondly - Read the OP and you will know that it's not for all devices and
    Third and lastly- scientist have said that it helps if you use your brain once in a while and apply common knowledge.
    hello. I have the unlocked version (g998U1). Looking for the galaxy firmware I can't find the carrier free version. The firmware version corresponds to mine but there is only carrier versions. do yo happen to know if any of this version works with mine?
    I'm scared of having verizon bloatware in my unlocked device lol
    Go to galaxy firmware website on OP and select XAA version from there, that's the carrier free version. Regardless any firmware should work as your device is not carrier locked.
    Just an update, this worked however flashing just the bin did not work, and I needed to use the update ZIP which I found at this link (For Snapdragon model and only the U1 version):

    And now which firmware you suggest I should download to install on my Hong-Kong G9980 S21 ultra snapdragon first to accept sideloadin the beta?
    Guessing it's a snapdragon processor, latest US 3.1 firmware (G998U1) one would be your best bet.