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Interesting Picture

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Senior Member
Sep 26, 2010
Thanks for leaking the hardware! dont risk too much by posting other things, specially if they put your job position in danger. People can wait a few more days to see the real deal. Thanks for you sacrifice. Plus whats the big deal over SD cards anyway?


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Jul 2, 2009
They're stacked on the A5 (thanks for the previous poster that pointed this out) - http://www.fonearena.com/blog/130119/samsung-galaxy-a5-review.html

There is hope still.

There is TWO slots on the A5. Not One slot as show in these images and the schematics leaked which look exactly like this.

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Mar 16, 2014
Thanks man, I stole nothing nor took anything. Just snapped some pics of something left open out of box. Thanks. I'll post sim slot pics shortly.

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Can you turn on the device ?

We would like to see the new interface.

Thanks ! you are awesome :D


Senior Member
Nov 18, 2010
That slot is Not wide enough for a SIM AND an SD Card.
Unless they would stack them two deep. Pretty unlikely.

Surprised more people didn't notice this when the schematics were leaked the other week. They showed the same thing. One SIM slot (but a little lower than on this one).

The rumor of a 128GB version would point to the same.

That stinks... No SD and non-removable battery.

I agree it's unlikely but it's worth knowing for sure, I'd hate to see the SD card slot go.
As for the 128gb version, Samsung are notorious liars about phone sizes, there's been 64gb phones announced I think since the S2 - but has anyone ever SEEN one? They announce them and then don't manufacture them, so really, rumours of a 128gb version are kinda meaningless :/


Senior Member
Jul 2, 2009
The only saving grace for the No Sd Card would be the leak that first said there would be a 64 and 128 GB listed extremely good pricing for each step up. Forget what it was now but not even close to what Apple charges. Cheaper than anyone before has offered on upgraded storage.
I still prefer a 16/32GB internal Plus a 128GB card any day though.

They aren't going to stack them on top of each other.. They wouldn't fit for one.
Maybe one long tray that holds two, but I really doubt it.
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    Can't say where it's from but it's from AT&T directly. Obviously a prototype or test model and it says not for sale on the package. Obviously a Samsung phone, I was scared to play with it much but seems a glass back and front with metal on the sides. I apologize if this is being posted in the wrong section.
    And FYI, it boots although I booted one I had permission to do so on. I left the other alone, same model. Definitely glass back, feels solid as heck, runs android 5.0.2., no more finger swipe, just press like iPhone/iPad. This thread has gotten a bit out of hand. My fault, my curiosity has led to craziness. Im going to let others do the work going forward. Also, this IS the s6 whether you like it or not albeit not final version. I confirmed by turning the 2nd unit I got my hands on obviously. Pictures have not done this phone justice, it's actually pretty nice. It's weird, people complain about Samsung's build quality and point at HTC and Apple as examples of solid build quality, Samsung takes cues from them and they get ripped? I guess you can't make everyone happy. I'm fine without removable battery but the SD card being gone does piss me off..... To each their own, I know people are passionate about what they want or need. Anyways..... Voila