Interesting Picture


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Nov 18, 2010
More. Out of the bubble wrap due to complaints. Lol. Confirmed that battery cannot be removed. Glass on back and feels solid. Good build quality for sure. Front looks meh, reminds me of my note 4. Will turn on later.
Take a CLOSE look at this photo and look at the SIM card slot up close, that's kind of poorly machined? It's not lined up perfectly on the flat portion of the phone edge? Anyone notice this.


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Jul 11, 2011
I agree it's unlikely but it's worth knowing for sure, I'd hate to see the SD card slot go.
As for the 128gb version, Samsung are notorious liars about phone sizes, there's been 64gb phones announced I think since the S2 - but has anyone ever SEEN one? They announce them and then don't manufacture them, so really, rumours of a 128gb version are kinda meaningless :/
128gb wont be a problem. Samsung makes it for every other corp in the world including apple. The reason you never saw it commonly was because there was always a microsd slot and no one wanted to pay for 64gb built in.


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Mar 3, 2011
This cant be the real deal. Looking at the spugen phone case ad for the s6, the flash "square" is on the top where as in this its on the bottom. It looks like cheap material.