internal memory (getting more out of the G1)

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May 25, 2008
everyone know the g1's internal storage isn't very big (not complaining i still love the phone)
i just made this thread for people to post ways on how to better use the limited storage of the phone.

going to: Settings -> applications -> manage applications and clearing the data of high memory usage apps like:
browser(will delete bookmarks and saved passwords),
youtube(will delete),
maps, and streetview,
Download Manager
html viewer
media storage (brings ring tones back to default)
package installer
*myfavs* (clears all contacts and redial list)
settings (defaults background and items on the main screens)

System linking caches to sdcard
browser cache to sdcard (works with steel and mippin)
market cache to sdcard

if anyone has any other tips to saving memory like multifunction apps that replace more than one other apps like "handstand" and "" please post

In addition, is there any progress in saving apps to the sdcard? also seeing as though some people have root access, is it possible to uninstall apps that came with the phone like the im application?
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