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International-only [NOH-NX9] Mate 40 Pro native GMS (non-root non-virtual) for Google-login

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New member
Apr 19, 2021
Just installed VMOS Pro, it looks more promising than Ourplay and GSpace so far. I had issues logging into Microsoft account in Microsoft Sudoku. No issues with VMOS. I will test this week and return a verdict. :D


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May 25, 2021
Huawei Mate 40 Pro
Hello guys,
just read all your comments with a lot of interest.
In your opinion, wich method is safer to use bank app, or google account ?

Vmos pro ?
Gspace ?
MicroG ?

Thanks in advance for your help ! 🙏
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Jul 11, 2008
In my experience, MicroG + Ourplay is still the best. Basically, I use Ourplay for apps that can't work with only MicroG and they are very few. Gspace always had issues for me - the location was a mess... there were crashes.. etc. Now they have another version which I also tried. Now the Microsoft Authenticator app was not able to restore from backup which again made me abandon it. I see there are people who use Gspace and are happy with it but for me, Ourplay is better.


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May 11, 2009
Huawei Mate 40 Pro
For me since a few days with Gspace, I can't access to the Play Store (app freeze and crash). I think I will try Ourplay.
Guys, for the installation of microG, did you follow something or did you just install it and tadahhhh :)


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Feb 22, 2014
Huawei P9
Huawei P10 Lite
Download Vanced manager from vancedapp.com, run the manager and install MicroG and YouTube Vanced.
In Ourplay I was able to run everything that didn't work in Gspace or DualSpace.

LE: for YouTube Vanced you must follow few steps, to be able to login:
- install MicroG, then YouTube Vanced. Don't open YouTube now.
- Go to MicroG settings page, switch off Google cloud messaging, then switch off Google device registration.
- Now you can open YouTube Vanced and login with your account. Choose the option for login with Huawei device.
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Jul 11, 2008
For me since a few days with Gspace, I can't access to the Play Store (app freeze and crash). I think I will try Ourplay.
Guys, for the installation of microG, did you follow something or did you just install it and tadahhhh :)
I am quoting a comment found on this thread, but it is simple and straightforward.
You can do the following:
1. Perform a factory reset of the phone.
2. Install Services Core.
3. Install Services Framework Proxy.
4. Install the FakeStore.
5. Open the Microg Settings app. Grant it all permissions and disable battery optimizations.
5.1 Add your Google account.
5.2 Turn on Device Registration, Cloud Messaging and SafetyNet.
5.3 Restart your phone.
6. Open Microg Settings app, check the status under Cloud Messaging. If it says not connected enter the following in the phone app: *#*#2432546#*#* and restart your phone. Check the status again - it should say Connected. (I had to enter the phone string and restart my phone twice until it said connected).

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    I will keep this post updated if working solutions are shared.

    Native Solutions (with push notifications, location services, google login):
    • None so far. 😢
    Virtual Machine environments:
    • OurPlay (Chinese-only interface, but uses system languge for installed apps)
    • DualSpace (loses ability to install apps/updates after a day)
    • VMOS (old android v7, with virtual root and Xposed)
    • VPhoneGaGa (old Android v7, with virtual root)

    Since many threads have confusion about methods which only work for Chinese version, please help confirm GMS installation methods for the international version, so we can test properly. Because Google apps are what many of our coworkers, colleagues, and friends use we unfortunately can't just abandon them. Therefore, only solutions that work with login to Google services (not just GMS but actual Google authentication, like for Gmail, Google Voice, YouTube Music, Meet, Chat, Maps, Calendar, Photos, etc.) will be accepted.

    Apparently MicroG only works for apps which don't need to use Google login, has anyone found a real solution? Is there any downside to install Chinese firmware onto the phone (will OTA updates still work)? https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...o-international-mate-40-pro-possible.4196699/

    While we wait for the hackers and modders to work around Google's ban, let's…
    • Contact app developers about publishing to the Huawei AppGallery and share their replies
    • See how we can help figure out solutions
    • Share alternatives we are using to the Google(-dependent) services we have been locked in to (I will add best to this list)

    Google Alternatives
    Hi guys,

    I just tried OurPlay. Previously I wasn't able to use it because it required China region. This time it works fine. The menus are in Chinese but it works and it is far better than gspace or dual space. At least for me the others are very unstable and also location was a problem but with OurPlay everything seems fine for now.
    I don't know what they changed to allow usage with other regions but I advise you to try it!
    Good luck. :)
    Don’t worry, wait patiently, there will be good news soon
    Added services for this video. The file is taken from the 4pda forum. Optimized for huawei ads removed
    link to post
    I read in a video posted on youtube that a chinese app ourplay its like a chinese version of playstore installs gms for emui 11.

    Tried installing the app the only problem is it you can only use the app with a china IP address so i couldnt fully verify if it works or not.

    Anybody wanna try for mate 40 international phones?

    Installer can be downloaded on their site ourplay.net
    Change your phone language in Chinese and it will work.
    the app works when you change language to Chinese? or are you talking about the website?

    I just tested this. The app doesn't work for anything requiring a Google login (e.g. Gmail doesn't open at all). The OurPlay app "works" if you set and keep your device's language to Chinese, but if you change it back, it gives you the error again.

    This is a non-starter because when it "Installs" GMS for the Google Play Store, it is a separate environment and any apps you install through there do not show up on your homescreen or in your Android settings which show you the list of apps installed on your device. You cannot access the apps installed through this Play Store unless you open through the OurPlay app, so you can only use them if they don't require Google authentication AND you keep your phone in Chinese.

    For this reason I do not think this qualifies as a solution and I am not adding it to the original post. Let's keep trying and pushing more to support the Huawei AppGallery.