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Mar 27, 2015
I would like to uninstall a few apps (that doesn't have uninstall option) from Lumia 540, e.g., Groove. Is it possible using Interop tool? If so, can anyone please guide me?
You can attempt to do it using Interop Tools in the app list section. The way I always removed default apps was by removing the default install file from ProgramData if I remember correctly, along with the provisioning entry or xml provision file. Then do a hard reset and the app is just not installed anymore. You have to be careful though as some provisioning features are dependencies for the OOBE after a hard reset. If they are the OOBE will freeze during setup.


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Apr 17, 2021
Hi all,

Can anyone tell me whether Access CMD from SSH on the phone works for Lumia 950XL.


UMCIAuditMode= 1
MpsSvc = 4 (With this set to 4, I still get a message telling me it's not set and if I click a second time the screen is black.)

To me it looks as if IT is not reading the correct registry key for MpsSvc setting on this version.
I'm able to connect via putty,winscp from pc just fine and do any register edits. I just can't get it to work on the phone.
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Buddy Hy

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Apr 25, 2021
Hi All,

I've got version installed on my Nokia 640. I'm trying to create a new key under [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows] called "Windows Search" but I get the error:

Something went wrong
We couldn't add the specified key,
no changes to the phone registry
were made.

Can someone tell me why I can't create keys?

Thanks, Buddy
Mar 22, 2021
I’m having issues interop unlocking my Nokia Icon (929)
It’s running a win10 10.0.14393.2551
the Restore NDTKDvc setting is on, phone has been restarted
When I select Interop/Cap unlock, it doesn’t do anything.
it just says Waiting…. In the top left corner for forever.
Before I open an issue on git, does anyone know how to fix it?

(I’m on the newest version, the one from 17 days ago on GitHub)


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Oct 27, 2021
I am currently trying to unlock registry access in my Nokia FierceXL. After running the iutool in CMD, it fails after transferring 88/116 files with

"Command failed. ERROR: 0X80070057"

Is there any fix for this?
Jun 10, 2016
I'm trying to install Interop Tools RC2 1.9.400 on a Windows 11 PC. Upon attempting installation, I get this error:

This app package is not signed with a trusted certificate. Contact your system administrator or the app developer to obtain a new certificate or app package with trusted certificates. The root certificate and all immediate certificates of the signature in the app package must be trusted (0x800B010A)



Jan 16, 2022
I'm trying to install Interop Tools RC2 1.9.400 on a Windows 11 PC. Upon attempting installation, I get this error:

This app package is not signed with a trusted certificate. Contact your system administrator or the app developer to obtain a new certificate or app package with trusted certificates. The root certificate and all immediate certificates of the signature in the app package must be trusted (0x800B010A)

Go to seetings, Update and turn developer mode on so you can install.

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    Source code:

    OP update is still Work in progress

    • Interop Tools can't be installed, like with a lot of other apps that uses restricted CAPs, if you CAP unlocked your phone using vcREG, vcREG changes 2 registry values that breaks the whole deployment system since one build of the rs1 development, so please reset your phone, use only vcREG to install an older NDTK if needed, and install Interop Tools (h/t @vcfan see your DMs)
    • Interop Tools doesn't require and will never require any CAP unlock
    • Please read the installation instructions carefully
    • Interop Tools versions older than or equal to Beta 1.8.1 are not supported in any way, please update the app
    • I'm not responsible for any damage made by your device if this ever happens even though I'm really careful each time I'm posting a new version
    • When submitting a bug report, please specify what apps related to Interop/Cap unlock you have installed, if you did anything, some reproduction steps and the phone model you are using, along with if you cap unlocked your device.

    If you have an IT version older or equal to Beta 1.7 already installed, please uninstall it and reboot your device prior to installing/updating Interop Tools
    1. Download the latest Interop Tools appxbundle for your device architecture and its dependencies
    2. Extract both zips, and extract the certificate file if you're installing Interop Tools on a desktop device
    3. If you're on a Desktop device, double click the certificate file, select Local Machine as the installation location, press next, select place the certificate into the following certificate store, and pick trusted peoples, then press ok, and next.
    4. Install Interop Tools dependencies like any regular appx, by opening up the Device portal for your device, going into the application section, click on browser for the app package, select the dependency appx, and then press install, do that for each dependency
    5. The install Interop Tools main appxbundle by pressing browser, pick it, then press install.

    For x50+ lumia devices by Microsoft

    1. Download and install vcREG and proceed to install the older NDTK version as instructed in the vcREG thread, for support about this whole process, please see the vcREG thread in the same forum section
    2. Don't do any CAP unlock, otherwise Interop Tools might not install properly
    3. Install Interop Tools if you never installed it like instructed on this post

    For other lumia devices by Microsoft

    1. Go to the Interop Unlock section of Interop Tools
    2. If restore NDTK isn't on, turn it on, and reboot your device

    For all other OEM devices

    1. Download the NDTK packages and the WPAK utilities from here:
    2. Go to the Interop Unlock section of Interop Tools, and tap the button that says "Enable installing NDTK on any device"
    3. Put the two NDTK cabs in one empty folder on your PC
    4. Open a command prompt as administrator and make sure you're in the directory where the iutool executable is located from the WP(AK) zip
    5. run "iutool -V -p "<fulllocationwherethetwondtkpackagesarestored>" with your phone connected into the PC
    6. if iutool throws an error, please unplug your device, go to the control panel, devices and printer, select your phone, should be ghosted, click on uninstall device, and then replug the device and wait for it to reinstall. If you still have issues, run GETDULOGS from the same CMD prompt, and post the cab you get along with a message in this thread
    7. When the installation is finished, open Interop Tools, go to the Interop Unlock section, and tap restore the original manufacturer info button.

    You can find a Q&A in the post below the OP.


    This app allows you to:
    • Edit the registry through the registry editor
    • Browse the registry hives through the registry browser
    • Find sepecific registry values/keys through the search page
    • Apply tweaks to your device
    • Interop and Cap unlock your device
    • Access device information
    • Remotely edit the registry through the built-in desktop app
    • Manage Applications
    • Manage Certificates
    • Perform standard registry operations such as deleting, renaming, and copying details
    • Built-In Command Prompt inside the app (coming in pre-1.9)
    • Manage SSH accounts and more (coming in pre-1.9)
    • and more.

    This app includes a lot of neat features which makes a better experience while editing the registry such as for example, the key suggestion bar in the registry editor, or the jump to button in the browser.


    The app is still in development and has some rough edges. I would appreciate if you could report bugs about it, but before make sure you read the Q&A.
    Currently the app has limited support for the registry for all devices running at least Windows 10 Mobile build 10240 by default.
    Some specific devices have extra support out of the box, please read the list inside the spoiler below.

    Lumia handsets (including other handsets with the ndtk service installed):
    SYSTEM level access for editing and reading the following registry values and hives:



    SYSTEM level access for LG and Samsung devices (untested, please report some feedback about it):


    You can however enable more access privileges by following the instructions above, about enabling system registry access.


    See the second post for current pre-releases
    Main Mega folder for download links and older versions: See the current pre-releases
    App Twitter account (for direct communication if I'm not available directly):
    My Personal Twitter account:


    It's been a long time since I made an announcement on here, I originally wanted to release a new build yesterday for all of you but some big things happened and before releasing it I need to announce a few things:

    Recently I got way more busy than I really imagined, and as a result I didn't really find much more time to continue working on the app. So I've been trying to look for somebody to help developing the app with me, but I also didn't find time to do this. As a result many of my plans for the app never came to light yet, and I wish I could also refactor some key areas of the application as well. Yesterday I got a notification from Microsoft saying they banned the application from the store, because of the privacy link going down (something they don't usually ban for but I imagine they were waiting for that little thing to ban the app), as I'm speaking the app is in the process of getting pulled. Sure it's not a big deal for most of you, but it really affects me a bit and on top of this, the store app while useless for now for most of you, had really big plans going for it that I never really talked about (those plans are the entire reason it exists in the first place). So with no time and MS roasting me it's hard to find motivation to continue working on the app. At first I was also very happy to provide support for it, especially here on XDA, and on twitter as well, which also managed to find new friends a year ago. But as you probably noticed I don't post anymore on here (I wish I could), work is slowly eating my time, and I'm sad about it.

    But to be clear, I'm not going to let the application die, I found somebody that was gladly nice enough to propose his help for the development of the app, I don't want to say who it is yet but he is awesome and I have been knowing him since a long time. I'm not going away either, when I'll have time I'll still try to continue working on the app. But I wanted to say, I will probably not be releasing builds all the time as I used to in the early days, and I would also like to thank every single one of you here that gladly helped others, without even me asking them, essentially doing what I should have been doing. It means a lot more for me than just helping people.

    That being said, a new application listing is getting created in the store and I'm fighting with MS to appeal the decision (which I'm allowed to do but it may take some time and may not even be possible to bring the store preview listing back). On top of this, somebody a long time ago before me reserved the "Interop Tools" application and pfn name to the store, which I'm not too happy about it, but if I had a guess it's probably Microsoft playing with me since the beginning.

    Back to topic, here's a new build of Interop Tools (only legacy, no store version obviously....), same instructions as usual, I'll just note one important bug fix I made which will probably make all of you happy:

    The app will not crash and exit anymore
    Yes you heard it right, when a crash will happen the app will just display an error popup and will not close.
    Along with this some important bug fixes were made but I don't have much time to detail all of them.


    To all of you, once again, thank you, I didn't realise until yesterday the people around the app, it's been amazing since last year to have seen the app grow that much and people around it helping each other, have a good weekend people, and don't brick your devices too much.

    every setback has a major comeback

    Original post follows as below. Do not ask for support for this version, it's deprecated and nobody should use it.

    Releasing Interop Tools Release Candidate 3


    Sorry for the little delay, but the lack of electricity for one whole week and being busy didn't help at all to get a proper release faster. Anyway, have fun with the changes! And as always... Removed SOON again.
    Sorry for the lack of updates lately folks, but got pretty busy with life IRL, and just started becoming free again, pushed a new status update about Interop Tools on insidewindows here which talks about why that posts exists and what to expect from the new upcoming Interop Tools S release. Have a nice week, oh and I'll try to reply to everything next week :)

    Interop Tools L:!XQNnCbCS!ePnfB08AldVAtkeeNapOaVWxq9bAvR1noCq7hD_Vv9w

    Update 6/24/2017 10:56 AM UTC+1: A new build of Interop Tools L and extensions have been released to fix a big issue. Please update to the new version of both extensions and the app, Sorry for the inconvenience.
    And it happened, welcome to the first preview of ITS :)

    Important release notes:

    Current provider extensions (reg NDTK and WinRT):!yUUB1LCb!N_s6HHYgI2sw1IdY258w_w

    Have fun, and keep in mind it's still a preview :)