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Aug 17, 2016
Help with brightness slider L640

I don't know if this is a good place to post it, but I hope someone may help me. I activated the brightness slider tweak with the Gus' app Interop Tools, and it does appears in settings, but it doesn't work progressively. If a set the slider at 5, it gives the maximum brightness, just like the 100 value, also the 33 value is the lowest brightness. Does someone know something about this? :confused:


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Mar 17, 2015
Remote Access

Still can´t connect to remote PC.....:(


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Apr 11, 2009
Help please.
I have Lumia 640 XL LTE, i have installed a old version of Interop_Tools but now i do not update tools at last version.
AS i can unistall Interop_Tools?
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Dec 4, 2014
Gustave M
Also I'll be less tweeting about @InteropTools on my main account for now. So follow @InteropTools for infos about the app.
Interop Tools
Here's what's currently planned and working for @InteropTools vNext
Currently being worked on:
New Command Prompt Access Page.
New SSH Account Manager (deprecates the SFTP page and the old CMD page).
New Default Apps Page.
Pull to refresh in the registry browser.
Swipe right to delete in the registry browser.
Auto suggestions for the registry editor fields, registry browser jump to and registry browser add dialogs.
WP Internals SDK Support.
Deleting apps from the app manager.
reg.exe registry provider.
File manager.
Extension support (Redstone only, still under consideration).
Ability to add certificates.
Remote certificate and app manager.


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Aug 24, 2014
Have you installed dependencies? Have you switched your phone to dev mode? Have you interop unlock your device?

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Mar 31, 2013
630 / 635 no interop tools

With my two Lumias 630 DS / 635 (both 512RAM) after installed the dependencies, the app runs, but when running it, crashes and force app to close.

When trying to re-open the app, allways the same. shutdown already, restarted the app and still the same. probably the ram isn't enough.

Let's wait for some app update or just quit...don't know.

Was trying to get
- more tiles on main screen
- changing windows logo on start
- "desktop" rotating
- change the lettering


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Jun 30, 2016
Can we install this on windows phone 8.1 ? If not how can edit registry value to enable DNG photos in 8.1 ?
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    Interop Tools is a brand new registry editor that works on Windows 10 Mobile, It allows you to View, Browse and Edit of registry entries. Great news is that this tool doesn’t need your device to be interop-unlocked for this. The tool has been developed by Gustave M, who is a well-known Windows enthusiast and developer.

    How to Download & Install Interop Tools on Windows 10 Mobile:

    1. Download the Interop tools Appx file from attachment, unzip

    2. Now all you need to do is to turn on the developer option by going to Settings—>Update & Security–>For Developer–>Select Developer Mode and select “yes” when prompted. This enables side-loading of apps.
    You should be now able to install “Interop Tools” by tapping on the Appx that you have downloaded in first step.

    3. You should be ready to have some fun, though be careful before editing registry unless you know what you are doing.

    4. Once installed, the app appears under installed apps

    The tool is not Lumia-specific but seems access to restricted keys is only for Lumias.


    edit: if you have problem with newer version, simple uninstall app from storage, restart phone and install again.

    Interop Tools Beta (fbl_release(gustavem).160621-0900) changelog:

    + New helper runtime component, all core registry editing functionality have been migrated to registryhelper.winmd, as such, there might be new bugs, especially in the registry browser. Please report them if you find any.
    + WinPRTUtil is now also used in the browser and in registry value deleting operations.
    ~ Fixed an ux issue with light theme enabled.
    ~ Fixed an issue where HKD would be incorrectly named in certain areas.
    ~ Fixed an issue where the tool would incorrectly report the state of offline charging when loading the page.

    Official download location:

    NOTICE: ARM for mobile, x86/x64 for PC
    Official download location:

    Interop Tools Beta 1.5 Changelog:

    + You can now view package infos right from the package list, just tap one package and a dialog will pop up. You'll be able to copy the infos shown to your clipboard by tapping on them. You can also tap on the open with store link to open the package in the Windows Store.
    + New animation in the welcome screen.
    ~ The package list now displays app's description and version instead of only version when it's possible.
    ~ The package list also now displays the package tile icon when it's possible.
    ~ The package list also now displays the package title when it's possible.
    ~ The package list now loads live, you'll not be stuck on a blank screen anymore.
    ~ The package list now picked up a progress bar to tell you when it's completed.
    ~ You can now search in the package list.
    ~ Made some critical changes to the code that handles registry operations, should bring some bug fixes as a result but also could bring some new bugs, if you find one please report it ;) Oh, and did I mention I fixed samsung support again? Seems like I messed up when making the code for it, and accidentally made it use NDTK hive numbers instead of Samsung ones.
    - Removed settings version, if you have the app not appearing on your app list, remove the app from the storage settings first, then reinstall it. There's a bug that prevents the app from being registered to the app list correctly when you update a settings app.
    The author of Interop Tools is gus33000 aka Gustave M.

    Official source links:!iZMhSSzI!sGQy4V12ubfvT8Abm2Uo1g


    Interop Tools beta 1.2


    + The registry browser value editing dialog now displays the value type and name.
    + The registry browser now correctly handles write errors and will display them to you.
    + The registry editor now saves the history and has a new clear all button to clear all of them.
    + You can now tap a history item in the registry editor and it will fill all fields for you.
    ~ Improved the Registry browser ui again.
    ~ The app is now a regular app and not a settings app as there was many requests for this.
    ~ New icon for the app.
    ~ Small ui changes on the welcome page.
    ~ Bug fixes.

    Known issues:

    * It appears there is an editing issue for the pagingfiles on redstone, where the value is not set, this might be due to the key being reverted automatically. This is under inspection.
    ? It appears there is an editing issue for the pagingfiles on threshold, where some ";" appears instead of spaces, I can't reproduce it on my side, so if you could confirm or not confirm that to me on twitter that would be great.

    Side notes:

    * I know I need to add a way to alert from the app of new updates, this is under consideration.
    * A small tweak page is in the works, if you have tweak ideas please tweet me them with the page where you found them or yourself if you found it, so I can properly credit peoples.
    new version beta 1.8.1 available

    New version

    Interop Tools Beta 1.4 Changelog:

    + Added the Application manager, allows you to install, update, and register (unpacked apps) appxs, appxbundles, and xaps. It also allows you to see what packages are currently installed on the device.
    + Added the ability to add keys to the registry browser
    + Added the ability to add values to the registry editor
    + Added the ability to change the access root path of MTP to the Interop Unlock page
    + Added the Offline Charging Tweak (if your phone is stuck on a black screen, boot it without the cable plugged in, that's a bug in the current Windows 10 builds)
    + Added binary registry values support
    + Added a troubleshoot section to the interop unlock page
    + On the fly interop unlock settings is now possible, no more apply button
    ~ Redesigned the Tweaks and Interop Unlock pages
    ~ Redesigned the registry value edit dialog for the registry browser
    ~ Moved the red warning text about features only available to lumias to the top of pages
    ~ Reworded Folder to Key in the browser
    ~ Fixed multi string registry values support
    ~ Fixed an issue where you couldn't edit dword values on Samsung Devices
    ~ Removed disable full FS access option from the interop unlock page, you now need to just turn off the pill switch for Full FS access in order to disable it

    Known issues:

    * None...
    * ...Apart from Microsoft own issues, which may prevent the insallation of the app, if that ever happens to you try to install it from Device portal or file explorer, if the app crashes on launch or doesn't show in the app list, try to install the settings version, which will be under Settings -> Extras -> Interop Tools

    Side notes:

    * I know I need to add a way to alert from the app of new updates, this is under consideration.
    * The tweak page is still in the works, if you have tweak ideas please tweet me them with the page where you found them or yourself if you found it, so I can properly credit peoples.

    !!!remove zip extension!!!