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Interop Unlock


New member
Nov 23, 2012
This goes specially you, @GoodDayToDie and @-W_O_L_F-, but also to all others contributing to wp8 development and hacking. I've actively been following your posts and luckily, you finally succeeded! What I want to ask you, can one of you start a new thread (in development and hacking), just for the current progress? It's a bit confusing, the way to interop block is hidden in a debug thread and there's already another thread by wolf with an xap.
I know you're probably pretty stressed, but it'd be really good to see what's actually possible at the moment, and if you could say a bit about the question if this unlock on the Ativ S helps with unlocking other devices would be awesome as well. @reker also mentioned that his Ascend W1 jailbreak helps a lot with other devices, but there's never been an update..

Last but not least, LOTS of thanks for your work!!

PS: I've put this in general since it's more a "request" and has nothing to do with hacking, I hope this is ok.
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