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My country is near from bali. I live in banyuwangi 😁

Good day to all you gals and guys.
I've used XDA forums in the past to try to answer various types of computer problems that I've had, and I'm sure that the content on here has helped me but I can't remember any specific occasions .... I'm an old git now 🧓
My career was in IT, and although I've forgotten most of what I knew, this background helps me understand (eventually .... sometimes) what you modern techies out there knew from birth.
So hopefully I'll get some help on here with my queries, and I look forward to a time when I may be able to contribute to an answer!
Please be gentle with me 🙏

Hi everyone, my name is Narcy58, I came to this forum for a search and I hope to find what I am looking for.
Greetings to all.
I am trying to find the firmware of a completely locked tablet, and from what I understand, whoever had it has deleted everything, including the recovery.
These are the data I found:
KENEL VER: 3.10.65+ 8GCC VER 4.9.X-GOOGLE 20140827 (MTK 20150409)(GCC))
IMEI 1: 359175060441364
IMEI 2: 359175060441372
MODEM VER: MOLY.LR9.W1444.MD.LWTG.MP.V8.P68, 25/06/2016
BAR CODE: 100701S96000000000001034_185926 10P
Sorry for my English, but I am using an online translator.

Greetings again.


I,m a noob.. i,m here to learn

Hi all,
Great forum! I am more of a maker with Atmel and Cortex based devices but lately I have become interested in repurposing my old Android boxes.
I am looking forward to learning from the many great minds that populate the XDA forums.

I currently have a T95 box which has an Allwinner H616 chip. I would like to load either LibreElec or Linux on this but I am not sure as to what works best. If anyone out there has any suggestions or if there already are existing how-to instructions I would be very grateful for some pointers to start with. -:)

Cheers all!

Hi people!
As you can see, I'm new here:)
Recently I got OnePlus 9 Pro, and have some battery drain problem, so I'll be hangin around OnePlus subforums, looking for solutions, suggestions...
Except that, camera is very important to me, so I'll be in topics like that.

Hello Everyone,

My name is Yang and I am crypto expert.
I love to watch movies and shows in my free time.

Hola a todos, me gusta investigar mi teléfono y esta página web es interesante. Soy español y mi inglés es pobre, lo siento. gracias y saludos

Mod translation via GT: Hello everyone, I like to research my phone and this web page is interesting. I'm Spanish and my English is poor, I'm sorry. thanks and regards

Hi people of XDA!

I'm new here and I'm from southeast asia.

I've recently used RMX2061 unfortunately run into some problems having issues with "unable to mount storage" issue I can't flash new roms.

I'm currently using Oppo F3, very antique if you asked me. :ROFLMAO:

Anyways just saying hi to everyone! Mabuhay People of xda! :cool:(y)

Hello. I'm Doug (speeddcpa) and I just bot a Fire HD 8. I found this site while looking around for help with the new tablet.

Bonjour à tous,
Je me suis retrouvée sur ce site, en cherchant à me dépatouiller de mes problèmes de cryptage de mes sauvegardes téléphone Huawei avec Hisuite et j'espère trouver une âme charitable pour m'aider à utiliser Python qui semble permettre de débloquer la situation.
Je suis novice mais cherche à progresser :)

Mod translation via GT:
Hi there,
I found myself on this site, trying to get out of my problems encrypting my Huawei phone backups with Hisuite and I hope to find a charitable soul to help me use Python which seems to unlock the situation.
I'm a newbie but looking to improve :)

Hi guys been here in your forum for many years now. Been using your custom roms and tutorials for sometime now and I want to thank you all. You've been great and awesome, You guys help me alot :)

hi guys,
Once, I was browsing the forum in search of interesting solutions in the context of my smartphones. Now I have a problem with my device (TWP3) so I decided to create an account and ask for help!

Hi im adriaan from south africa, i been modding rooting since sony ericson .Had alot of rooting and modding with lots of phones. I have a mate 8 and wanted to know where i can get the latest stable android like 12 or so for the mate 8 custom rom links etc and how to do it. My boot loader is unlocked etc.

Its a normal mate 8 lx 29
Hello all and welcome aboard!
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Jul 5, 2022

A couple of years ago one of my friends, who is a lot more tech savvy than I, installed the /e/ ROM on my Sony Xperia Z5. The phone worked well until I tried to restore the phone back to the factory Sony ROM in order to experiment with using it as a wifi phone. The same friend referred me to this forum after I bricked my phone. Thanks to everyone who has put their work and time into making this website such a valuable resource!
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Jun 25, 2022
I am new member here from India.My name is Raz and i am currently studying Cyber security,I really would appreciate any suggestions or stuff about it.
To be completely honest about why i joined XDA is only because i truly and strongly believe in ur Motive or Cause uh have here for freedom in privacy and the concept of free speech,equality and LIBRATION from all inequality whatsoever.

I am TRULY HONOURED to be a part of this organisation.
I volunteer to serve here for my entire life in anyway possible,IT'S A PACT.


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Jul 5, 2022
I'm formerly Rysjin7717 I was a member of the forums here when it was called The XDA Developers Forum about 2010 - 2011ish. I've cut my teeth on the old rooting methods starting with a Cricket Motorola 3G Razor that was my first android phone I owned unlocked and rooted. Until it got dropped in a glass of milk that killed it LoL! Since then I've acquired an assortment of older devices so I'm delving head first into android archeology and Custom Rom Building to bring these older devices back to the modern age fully functional if possible.


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Jul 6, 2022
So, hello to all!
I'm another total noob. 😁😁
Came across all of you today on perusing answers for my dying Samsung tablet 10.5 Sm-t800 😭
I don't if I will be able to revive it (here's hoping) but i have to say was really impressed reading the threads I did managed to read on the topics of fast draining batteries and forum overall.

Thank you for letting me be part of community.

Watsonian (aka Lilly)
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Jul 9, 2022
Hi guys

My name is Mark and I recently was hacked and started to lose my way almost lost my 4 children and my wife, the hacker thought it would be a good idea to ask for money that I didn't have to spare, so with my children's school lunch money I gave it a risk and found out the hard way why I should be more carefull on the Web! Which led me here, I started to wonder what was going on with my life I fell into drugs and started to to snap out of believing I have alot more to offer the world and my while family so I better pull me head together and get back on my feet and begin to learn about this new journey I am interested in doing. I started to look up how I can track my hacker 😅 and along my path I kept stumbling across this site which in return has answered every question I have and then some 😊 so here I am, realising there is so much more behind the curtains than i originally anticipated and feeling like i have found something that will help pick me up off the ground,I hope to get around and meet everyone along the way and hope everyone for now has a nice day/night wherever you are from. Safe travels everyone I'm sure we will catch up soon .
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Jun 22, 2022
Hi I'm Extremally lover of Custom Roms & updates. I will be give my best support. Hope to share my experiences & reporting bugs in ROMS . I Really appreciate Developers Hard work.
My devices
1 Oneplus 5
2 Xiaomi A3
3 Redmi 6A

Thank you Very Much keep doing you good work :)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)
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Jul 11, 2022
Ciao a tutti, mi sono iscritto per capire e trovare soluzioni perchè smanettone con la tecnologia, dai pc ai cellulari tablet ecc

Mod translation via GT: Hello everyone, I signed up to understand and find solutions because they geek with technology, from PCs to cell phones, tablets, etc.
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Sep 11, 2012
OnePlus One
OnePlus 6T


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Jul 14, 2022
Hello there, finally made an account, I’ve lurked here on and off usually while in the process of rooting a tablet or two. Now I want to root and flash a completely unsupported device and it looks like I’ll need some help. So here I am, it’ll be a process but I hope I can do the unthinkable.
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Jul 16, 2022
Hi everyone. I'm sindel.. Brand new member lol..
Well, I am actually on a quest to get Google play services on my Huawei Y7a. I stumbled on your site and downloaded googlefier.. I followed the instructions, it still didn't work tho. I'm here to find out what went wrong.


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Jul 16, 2022
Well hi all, I'm 'new', but not really that new, since I've been searching through XDA topics on many occasions for quite a few years now. I finally created an account mainly to disable dark theme: I like it at night but with day light I feel it tiring

BTW I am a developper and I use to switch my theme during the day, between light and dark according to ambiant luminosity. I was trying the past few days to install link2sd on a samsung galaxy a3 2017, but since it does not have init.d support (and link2sd has some bugs), I did not manage to make it work, at least with magisk as the root manager
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    Howdy, I'm RR, I like my privacy so we'll stick with RR for now. In reality, that first sentence says it all, privacy is what got me here. In the modern era, its more and more difficult to have privacy. During the Plandemic I went down the rabbit hole of rooting my first phone, an Axom 10 Pro. I must of bootlooped the thing 600 times, spent roughly 90+ hours reading forums, and beginning this journey to understanding how our phones work, apps, systems, Linux, and how to prevent them from becoming tracking devices and more importantly, your entire private data in one place. Trying to eliminate all Google from my life, I went down the rabbit hole of custom ROMs. I successfully bricked NOT 1 but 2 Oneplus 9 Pro's (which after alot more learning and research figured out how to fix :) ) while trying to install Lineage OS, but I eventually got it. I could not have done ANY of this without this forum. My entire education into coding, source code, kernel, and much more is 100% credit to XDA. I saw what a great supportive community it was and everyone helped each other. Now almost 2 years later, I'm going down the rabbit hole of how apps work and source code and how they are all pieced together. Its been very exciting and EXHAUSTING to say the least! But I was inspired just the other day when my wife's really old phone went complete potato after not updating her phone for almost 8 years.... and I didn't panic like when I first started. I came here and I learned how to fix it! and I did! So, I wanted to join to continue this journey and hopefully make some friends on the way. It seems like software development and phone troubleshooting is a real thankless job, so I want to thank every independent developer, tinker, and XDA Team member for making a place we can all learn together and help each other.

    Looking Forward to meeting you all (well... probably not lol)


    sir,gd evening,i just finding a fast solution to my phone huwaei DRA-LR9 on how to install a google playservice on it.I'm here in the Phillippines practicing repairing gadgets.
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    Hello everyone!

    I joined last year but I just know the existance of this thread.

    I port KVM to Samsung Exynos :))
    (But most of my attempt failed)

    Thanks people in this forum for helping me a lot!
    Hello everyone! my name is Srdjan and i am Automotive technician from Sweden.
    I does a lot of electronic repairs so i think this is a good place for me to share my knowledge and to get help from someone if is needed.

    Good luck in your repair case!
    Hello everybody! I am happy to explore this amazing forum. I hope our this journey will live long. We will be helpful to each other.
    Hello, my name is Júlio, I'm not too young or too old, I work with maintenance of electronic devices and I'm studying in the hope that someday someone will call me a systems developer, I discovered the site a short time ago, looking for a solution for an Asus tablet that does not access the Play Store and does not install anything, I found a lot here about it and soon I wrote, I am fascinated by this area and I know that you are very good at what you do, I know that I will learn a lot from you all. Hope I can help too...
    37 year old medical professional. 5 years ago our technology never crossed my mind and senselessly used computers, smart tv’s and game consoles like I did my love affairs, (unchecked)

    After being robbed of my privacy, sanity and data from a ruthless network intrusion, I realized this stuff was not just in action movies, and not only happened to rogue governments and corrupt regimes.

    (I also learned that computers really don’t make that cool “deee-heeeedeee” sound like the MOVIES when you are intensely updating/downloading software)

    I taught myself Linux the best I could, read your guys book, and found that back box was most friendly… And in a freak accident I overwrote my entire partition when reinstalling back box onto my MacBook. So ever since then I called it Macinbox
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    Well hi all, I'm 'new', but not really that new, since I've been searching through XDA topics on many occasions for quite a few years now. Not sure why it took me so long to actually make an account, but here I am.
    So about me - half geek, half creative, F/LOSS enthusiast for over 20 years, full time Linux user since 2006, interested in way to many subjects to ever become a specialist in any of them within at least a dozen of life spans. Hence I don't think I'll ever be able to call myself a developer, but hey, we'll see ;-)
    HI you guys are awesome
    More than anything, XDA is a community, and we're all here for different reasons.

    Some are here to mod their phone--some joined just to ask a question. Or perhaps, like many, you joined so long ago, you have no idea why you're here (which is totally fine! we've been around for almost a decade). :cool: And we're in the process of making XDA more useful to everyone here now that we've moved to much better forum software.

    But we'd love to know your XDA story: why are you here, and who are you? What's your day job, what phones do you have, where do you live, what do you like to do for fun? We'd love to get to know you!

    Also, be sure to spend some time filling out your profile:

    And also adding what phones you have to your inventory:

    :cowboy: thanks and welcome. I'm one of the guys in charge and my DMs are always open if you ever want to chat or even complain.

    Go ahead and make a new thread in this forum instead of replying to this post.
    Hello everyone, i'm back here after a long, long time

    I used to read alot here when i was 10 - 15 but I think i switched to iOs during 2010s and i never really had my phone in the center of my occupations so i bought some macbook & iphone and i started to learn code. (mostly js)

    I would be really happy to help users here, if i can, and discuss about my new device. ;) 2020s seems to be redditable as **** tbh, the xda lost kid became some kind of creative dev who's going back to the r00t

    Thank you for everything I have read here over the last years!
    Hi alltogether, this is Netra3441.

    I am an elder and severly handicaped person rolling in the wheelchair.

    For me in my special situation the communication via a smartphone is highly important to survive and to have contact to the outer world. So I own a seven years old Samsung Galaxy S7, wich still runs properly, and I had upgraded it to LOS 19.1 using the very great and honourable work of XDA-member Ivan Meler!

    For the very most people like me it is impossible spend money for new hardware.

    So, it is a gift and a great pleasure for us, that you guys of XDA and of LOS do this work and help us folks in poverty allover the world to keep our old, but good mobile hardware with actual Android.

    My respect and deep gratitude!

    Thank you all!

    But I am not just have a benefit about LOS.

    I do help friends in my enviroment on strictly voluntary basis to get their mobile hardware upgraded to LOS, as far as possible technically. I also do help friends on strictly voluntary basis with their PCs and notebooks installing Linux on it. Myself I use Linux since more than 25 years.

    Greetings to you all,