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Apr 16, 2012
In order to end on-topic: I realised that the possibility to donate to become add-free isn't available (or at least not shown) anymore. I remember that you could donate to get another user or yourself add-free.
You still can do that on XDA ad-free link for yourself or gift it to anybody:
And as per usual, the "gift ad-free" appears to only the posts that got at least one thanks button. Maybe you were watching posts with no thanks


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Jan 13, 2011
Been seeing this before the ads actually load. It's apparently an image from an Indian news site, but I'm wondering why it's showing up before every ad.


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Jan 20, 2018
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obnoxious pop-ups

I don't care about the content of the ads, I can put up with the animated ones, but I absolutely despise the pop-up that tears the focus away from the text window into which I am typing. (I don't mean it distracts me, I mean I am suddenly not typing in the text box anymore.)

Something is determined to pop up at the bottom of the browser window. Dismissing it just makes things worse: If I miss the big "X" at the upper right that cleverly overlays another ad, I get yanked over to that ad. If I succeed in dismissing the ad that was blocking my view, another pops up in its place.


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Jan 20, 2018
Samsung Galaxy Tab A series
fake links to ads

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Today, 13:32 |#3
Originally Posted by J.Michael

I wish you would stop making random words in posts look like links. These "links" really pop up ads that have nothing to do with the linked word -- just using the word as an excuse to shove an ad up my nose. In addition to being distracting, just mousing over the link seems to be enough of an excuse to pop up the ad, which then blocks my view until I dismiss it or it times out.
I see you have already posted here, no need to make new threads.

I didn't think this was quite the same issue.

Today, 02:44 |#2
This is specific to the 2015 theme, I'm pretty sure. You can try using one of the older themes like 2013 and I believe the in-line ads are no longer present.

I found a place to change the default Forum Skin from Forum Default to XDA 2013. I noted a fake link in a post before making the change. When I view the same post after making the change, there is no link. On the other hand, in the thread I started about this, the second time my original post is quoted, the word "view" becomes an ad-popping pseudo-link. (The place where I was able to change the Forum Skin *did* warn that some forums might temporarily override my choice. When I refreshed the page, the fake link no longer appeared.)

When I first read your response, I couldn't find a fake link to watch to see if changing the skin would eliminate the link. At the time, I was using a tablet. I'm not sure I ever saw such links while using the tablet. I don't know if it's the browser itself, or the user-agent string, or some other magic.

Thanks for the suggestion. It looks like it will at least cut down on the fake links.
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They probably didn't consider that long "my devices" list :eek:

BTW are you snooping on @xanthrax? :D

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I've to admit that at least from my point of view this problem really persists - however only on style XDA 2015. I don't have the issue in my default style XDA 2013 beta - 1024.
And your observation regarding xanthrax is interesting.

Have a good night and a nice weekend.
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Jan 20, 2018
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Please stop pinning ads.

It's bad enough having ads between posts, jerking the screen around as they figure out how big the ad needs to be.

When you pin an ad to the screen, you permanently deprive me of part of my screen. It doesn't help to click the "X", hoping it will close the ad without giving someone an excuse to pretend I agreed to something: After a few seconds, another ad appears, also pinned.

At least let me scroll past an ad. I've already lost a third of my screen to the permanently pinned site header.


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Jan 20, 2018
Samsung Galaxy Tab A series
You seem to have half stopped pinning ads to the bottom of the screen. Now I'm getting a semi-transparent block pinned to the bottom of the screen. It's still eating a fifth of my window, a third of what was left over after the pinned header. Please stop.

While typing this I saw an ad pop up in the semi-transparent block. After a few seconds, the ad went away, leaving the semi-transparent block pinned to the bottom of my window.

This is in Firefox, under Windows, on a desktop computer.


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Jan 20, 2018
Samsung Galaxy Tab A series
I just dismissed the obligatory pinned-to-the-bottom-of-the-page ad, and it was immediately replaced with an ad that did *not* have a "dismiss" button in the usual place. I took a chance and clicked on the "X" right next to the "play" button, and the ad disappeared, with the space still reserved for Google to whine "why don't you like this ad?"

When I went to the next page of the thread, there was an ad that was *not* pinned to the bottom of the window. Instead, it overlay the middle of the first post. I could not read the first post. Scrolling the page did not move the text of the post past the ad. The ad stayed right where it was, obscuring the middle of the first post.

Yes, reloading the page did change the ad placement, so I could now read the first post.

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    Dear Sir, when i want to view and visit the xda Forum post there’s many more ads disturbing. Please let them check out do something.
    Thank you
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    The internet is full of advertisments and let's face it, almost every site that has an ounce of traffic uses ad revenue. The intention of xda is not to burden its members with ads that distract from the user experience. With that being said, if you have a problematic ad, please take a screenshot of the ad and post here so admin can take care of it. right now, that is the solution in place.

    Thanks for your help in keeping XDA "intrusive ad free".

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    +1 Im annoyed with these redirected fake sites and sites that auto start downloading mobogenie apk

    Its Going To Be LEGEND--Wait For it--DARY!-Barney Stinson(How I Met Your Mother)

    +2 Avast is now blocking the entire xda site whenever these adds pop up.

    Is this forum a ship with no captain, this has been going on for nearly a week, do the owners not care at all?
    time to do something

    So tonight I drop by and am confronted with an ad that obscures a large portion of the bottom screen. It is inescapable and makes the site unreadable so I click it in the hope that it goes away after the obligatory popup... no such luck. It remains on the page. I go to scroll the page and trigger another ad on the right hand side. Christ almighty, can xda please accept some responsibility for the general usability of the site? Right now it's not happening and the site is borderline stupid to use. Ive been around a long time here and have heard every argument about ads and their role in modern development... I get it, I support it and want every dev to wildly succeed. This isn't about that. This is about xda making a decision to commit to usability and striking a better balance between content and advertising than what we have today because its not working as it stands. Thanks for the rant
    Just want you guys to know we're monitoring this thread.

    We want you to have a good browsing experience. Thanks for the heads up and keep it coming.
    For last couple of weeks, I've been experiencing an EXTREMELY ANNOYING pop-up ads problem on XDA Forums. It's so frustrating I cannot browse this forum from my phone anymore. And it's definately not about my device/software. I tried every possible software solution but still no luck and I have this problem on more than one device. All these spam/ads are coming from the same website: and they these ads claim that I have virus on my device, my device is slow or outdated etc and they redirect me to some software called 360 Security on Play Store. These ads keeps poping up unless I close the tab in browser. Here are some screenshots from these ads I've been talking about, they are all in Turkish(my native language):
    Here is a thread about the issue from another user:
    And here is a thread from a local forum, these people also claim that issue is about XDA itself not our devices: