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Question Inverted images from Pixel 6 Pro cameras

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All of the images taken today shows inverted (upside down).
I am not even able to troubleshoot as I even went as far as factory resetting the device. The camera app losing it was only observed today but then again, I have not take any photos in a few days, all the previous ones were great.
Anyone else facing this issue? I have contacted support but they don't seem to have an answer, so I am guessing this is n ew issue.
Some posts on Reddit are saying the accelerometer and or gyroscope sensors are broken.
Every photo taken on pixel 6 is upside down. - Google Photos Community
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Aug 4, 2015
The last comment from your linked Community thread
"Bought Pixel 6 today, taken photos was fine.

The phone fell to the floor from a small height, after which the accelerometer stuck — the photos are turned over after shooting and autorotation in applications does not work.

After that I found this post...

So I put a protective case on the phone, hit the back of the chair on the opposite side of the buttons, not very hard, but not weakly — and it worked. Accelerometer now fine, photos properly rotated."
What the... well, boys. Don't drop your phone, lol.