iPega Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Game Controller

Anna L Rivera

Jan 13, 2020
iPega Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Game Controller came today off ebay half the price of others :victory: was going to use it with my android phone
it also works with most phones with bluetooth and came with no drivers or software to install so easy to use :p or it should have been with the
four modes it has icade, keyboard, mouse andjoy sticks :good: charged fine inless then 30 mins :D
i got this one as it holds the phone even with my phone cover on it as removing it every time i use the pad would be a pain :rolleyes:
so ive tryed it out on mame emu and a few games and changed all the keys to the buttons on the pad .
The dpad worked fine so did the joy sticks but wont see the X A B Y buttons or the L1 R1 buttons in any of the modes also tryed it on the
games ipega list no joy :crying:
the phone see the bluetooth pad fine and see the button presses fine as well ive looked online for software to help with the pad but no joy :p
im sure the problem will be sorted soon by some one soon...:eek:
ive tryed it with a few of the bluetooth pad setup tools most dont see it or not setup for it yet :fingers-crossed:
any push with any ideas how to sort this would help...
ive got three you tube videos showing it just look for Ipega Bluetooth controller game pad and yes im welsh...:D