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    Version 1.0 Released :

    Features :

    1. All the icons can be customized in a simple Configx.txt File.
    2. All the Text under the Icons is also in the Configx.txt File
    3. All Applications thats executed can be customized in the Configx.txt file

    Lemme Explain about the Configx.txt files

    Its in the Following Format :
    1.It first has the 16 icons paths as in \Icons\*.bmp
    2.Then 16 Names for the icons
    3.The then 16 application paths that will run for the apps as in \Windows\calendar.exe for example to launch the calendar
    4. BottomDockVisible=0 0 is to hide and 1 is to show th bottom dock
    Installation : Insal the CAB file. (It will ceate the folder and the Start Menu Item then :
    1. Extract the iPhone1.0.zip file into this folder
    \Progrm Files\IPhone\Iphone.exe
    \Progrm Files\IPhone\Config1.txt up to config5.txt - Configuration Files
    \Progrm Files\IPhone\Signal.txt - App to run when clicking on Signal Indicator or centre button on navi pad (I use slider for this)
    \Progrm Files\IPhone\Icons - All Icon Files
    \Progrm Files\iphone.txt - Other settings

    Final Notes :
    Clicking on the battery will quit the app or return to page 1 if on another page

    Version History :
    0.90 Signal Strength, Operator Inidicator, Battery Level not Live
    0.91 Signal Strength Working, Operator Name Working, Battery Level Still not Working
    0.92 Battery, Signal Strength, Operator Name Live, added Wiki Icon.
    0.93 Battery, Signal Strentgh, Operator Name now revoers after wakeup and added iphone ringtone
    0.94 Automatically centres text for icon descriptions, has .lnk support including parameters.
    0.95 Few changes, the second icon in the bottom row is now used for missed calls, sms and email notification. If upgrading from older version please go to http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...=1#post1234936 and refer to post 148.
    0.96 All known issues have been resolved. sms, email, missed call notification. Also shows number of unread mails and missed call count.
    0.97Four extra Pages added, to use them enter either page1 or page2 or page3 or page4 instead of the .exe file name
    If you dont wanna make use of the notification please add a ,9 after the images eg \icons\phone.bmp,\icons\phone-alert.bmp,9
    To hide an Image and its text add a ,0 after the image eg \icons\comm.bmp,0
    0.99 After about 7 months. I think all the bugs have been resolved and added some popping away function when switching pages as well as running apps.x Popping away animationis set in the iphone.txt file. 0 disabled and any number will set the pop away speed
    - Making all pages accessable from any page.
    - WM2003 background fixed
    - 12/24 hour clock support
    - Animation added
    - Only one form but multiple pages - one instance
    1.0 All bugs removed, link files updated. Can hide any icon by adding a ,0 after it and can isable any of the three bottom notifition icons by addin a ,9 after it

    One last thing: I explained the .lnk files format but some people cant read through the pages. pp9939068 explains it in datail on page 41 post 408 please look at it http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...302739&page=41

    When Upgrading u guys please read th readme file in the zip file, I changed a lot in the format.

    If you like this app Click Here to make a donation :)

    Some people dont wanna use the bottm 3 icons as notification icons so to disable it add a ,9 after the one you want disabled, u can also hide the bottom 4 icons by adding a ,0 after all of them and to hide the complete bottob dock change the 1 on the last line in the specific config file to a 0.

    If the .Cab file wont install, just unzip the iphone-1.exe.zip file into the \Program Files\iPhone\ folder

    I fixed the bug for at & T and moved everything up and smaller to make space for the blue tooth icons coming soon

    Inphy release the new iconfig for iphone 1.0 please find it at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=306616

    Development stopped!!

    There is a new iphone out there that seems much better please have a look : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=369241