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Is dead or not?

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Senior Member
Oct 3, 2014
How this started: battery drained empty when i was out and after 2-3 hours whn i arrived home it won`t started at all, left on charge more than an hour. I gave the battery a shock (it worked) and than charged it.
I have almost a week since my phone battery drains very very fast (5 hours max) and is getting very hot, in the lowest part of the phone, sometimes it warms up even if is not in use.
Another weird thing is that if i restart the phone battery drops a lot, even 30%.
I tryed many roms (Ivan 5.0, Ivan 5.1, CM12 and MIUI - latest developer).
Any ideeas why i get this?
Is battery dead?


May 2, 2011
I've had my battery drain all the way dead a few times where it doesn't seem to charge through the mi2 usb port. Luckily I have the external mi2 battery charger and that seems to charge them fine regardless of how dead they are.
On a side note, probably unrelated to the over discharge, In the fall I had one battery go bad which caused the phone to reboot from time to time, replaced that one and have had no problems since.

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    guess battery is out.
    I'd suggest you to grab a new one ASAP.