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Is GPS on a P8 Lite really broken or is it software?

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Senior Member
Aug 27, 2007
Hey, geniuses, I am curious about the behavior of a P8 Lite and hardware failure. It's well known that the Wifi and Bluetooth stop working and their functions are greyed out on the settings on the P8 Lite. But when the GPS is not greyed out and can be turned on and off, is that really also a hardware failure? Especially given that many people reported total loss of GPS function after upgrading from 5 to Android 6, I really wonder if there is a way to do some tests. Some people also reported similar experience on LG phones after upgrade. Are there gpio commands which would measure if voltage is going to the GPS chip or if any data are coming out? Is there a way to detect if the chip is actually functioning, but the antenna is compromised? I really really don't want to throw this phone away. I want to use it as a GPS device when biking. I tried downgrading to 5.0.1, unlocked the bootloader, upgraded back to 6, omitted google apps. Nothing seems to persuade GPS to show even a single sat. Are there any programs which interrogate the GPS chip?