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Question Is "holi" actually the device codename, or only the SOC codename?

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I've found this tweet, which names "holi" as the codename for a "Qualcomm Snapdragon 400-series chipset which supports 5G! It's internally the SM4350 with 8 cores and an Adreno 619 as well for the GPU. It supports 90Hz."

Could "holi" be the name of our chipset, similar to how "koni" is the name of the OnePlus 8T chipset? There were reports of OnePlus 8Ts showing "koni" as the codename in recovery, while the codename for the phone itself is "kebab", so I'm wondering.

If so - does anyone know how we can find the real codename of the device?

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    The codename for the unlocked variant of the Nord N200 is "dre9", and the codename for the T-Mobile variant is "dre8t". OnePlus publishes the codenames for their devices on their Open Source Releases wiki page on GitHub. "holi" is probably the codename for the N200's chipset.